Tuesday Dec 20, 2011

C Is for Cloud in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Last week, I read a very nice article about the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c launch published in the Oracle Magazine, January/February 2012 edition and thought of sharing with you. This article includes stories from three Oracle Enterprise Manager customers - European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Epsilon and Cerner. These customers shared their IT challanges and how Oracle Enterprise manager streamlines the management of their applications to disk in their data center. They also talked about the potential benefits of the new cloud lifecyle management functionalities of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c .
As Published In
Oracle Magazine
January/February 2012

In addition to this feature article, there is some additional Oracle Enterprise Manager related content in this issue of Oracle Magazine, including IDC Analyst Tim Grieser discussing IT Management trends after he attended the 12c launch, an OpenWorld recap , Editor’s note and an Excellence Award: Technologist of the Year to EM 12c beta participant Sreekanth Chintala.

To read this feature article and many other interesting articles and resources , please go to online Oracle Magazine, January/February 2012 edition .

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Tuesday Oct 18, 2011

IDC Report : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Embraces the Cloud with Integrated Lifecycle Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  was announced earlier this month at Oracle Open World . Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is the only complete cloud management solution for enterprise cloud that is built and engineered to help you reduce IT complexity and improve agility. 

IDC analysts Mary Turner and Tim Grieser covered the launch event and various Oracle Enterprise Manager sessions and demos at the Oracle Open World 2011 event. They published their observation in their Research Report : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Embraces the Cloud with Integrated Lifecycle Management 

In this research report, Mary and Tim said, "Oracle is to be given kudos for raising the bar and actively including mission critical database, middleware and application self service provisioning and dynamic scaling in the corporate cloud management discussion. Oracle is also to be commended for developing a comprehensive cloud lifecycle approach and for being remarkably clear on the steps needed to plan, implement, operate and manage clouds to derive business value from increasingly complex application deployments."

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c brings together three essential capabilities to help enterprises gain Total Cloud Control:

  • Complete cloud life cycle management - New capabilities such as cloud setup and configuration, policy-driven resource management, self-service access, metering and chargeback.
  • Integrated cloud stack management - Includes the entire Oracle stack ranging from Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Hardware—as well as key non-Oracle technologies.
  • Business-driven application management - Enables application performance to be optimized based on the real-time experience of end-users.

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Friday Jul 29, 2011

Hello from a new member of the Oracle Enterprise Manager team


My name is Anand Akela and I am a new member of the Oracle Enterprise Manager product marketing team. I wanted to introduce myself before you start seeing my postings here.

I will be focusing on cloud management, virtualization management and infrastructure management offerings in the Oracle Enterprise Manager portfolio.

I have been working in various product marketing, product management and engineering roles in the systems management, servers, data center energy efficiency, enterprise software areas. I also serve as the chairman of Data Collection and Analysis workgroup at the Green Grid, an industry consortium developing and promoting energy efficiency for data centers and enterprise systems.

I am looking forward to interacting with you through the Oracle Enterprise Manager blog and other social media tools .

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