Monday Apr 30, 2012

Epsilon Gains Efficiency with Oracle Enterprise Manager

With Oracle Enterprise Manager, Epsilon has streamlined IT administration, monitoring, and engineered systems maintenance. Having gained in operational efficiencies, Epsilon is now providing greater efficiencies to its customers.

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Oracle delivers keynote and many sessions as Platinum Plus sponsor of Cloud Expo East 2012, NY

Recent IDC research shows that worldwide spending on cloud services will grow almost threefold, reaching $44.2 billion by 2013. And a recent Gartner report predicts that the volume of enterprise data overall will increase by a phenomenal 650% over the next five years.

These two unstoppable enterprise IT trends, Cloud Computing and Big Data, will converge in New York at 10th Cloud Expo – being held June 11 - 14, 2012, at the Javits Convention Center In New York City.

Oracle is a Platinum Plus sponsor for 10th Cloud Expo. Oracle will be delivering a keynote , a general session and various other cloud sessions at the event.  Here is an overview of Oracle sessions at the event :

Mohamad Afshar, VP Product Management

Focus Lunch Keynote | A Pragmatic Journey to the Cloud

As enterprise adoption of cloud computing accelerates, organizations must have a strategy and roadmap for moving to the cloud. Faced with different options including building a private cloud, subscribing to public clouds, or leveraging a hybrid cloud, organizations need a rational and pragmatic approach. This session explores the emerging trends in cloud computing and offers best practices for how organizations can successfully navigate a journey to the cloud. 

Sandeep Banerjie, Sr. Director of Product Management, Oracle Public Cloud 

General Session | Oracle Public Cloud - An Enterprise Cloud for Business-Critical Applications

For enterprise class cloud services, companies need a broad, comprehensive and flexible platform for their applications. The Oracle Public Cloud, which offers a broad set of best-in-class, integrated services that are secure, elastic, and 100% open standards-based, offering organizations choice in development and deployment of business critical applications. Attend this General Session to learn about how these subscription-based services can speed your application development and deployment time, offer the flexibility of application portability, and the ease with which you can access, use, and manage them. 

Anand Akela, Sr. Principal Product Director, Oracle Enterprise Manager

Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Deployment and Gain Total Cloud Control
Track: Moving to the Cloud in Practice

According to a 2011 survey by the Independent Oracle User Group, over 50% of Oracle’s customers have deployed or are considering deploying private clouds. Most private clouds today support non-production workloads because enterprises are unable to deploy mission-critical applications in their private cloud. In this session, you will learn how the same Oracle technology that powers the Oracle Public Cloud enables you to deploy mission-critical applications in your cloud.

Jean-Pierre Dijc,   Sr. Principal Product Manager

Integrating Big Data into Your Data Center: A Big Data Reference Architecture
Track: Big Data Techniques & Technologies

Weblogs, social media, smart meters, sensors and other devices generate high volumes of low density information that isn’t readily accessible in enterprise data warehouses and business intelligence applications today. But, this data can have relevant business value, especially when analyzed alongside traditional information sources. In this session we will outline a reference architecture for big data that will help you maximize the value of your big data implementation.

Adam Hawley, Sr. Director of Product Management, Oracle VM

Sahil Goel, Director Product Management

Borderless Applications in the Cloud with Oracle VM and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
Track: Cloud Storage Virtualization APIs

As virtualization adoption progresses beyond server consolidation, this is also transforming how enterprise applications are deployed and managed in an agile environment. The traditional method of business-critical application deployment where administrators have to contend with an array of unrelated tools, custom scripts to deploy and manage applications, OS and VM instances into a fast changing cloud computing environment can no longer scale effectively to achieve response time and desired efficiency.

Oracle VM and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder allow applications, associated components, deployment metadata, management policies and best practices to be encapsulated into ready-to-run VMs for rapid, repeatable deployment and ease of management. Join us in this Cloud Expo session to see how Oracle VM and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder allow you to deploy complex multi-tier applications in minutes and enables you to easily onboard existing applications to cloud environments. 

