Friday Jun 20, 2014

Ops Center 12.2: Creating a CDOM - Detaching Unused PCIe Buses – Adding PCIe Buses

Contributed by Juergen Fleischer and Mahesh Sharma.

In this blog we wanted to show you how to provision a Control Domain (CDOM) and detach the PCIe buses that are not required by the CDOM for I/O operations. By detaching the buses we have the opportunity to create another I/O domain if required. We’ll also show you how to add a PCIe Bus to the CDOM.

We have a factory-default Sparc T5-2 server, which means by default a CDOM is already installed and it has all resources allocated to it.

Let’s have a look at our Factory reset T5-2.

As you can see from the above output the CDOM (Primary Domain) owns all the PCI’s and has all Memory and CPU’s assigned to it.

Let’s use Ops Center to create a CDOM with the following specifications:

  • 2 whole cores
  • 4GB Memory
  • Solaris 11.1 SRU 19.6
  • LDOM s/w version
  • Filesystem with 4Mb Swap and the rest in /

·     And most importantly detach the PCIe buses that are not required by the Primary Domain, we will add all theses specification within our Plan Management Profiles and apply them while provisioning.

Creating the OS Provisioning Profile

Let’s start by creating a Profile for OS Provisioning (OSP). I will not go cover all the steps, as I’m sure you’re familiar with most of them.

From:   Navigation -> Plan Management -> Profiles and Policies. Highlight "OS Provisioning". On the right hand side under Actions select "Create Profiles".

From the screen shown below "Name the Profile" and select "Oracle VM Server for SPARC".

On the next screen we select the OS and OVM Server version as required.

Continue through the other steps completing the information as required.

On Step 6 we will specify how we want to layout our file system, remember our criteria is 4Mb for swap and the reset in /.

View the Summary (Step 8) and click Finish.

Creating the OS Configuration Profile

Next we will create the OS Configuration (OSC) Profile.

From:   Navigation -> Plan Management -> Profiles and Policies. Highlight "OS Configuration". On the right hand side under "Actions" select "Create Profile".

In Step 1, identify the Profile Name  and select Oracle VM for Server for Sparc as shown.

Step 2 is where we identify the CDOM parameters -  like cores, memory and have the option to "Detach Unused Buses".

Complete the remaining steps as required. Step 5 is the Summary.

Creating the Deployment plan

This is where we combine the OSP and OSC Profiles together to create the Deployment Plan.

From:     Navigation -> Plan Management -> Deployment Plans -> Provision OS. Click "Create Plan from Template" from the right hand side.

Name the Plan and select the OSP and OSC Profiles created in the previous steps, as shown.

After creating the Deployment plan, you are ready to Provision the CDOM. To do this selects the iLOM from the assets menu and select "Install Server" from the Actions panel. A job will be created, that will similar to this: