Monday Oct 28, 2013

EM CLI, diving in and beyond!

Doing more in less time… Isn’t that what we all strive to do?

With this in mind, I put together two screen watches on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c command line interface, or EM CLI as it is also known.

There is a wealth of information on any topic that you choose to read about, from manual pages to coding documents…might I even say blog posts? In our busy lives it is so nice to just sit back with a short video, watch and learn enough to dive in.

Doing more in less time, is the essence of EM CLI. It enables you to script fundamental and complex administrative tasks in an elegant way, thanks to the Jython scripting language. Repetitive tasks can be scripted and reused again and again. Sure, a Graphical User Interface provides a more intuitive step by step approach to tasks, and it provides a way of quickly becoming familiar with a product and its many features, and it is definitely the way to go when viewing performance data and historical trending…but for repetitive and complex tasks, scripting is the way to go!

Lets us take the everyday task of creating an administrator.

Using EM CLI in interactive mode the command could look like this..

emcli>create_user(name='jan.doe', type='EXTERNAL_USER')

This command creates an administrator called jan.doe which is an externally authenticated user, possibly LDAP or SSO, defined by the EXTERNAL_USER tag. The create_user procedure takes many arguments; see the documentation for more information.

Now, where EM CLI really shines and shows power is in creating multiple users. Regardless of the number, tens or thousands, the effort is the same. With the use of a standard programming construct, a loop, you can place your create_user() procedure within it. Using a loop allows you to iterate through a previously created list, creating new users until the list is complete.

Using EM CLI in Script mode, your Jython loop would look something like this…

for user in list_of_users:

      create_user(name=user, expire=’true’, password=’welcome123’) 

This Jython code snippet iterates through a previously defined list of names, list_of_users, and iterates through the list, taking each name, user in this case, and creates an administrator sets the password to welcome123, but forces the user to reset it when they first login.

This is only one of over four hundred procedures created to expose Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c functionality in a powerful and programmatic way.

It is a few months since we released EM CLI with scripting option. We are seeing many users adapt to this fun and powerful way of using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

What are the first steps?

Watch these screen watches, and dive in.

The first screen watch steps you through where and how to download and install and how to run your first few commands.

The Second screen watch steps you through a few scripts.

Next time, I am going to show you the basic building blocks to writing a Jython script to perform Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c administrative tasks.

Join this growing group of EM CLI users…. Dive in!

Thursday Oct 24, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager Partner Spotlight: Compasso

EVERY MONDAY at 2 PM Eastern Time (USA)

Join Compasso, one of Oracle's Enterprise Manager partners that is Specialized in Application Quality Management, for a series of presentations focused on Oracle end to end performance management.

The objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of Oracle's Enterprise Manager 12c software.  Attendees will learn how Oracle can provide a complete end to end management  solution, for not only for Oracle Databases, but also other aspects of the Oracle technology, such as Middleware and Oracle applications.  Key areas include:

1. Next-Generation Management Framework which cover:

  • Better performance and scalability
  • Modular, extensible architecture
  • Easier to manage and diagnose
  • Enhanced security
  • Web 2.0 UI
2. Enhanced Application-to-Disk Management
  • End-to-end application performance management
  • Fusion Applications management
  • Exadata and Exalogic management
3. Complete Lifecycle Management for Enterprise Private Cloud
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Policy based resource and workload management
  • Chargeback

There are two ways you can sign up:

1. Call Nicole Wakefield of Compasso at +1 (971) 245-5042
2. Email with Subject Line of "Monday Enterprise Manager Presentations"

WebEx Conference details will be provided with your confirmation

For more information about partner opportunities with Enterprise Manager, including becoming Specialized, click here.

For more information about Compasso, click here.

Thursday Oct 17, 2013

IOUG SIG Webcast on October 30th : Performance Tuning your DB Cloud

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Special Interest Group (SIG) is a growing body of IOUG members who manage or are interested in all aspects of Oracle Enterprise Manager. This IOUG SIG is managed by volunteers and supported by Oracle Enterprise Manager product managers and developers. The purpose of the SIG is to bring relevant information and education through webcasts, discussions and networking to users interested in learning more about the product, and to share user experiences.

On October 30th at 10 AM pacific time, Oracle Enterprise Manager SIG is hosting a webcast on "Performance Tuning your DB Cloud in OEM 12c Cloud Control - 360 Degrees". In this webcast, Tariq Farooq , CEO, BrainSurface and Mike Ault, Oracle  will provide a tutorial on how to monitor and perform performance tuning of the Oracle database cloud environment.

You will learn how to leverage Oracle Enterprise Manager for tuning, trouble-shooting & monitoring your Oracle Database Cloud Ecosystem. The session covers lessons learned, tips/tricks, recommendations, best practices, gotchas and a whole lot more on how to effectively use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c for quick, easy & intuitive performance tuning of your Oracle Database Cloud.

Session Objectives:
• Leveraging OEM12c Cloud Control for Oracle DB Tuning/Monitoring
• Limited Deep-Dive on AWR
• Oracle DB Cloud Performance Tuning
• Best Practices for DB Cloud Maintenance/Monitoring

Register Now !

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Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

Highlights from Oracle Enterprise Manager General Session featuring Oracle customers & ACEs

The Oracle Enterprise Manager General session at Oracle Open World 2013 highlighted the efforts of everyday heroes who are driving their IT organizations’ journeys to a more efficient and agile IT. These heroes shared their experiences in deploying and managing large-footprint Oracle stack environments encompassing Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, and Oracle engineered systems. The session also covered Oracle Enterprise Manager’s own journey as a product in this context and also gave a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Here the is storify highlights from the general session.

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