Ayalla Goldschmidt , Sr. Director, Fusion Middleware & Java Platform

Building a Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud? Simplify Your Cloud with Oracle’s Complete Cloud Solution
Track: Cloud Action Points / Best Practices / Case Studies

Whatever your course, meet Cloud complexity head on with a unified approach to handle extreme performance, reliability, availability, and simplicity. In this session hear industry experts reveal the underpinnings for the Oracle Public Cloud as well as technology best-practices for developing private and hybrid cloud architectures using Oracle’s Engineered Systems together with Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle Fusion Middleware is a complete array of technologies enabling you to embrace the paradigm shift of Cloud computing and take full advantage of the cost savings and improved agility they promise. Together with Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata provide the world’s first and only integrated engineered system, which provide enterprises the best possible foundation for running enterprise applications with the performance, elasticity, reliability, and scale characteristics expected for cloud-based applications. 

Arun Gupta, Java Evangelist

The Java EE 7 Platform: Developing for the Cloud
Track: Hot Topics

This session introduces the Java EE 7 platform, the latest revision of the Java platform for the enterprise. The focus of Java EE 7 is on the cloud, and specifically it aims to bring Platform-as-a-Service providers and application developers together so that portable applications can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure and reap all its benefits in terms of scalability, elasticity, multitenancy, etc. The existing specifications in the platform such as JPA, Servlets, EJB, and others will be updated to meet these requirements. 

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WEBCAST: Oracle Database Lifecycle Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Wednesday May 2
8:00 a.m. Pacific / 11:00 a.m.

Register Now!

Join us for this webcast and learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Database Lifecycle Management Pack delivers a comprehensive solution that helps database, system and application administrators automate the processes required for managing the complete Oracle Database lifecycle. Discover how Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c's unique management capabilities allow you to efficiently manage all stages of the lifecycle including:

  • IT asset discovery and inventory tracking
  • Database provisioning and end-to-end patch management
  • Ongoing change management including database schema changes
  • Configuration management for controlling configuration drift
  • Compliance management for reporting industry and regulatory compliance
  • Site level disaster protection with built-in automation

Register today and unlock the potential of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c for your enterprise.

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Thursday Apr 26, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c – Building a Virtual Data Center

One of the great new features in Ops Center 12c is the ability to create a virtual data center which abstracts the compute, storage and networking resources you have managed and allows you to segment those resources into accounts. You can then make those physical resources available to distinct audiences who can self-provision virtual resources as needed within the resource constraints or quotas you defined. I'll walk you through a simple scenario to create a virtual data center (vDC) that consists of a pair of Oracle Solaris 10 servers, a NAS share and a group of VLAN tagged networks. We will then set aside a portion of those resources for a QA Testing group and show how a user within that group can create a virtual server connected on a virtual private network.

Learn more about this in the Ops Center expert call on May 10 at 9:30AM PST.

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Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Demo Series : Gain Total Cloud Control of Systems with Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c

Earlier this month, at Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c launch, we published a series of demos of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c  managing various Oracle solutions from applications to hardware . You could see all of those demos by clicking the graphic below.  Following the graphics below, I have a brief overview of an enterprise customer scenario and various demos highlighting the management of various systems .

Demo Series - Explore Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c

A Step-by-Step Journey to Enterprise Clouds

A large global financial company serving millions of customers worldwide has decided to investigate a private cloud infrastructure. They have multiple business units and are located in multiple regions worldwide.

Their enterprise applications include Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite Financials, and PeopleSoft HCM. They have recently added several Oracle Fusion Applications modules to enhance their CRM and HCM capabilities. Over time, they have also deployed a number of Java and web-based applications. They use Oracle Solaris/SPARC environments for their E-Business Suite applications. Their web servers, some of their application servers, and a number of the home grown applications run on Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle x86 servers. They have deployed Oracle virtualization solutions for x86 servers and SPARC.

This company is transitioning their IT to a private cloud environment to support the CEO’s new corporate strategy to increase operational efficiency by 10% while growing the top line by 30% in two years. The IT organization, led by their CIO, considered various options and concluded that achieving the CEO’s objectives would require them to transition their enterprise applications to the cloud, thereby creating real differentiation in how they service their customers. They reviewed several vendors and concluded that their private cloud solutions were adequate for small applications but too risky for enterprise applications. They decided to go with the an Oracle solution because only Oracle was able to demonstrate a proven solution to power enterprise applications while also leveraging SPARC and x86 virtualization for a complete cloud management solution.

