Thursday Aug 30, 2012

Oracle collaborates with leading IT vendors on Cloud Management Standards

During the last couple of days, two key specifications for cloud management standards have been announced. Oracle collaborated with leading technology vendors from the IT industry on both of these cloud management specifications. One of the specifications focuses "Infrastructure as a Service" ( IaaS )  cloud service model , while the other specification announced today focuses on "Platform as a Service" ( PaaS ) cloud service model. Please see The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing to learn more about IaaS and PaaS .

Earlier today Oracle , CloudBees, Cloudsoft, Huawei, Rackspace, Red Hat, and Software AG   announced the Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) specification that will be submitted to Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) for development of an industry standard, in an effort to help ensure interoperability for deploying and managing applications across cloud environments.

 Typical PaaS architecture - Source : CAMP specification

The CAMP specification defines the artifacts and APIs that need to be offered by a PaaS cloud to manage the building, running, administration, monitoring and patching of applications in the cloud. Its purpose is to enable interoperability among self-service interfaces to PaaS clouds by defining artifacts and formats that can be used with any conforming cloud and enable independent vendors to create tools and services that interact with any conforming cloud using the defined interfaces. Cloud vendors can use these interfaces to develop new PaaS offerings that will interact with independently developed tools and components.

In a separate cloud standards announcement yesterday, the Distributed Management Task Force ( DMTF ), the organization bringing the IT industry together to collaborate on systems management standards development, validation, promotion and adoption, released the new Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) specification. Oracle collaborated with various technology vendors and industry organizations on this specification.

CIMI standardizes interactions between cloud environments to achieve interoperable cloud infrastructure management between service providers and their consumers and developers, enabling users to manage their cloud infrastructure use easily and without complexity. DMTF developed CIMI as a self-service interface for infrastructure clouds ( IaaS focus ) , allowing users to dynamically provision, configure and administer their cloud usage with a high-level interface that greatly simplifies cloud systems management.

Mark Carlson, Principal Cloud Strategist at Oracle provides more details about CAMP  and CIMI his blog .

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Friday Aug 24, 2012

Managing Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c now comes out-of-the-box  with the latest release of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.0.1 software. It allows Customer to manage and monitor all components inside the Exalogic rack, including provisioning and management of physical and virtualized server. Ops Center will allow Customers to easily get started with creating and managing Private Clouds using the Exalogic components.

Here is a snaphot of the Assets view showing the managable components of a Quarter Rack with 8 Compute Nodes:

A colleague has recently posted an interesting series of "Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets" which will guide you through the initial steps to get started with setting up your Exalogic environment:

Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets - Creating Cloud Users

Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets - Creating Networks

Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets - Allocating Static IP Addresses

Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets - Creating Accounts

Exalogic 2.0.1 Tea Break Snippets - Importing Public Server Template

Have fun reading these very useful postings !

Dr. Jürgen Fleischer , Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Engineering

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Monday Aug 20, 2012

Oracle's Jointly Developed x86 Servers and System Management Software

Earlier this year, Oracle launched its latest x86 servers with the M3 generational refresh. In this video listen to David Simmons, Sr. Director, Oracle Servers Marketing talk about Oracle's latest x86 servers and Steve Wilson, VP, Oracle Systems management software, talk about Oracle's Systems management solution that manages the servers as well as entire IT stack from application software to storage disks.

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Thursday Aug 02, 2012

Oracle Cloud Builder Summit—Your Fast Track to the Enterprise Private Cloud

Remember Felix and Ed from the Enterprise Manager video series ?

They are now coming to a city near you, as part of the Oracle Cloud Builder Summit starting August 3, 2012, to show you how to build—in only two hours—an enterprise cloud environment.

Watch as we introduce you to Vulcan International, a fast-growth company that’s taking the world by storm, delivering new innovate products to the market faster than their competition. Vulcan’s CIO, Felix Drummond, facing a challenge when the CMO informs him that a new product, which will be launched early next week, is expecting a much higher than anticipated demand and the CMO wants IT to prepare for 25x more customer activations.

At the heart of it all is Ed Muntz, Vulcan’s intrepid cloud architect. Ed rises up to the impossible challenge and leads the company’s transformation to the cloud using the latest solutions from Oracle—including, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager, as well as Oracle’s full range of engineered systems.

At this event, we'll show you how to:

  • Build and operate clouds
  • Efficiently consolidate onto shared, scalable cloud platforms and infrastructure
  • Secure and integrate clouds

This content-rich event will feature multiple demonstrations. You’ll learn how to fast-track your applications to the cloud with Oracle, and support every aspect of planning, deploying, monitoring, and managing enterprise clouds.

Click on the banner below to learn about the nearest city where you could attend the event.

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