They have already started to deploy Database-as-a-Service and Fusion Middleware-as-a-Service clouds using Oracle Enterprise Manger Self Service Application Portal. They plan to deploy Infrastructure-as-Service cloud based on both SPARC and x86 servers with Oracle virtualization solutions and manage them through Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. They have recently deployed many ExaData systems. They are starting to deploy ExaLogic and Super Clusters Engineered systems as well to accelerate performance and time to market.

Integrated Linux Management in the Cloud

Linux Management functionality is available as part of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and is available to Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support customers at no cost. The solution provides an integrated and cost-effective solution for complete Linux server lifecycle management and delivers comprehensive provisioning, patching, monitoring, and administration capabilities via a single, web-based user interface thus significantly reducing the complexity and cost associated with managing Linux operating system environments.

Using these rich Linux management features along with the complete Oracle Enterprise Manager product solution, the global financial company takes advantage of enterprise-scale service level management, automated change and configuration management, and comprehensive system and application performance management.

Integrated Lifecycle Management for Physical and Virtual Servers in the Cloud

Oracle VM offers server virtualization for both x86 and SPARC architectures that enable the deployment of agile cloud infrastructures. Virtualized server environments integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center allow you to easily create, deploy, clone virtual servers, and live migrate workloads while dynamically controlingcompute resources. Integrated lifecycle management of both physical & virtual servers with Ops Center simplifies the daily workflowneeded to control cloud infrastructures. This is one of the key reasons why this company decided power their private cloud with Oracle virtualization technologies.

Oracle Solaris 11 – The First Cloud OS

With its new and improved features, Oracle Solaris brings mission-critical enterprise class computing to cloud scale environments. These features include extremely agile, no overhead virtualization, simplified software lifecycle management, and built-in security across all layers. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center understands all these new technologies, and therefore is the perfect tool to manage Oracle Solaris deployments at data center and cloud scales.

Manage Mission Critical Applications in the Cloud

Deploying and managing mission critical applications in cloud are one of the key strategic interests of the enterprises. Oracle SPARC based Infrastructure-as-a-Service ( IaaS ) offers the scale, reliability, and performance needed for those mission critical applications. In this demo, you will learn about how to manage SPARC server platforms, which is the foundation of the enterprise cloud this global financial company wants to deploy The Oracle SPARC technologies offers an extreme thread count and memory density in a small and eco-friendly form factor. This company wanted to insure they could leverage their existing SPARC population with not excluding new growth into the T4 chassis models. They found Ops Center offered them complete coverage of where they were the most invested.

Private PaaS and IaaS Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides complete lifecycle management for cloud - from automated cloud setup, to delivery, to cloud operations. Learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c work together to provide an end-to-end solution to take you from zero to cloud in a day, whether the goal of your private cloud is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Managing DBaaS and MWaaS Cloud Services Delivery with Oracle Enterprise Manager

This demo showcases Engineered Systems Management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control and Ops Center 12c. You can now manage all components of Oracle Exadata Database Machine, from databases to cell storage to network swicthes, from a single console. Similarly, you can now manage all aspects of Oracle Exalogic, including software and hardware, from a single console. Learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager is engineered systems-aware and provides insight into the performance, configuration and physical health of these highly performance machines.

Simplify Your Data Center with Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is the industry’s Best Foundation for Cloud. It is hardware and software engineered together to provide extreme performance for Java applications, Oracle Applications, and other enterprise applications. Exalogic offers fully integrated compute nodes, storage and networking, fully integrated ZFS network attached storage appliance with 40TB of SAS disk storage, QDR InfiniBand IO Fabric, with 40 Gb/second throughput and microsecond latencies, Data center service network integration with 10 GbE, Scalable, open standard grid architecture. That means less effort spent by you on putting the pieces together and more time spend on extending the business value of your applications.

Check out this demonstration to learn more about Exalogic and the right configuration that meets your needs.

Oracle Software Runs Best on Oracle Hardware

Oracle Enterprise Manager offers the right amount of information across the stack, breaking down isolated IT organizations and helps make a stronger connection between the business services and the server assets they utilize.

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Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 debuts at StarEast conference

Join Oracle for an exclusive sneak peek at Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1, the industry’s most advanced application testing solution for Web, SOA, and Oracle Applications at the StarEast 2012 Conference in Orlando Florida this week.

New in this release, intended for general availability later this month, is a test accelerator for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – providing customers easier and more efficient testing of their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementations. 


  • Deeper integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager‘s middleware and database diagnostics features, providing improved testing efficiency and productivity by enabling testers to detect performance bottlenecks faster and with less effort.
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 provides JUnit execution right from Oracle Test Manager making Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 the single console to manage, plan and execute test cases.

A key component of Oracle Enterprise Manager’s suite of Application Quality Management products, Oracle Application Testing Suite provides an integrated solution for load testing, functional testing and test process management, enabling customers to thoroughly test applications and their underlying infrastructure to help ensure the best quality, scalability and availability prior to deployment. 

Senior Director of Product Management for our Application Quality Management product, Mughees Minhas, was interviewed by Better Software Testing Magazine about his vision on the rise of the cloud, market consolidation and risk management. You'll find his interview in the online version of the magazine

If you're at StarEast, come visit our booth 35/36 to get a sneak peek at Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 
However, if you're not able to make it, which will be the majority of our readers, you could register for the free webcast that we're running together with on May 1st , 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET : Oracle’s Approach to Application and Infrastructure Testing: Strategies and Best Practices

Happy testing. 

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

New Feature Roundup for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c

On April 4th, we announced the release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c at Oracle OpenWorld in Tokyo. We followed up with a Webcast last week to demonstrate our great new cloud control capabilities.

In today's post, I'm going to discuss the new product features in this version of Ops Center. There are so many that it's a little challenging to cover them all, so I'll start with a high-level summary. In future posts, we'll talk about these features in greater detail, and show how you can use them to manage your datacenter more effectively than ever before!

The Big 3: Cloud Control, Engineered Systems, and Solaris 11

The big news during the product launch was the newly introduced support for Cloud Control, Oracle Engineered Systems and the Solaris 11 operating environment.

Cloud Support and the Virtual Datacenter

Ops Center allows users to build the managed assets into Virtual Data Centers, or vDCs. vDCs can leverage the full power of Oracle technologies, including:

  • Hardware – Sun Oracle servers and Oracle Engineered Systems
  • OS – Solaris 11, Solaris 10 and Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Virtualization – Oracle VM Server for X86 and Oracle Solaris Zones

The vDC provides a full stack of coordinated resources for Cloud computing, including systems, network infrastructure, storage, virtualization hosts and a self-contained user and permission model. Ops Center users can leverage this functionality in two ways: by logging directly into the Ops Center UI, or by using the programmatic API and CLI for Infrastructure as a Service. (IaaS) These features enable Ops Center to greatly speed the deployment and management process for cloud-based infrastructure.

Oracle Engineered System Support

Ops Center provides management support for the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, and enhances the existing management capabilities for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

The SuperCluster and Exalogic systems are delivered with an Ops Center instance that simplifies Oracle Engineered Systems management and allows these systems to be more effectively used as virtual datacenters.

Solaris 11 Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c can now be installed on Solaris 11, providing full lifecycle management capabilities for Solaris 11 OS assets. This includes

  • OS provisioning, using the Automated Installer
  • OS update management, using the Image Packaging System
  • Creation and management of Solaris 11 zones and boot environments
  • Solaris 11 OS monitoring analytics

Ops Center allows administrators to effectively leverage the power of Solaris 11, and to use its considerable capabilities for cloud infrastructure.

These features represent a huge advance in Ops Center management. However, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c provides an even greater set of enhancements which touch on all parts of the product functionality. In the sections that follow, I'll present key features for the Ops Center infrastructure, the User Interface, Core Product Functions, Hardware Management and Provisioning, OS Management and Virtualization Management.

Ops Center Infrastructure

Oracle Database

We're now using the Oracle Database 11g for persistence management. Users can install a co-located database with their enterprise controller, or create an instance in an existing DBMS. We've created views in Oracle, providing better data query and reporting capabilities than ever before.

High Availability (HA)

Using Oracle Clusterware, Ops Center can configure two enterprise controller instances in an active-passive HA configuration. What's more, it's now possible to migrate your managed assets between proxy controllers in an Ops Center installation.

Role-Based Permissions Model

Every user is now associated with one or more roles, with each role defining a standard set of capabilities. Ops Center administrators can replicate the roles between users, allowing them to easily assign duplicate management capabilities.

LDAP Directory Servers

It's also possible to import a set of user accounts from an LDAP server, allowing you to easily set up a group of Ops Center users.

User Interface Enhancements

Customizable User Experience

It's now possible to save your Ops Center UI preferences, such as start page, timeout and navigation display.

Configuration Settings

You can now view and edit the Ops Center configuration defaults directly from the UI. This allows you to more easily modify Ops Center defaults such as job timeouts and throttling settings.

Free-Format Tags

All assets can now be associated with user-defined tags, which can be used for searching and filtering. This makes it MUCH easier to keep track of a large number of managed assets.

Core Product Functions

Enhanced Discovery Management

Ops Center allows users to save and customize standard discovery profiles, IP address ranges, and authentication credentials. In addition, Ops Center automatically manages newly discovered assets.

Automated Service Request (ASR) Integration

Ops Center can now forward ASR events for your warrantied hardware assets. With support enabled, incidents with your ASR-compatible assets will be forwarded to Oracle and used to open a service request. You can even provide contact information on a global or per-asset basis.

Integrated OCDoctor

There's now a UI option to run OCDoctor checks, diagnostics and optimizations for the enterprise controller, proxy controller and agent controllers. Diagnostic results are saved, and can be used as the basis for future evaluation and tuning.

Hardware Management and Provisioning

Newly Supported Hardware

Ops Center has always provided rich management capabilities for a broad range of Sun hardware, and this release expands support to the next generation of servers. Key products now supported for discovery and management include

  • The Sun Fire X86 M3 server family
  • The Sun Netra M3 server family
  • The Sun SPARC T4 server family
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • The Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switch

ILOM 3.0 Snapshot of BIOS Configuration

Using Oracle's HMP 2.2, Ops Center can save snapshots of the BIOS state for supported ILOM 3 servers. They can subsequently apply the snapshots to easily change SP configuration settings and replicate the state of BIOS to other servers in the datacenter.

WAN Boot Capabilities

Ops Center now supports WAN boot as a provisioning technology for Solaris 10 and 11 for qualified SPARC systems. If systems are compatible, Ops Center automatically uses WAN boot to provision them.

OS Management Capabilities

Agentless OS Management

Ops Center now allows basic OS monitoring and management to be performed without agent installation. In an agentless model, the Proxy controller periodically logs into the managed OS instance and directly performs management actions.

OS Analytics

Ops Center now provides extremely detailed data about OS assets. Administrators can take advantage of service and process-level data, as well as detailed metrics associated with system load and CPU, memory, network and file system utilization.

Profiles to Create Boot Environments

Ops Center now provides a new type of profile to automate the creation of boot environments. This makes it easier than ever before to set up live upgrade capabilities on a new OS instance.

Enhanced Update Management

We've introduced several improvements to greatly simplify the patch process. Ops Center now filters out redundant reboot operations, displaying a single reboot operation which would be performed during a multi-step patch process. In addition, OS update policies now provide an option to automatically filter out patches requiring an OS reboot.

Virtualization Management

Management of Oracle VM for X86

Ops Center now can discover Oracle VM Managers and use them to create and manage Oracle VM for X86 guests.

Creation Profiles for all Virtual Guest Types

In addition to Oracle VM server for SPARC, Ops Center now provides profiles and plans to create Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM for X86 guests.

Server Pools for all Virtual Guest Types

All types of virtual assets can now be defined as part of a server pool: Oracle VM Server for X86, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Solaris Zones for X86 and Solaris Zones for SPARC.

Expanded Storage Management Capabilities

Ops Center now supports storage management using iSCSI for Solaris. This allows Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) to be dynamically created for any type of virtualized guest and made available through TCP/IP.

Management of Pre-Existing Zones and LDOM Guests

We've expanded the capabilities provided by Ops Center to pre-existing zones and Oracle VM Server for SPARC. This allows users to discover and manage existing virtualization environments.


Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c has dramatically raised the bar for cloud and datacenter management. Hopefully, this article has provided a perspective on the many interesting enhancements available in this version of the product.

If you'd like to learn even more, read the data sheet, have a look at the product documentation, or download and try Ops Center today!

New Study: Oracle Beats SAP Sybase ASE in Database Manageability

ORC International: Oracle Database 11g is 71% Easier to Manage and 43% Less Complex than SAP Sybase ASE 15.7

Once again Oracle Database 11g Release 2 continues to demonstrate its industry leadership in a new cost comparison study released by independent research firm ORC International. In the study, Database Manageability and Productivity Cost Comparison: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 vs. SAP Sybase ASE 15.7, ORC measured four common database administrator (DBA) functions including; initial database setup, routine daily administrative tasks, backup and recovery, as well as performance and tuning tasks. The study concluded that DBAs using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 can:

  • Perform administrative tasks 71% faster than Sybase ASE 15.7
  • Save time by taking 43% fewer steps for the same set of standard routine functions versus Sybase ASE 15.7
  • Increase productivity and save businesses up to US$85,200 per year per DBA by using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 in preference to Sybase ASE 15.7

This report, along with similar competitive studies ORC International conducted, including Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and IBM DB2 9.7, illustrates Oracle Database 11g's industry leadership with its unique self-managing automation and performance capabilities. Oracle Database 11g along with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Database Management Packs enable DBAs to become more productive and more strategic, resulting in higher service quality and reduced ongoing IT management costs.

Download the Study

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Monday Apr 16, 2012

NEC Corporation demonstrated integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager at Oracle Open World, Japan

In my previous blogs, I talked about Steve Wilson announcing Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c at Oracle OpenWorld Tokyo, Japan on April 4th, 2012.

    In addition to this announcement during John Fowler's keynote, Steve also presented at Oracle Enterprise Manager general session where he covered the overview of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c , newly announced Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c and update on Oracle Partners solutions in Japan.

    One of the highlights of the Oracle Enterprise Manager general session was a demonstration by NEC Corporation.

      Uesaka-san (Toshifumi Uesaka)and Nema-san (Nobuyuki Nema) from NEC provided overview and demonstrated the integration of Oracle Enterprise Manager with their WebSam solution .

      NEC Event Connector integrates event information of Enterprise Manager into NEC WebSAM Solution enabling the WebSAM users to browse the event detail and recommendation from Oracle Enterprise Manager in just a click .

      To learn more, please go to Oracle Enterprise Manager  web page and stay connected with us at  :

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      Tuesday Apr 10, 2012

      A new version of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Doctor (OCDoctor ) Utility released

      In February,  we posted a blog of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Doctor aka OCDoctor Utility. This utility assists in various stages of the Ops Center deployment and can be a real life saver. It is updated on a regular basis with additional knowledge (similar to an antivirus subscription) to help you identify and resolve known issues or suggest ways to improve performance.

      A new version ( Version 4.03 ) of the OCDoctor is now available . This new version adds full support for recently announced Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c including prerequisites checks, troubleshoot tests, log collection, tuning and product metadata updates. In addition, it adds several bug fixes and enhancements to OCDoctor Utility.

      To download OCDoctor for new installations:

      For existing installations, simply run:
      # /var/opt/sun/xvm/OCDoctor/ --update

      Tip : If you have Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center12c EC installed, your OCDoctor will automatically update overnight.

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      Monday Apr 09, 2012

      New Database assemblies are available now to simplify cloud deployment via Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Self-Update

      Deploying application in the cloud is a huge challenge.  Typically customers either deploy various components of the application individually and then manually wire them together.  Some vendors even allow you to deploy a bunch of VMs together but you still have the hard and painful job of connecting the dots. The problem gets even worse if you start to think other deployment constraints – such as which components should be co-located and which not, what should be the network topology of the application (i.e. database and middleware should be in different network segments), which components can scale out and if so how should the scale out happen.

      Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder (OVAB) and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c address this challenge. Using OVAB, application developers and architects  can model the application topology graphically, define all dependencies and deployment constraints, and package the entire application in form of what we call an application assembly. These assembly can then be uploaded to the centralized software library in Enterprise Manager for self-service deployments.

      At the launch of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c last year, we talked about Oracle's plan to offer assemblies for all our products which will allow you to deploy any of our products – including packaged applications – by click of a button. Enterprise Manager has a live link back to Oracle which will notify you of the availability of new assemblies and download them if you are interested.

      Last week, we made new Database assemblies available via Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Self-Update. The release of assemblies will help customers deploy the cloud solution more easily on Oracle VM platform. Customers can create a zone of Oracle VM 3.x servers and deploy these assemblies from the Enterprise Manager 12c Self-Service interface. Following screenshot shows how they look like in the self-update interface of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

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      Thursday Apr 05, 2012

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c is now available for download at Oracle technology Network

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c is available now for download at Oracle Technology Network (OTN ) .

      Oracle Logo Enterprise Manager Ops Center Documentation

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center web page at Oracle Technology Network

      Join Oracle Launch Webcast : Total Cloud Control for Systems on April 12th at 9 AM PST to learn more about  Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c from Oracle Senior Vice President John Fowler, Oracle Vice President of Systems Management Steve Wilson and a panel of Oracle executive.

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      Wednesday Apr 04, 2012

      Oracle Launches Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c at OpenWorld Japan

      Oracle Senior Vice President John Fowler and Oracle Vice President of Systems Management Steve Wilson unveiled Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c at Oracle OpenWorld, Tokyo Japan on April 4th morning. 

      Oracle Enterprise Manager combines management of servers, operating systems, virtualization solution for x86 and SPRC servers, firmware, storage, and network fabrics with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center. Available at no additional cost as part of the Ops Center Anywhere Program, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c allows enterprises to accelerate mission-critical cloud deployment, unleash the power of Solaris 11 — the first cloud OS, and simplify Oracle engineered systems management.

      Here are some of the resources for you to learn more about the new Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c : 

      Press Release : Introducing Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c

      White paper: Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c - Making Infrastructure-as-a-Service in the Enterprise a Reality

      Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center web page at Oracle Technology Network

      Join Oracle Launch Webcast : Total Cloud Control for Systems on April 12th at 9 AM PST to learn more about  Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c from Oracle Senior Vice President John Fowler, Oracle Vice President of Systems Management Steve Wilson and a panel of Oracle executive.

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      Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

      British Telecom Automates Cloud Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager

      British Telecom delivers scalable and reliable Cloud services using Oracle Enterprise Manager’s automated management capabilities.

      Don't miss the on Oracle Launch Webcast : Total Cloud Control for Systems on April 12th at 9 AM PST .

      For more information, please go to Oracle Enterprise Manager  web page or  follow us at : 

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      Monday Apr 02, 2012

      Total Cloud Control keeps getting better ! Oracle Launch Webcast : Total Cloud Control for Systems

      Total Cloud Control Keeps Getting Better

      Join Oracle Vice President of Systems Management Steve Wilson and a panel of Oracle executives to find out how your enterprise cloud can achieve 10x improved performance and 12x operational agility. Only Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c allows you to:

      • Accelerate mission-critical cloud deployment
      • Unleash the power of Solaris 11, the first cloud OS
      • Simplify Oracle engineered systems management

      You’ll also get a chance to have your questions answered by Oracle product experts and dive deeper into the technology by viewing our demos that trace the steps companies like yours take as they transition to a private cloud environment.

      Featured Speaker With a special announcement by:
      Steve Wilson

      Steve Wilson
      Vice President, Systems Management, Oracle
      John Fowler
      John Fowler
      Executive Vice President, Systems, Oracle

      9:00 a.m. PT Keynote: Total Cloud Control for Systems

      9:45 a.m. PT Panel Discussion with Oracle Hardware, Software, and Support Executives

      10:15 a.m. PT Demo Series: A Step-by-Step Journey to Enterprise Clouds

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      Latest information on Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Management Cloud.

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