Wednesday Dec 05, 2012

Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange – Version 1.1 Now Available!

Since its announcement at Oracle OpenWorld 2012, the Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange is becoming the source to access Enterprise Manager entities, including plug-ins, connectors, deployment procedures, assemblies, templates, and more.  Based on feedback, the Exchange has recently been updated so Enterprise Manager administrators can find and access Oracle and partner-built plug-ins and connectors easier.

The Exchange enables anyone to contribute an Enterprise Manager entity through the “Contribute” tab, where information about the entity is captured and placed on the Exchange once it is approved.  The Exchange encourages comment through the Enterprise Manager Forum. 

An Oracle partner can build a plug-in by accessing the Extensibility Development Kit (EDK) found at the Development Resources tab.  Oracle partners and customers can can also engage a partner that has built its practice specializing in plug-in development and deployment.  One of those partners is Blue Medora, which has effectively used the EDK to build plug-ins to manage non-Oracle targets.  Check out the Blue Medora "Guest Blog" about heterogeneous datacenter management.

Partners can also have their plug-ins validated through the Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) program.  NetApp is an example of a partner that recently built an Enterprise Manager plug-in and has validated it through the program.  Check their "Guest Blog" post describing the value of an Enterprise Manager "OVI" plug-in as well as discuss specifics the NetApp storage plug-in. 

The Enterprise Manager Exchange is located at

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Tuesday Nov 06, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Testing-as-a-Service Solution

With organizations spending as much as 50 percent of their QA time with non-test related activities like setting up hardware and deploying applications and test tools, the cloud will bring obvious benefits. A key component of Oracle Enterprise Manager our current Application Quality Management products have been helping our customers with application load testing, functional testing and test process management, but also test data management, data masking and real application testing. These products enable customers to thoroughly test applications and their underlying infrastructure to help ensure the best quality, scalability and availability prior to deployment. 

Today, Oracle announced Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Testing-as-a-Service Solution . This solution will allow users to significantly decrease the time needed to setup a complete test environment, while enhancing testing efficiency.

Please read the Press Release mentioned above and join us in our Enterprise Manager LinkedIn Group discussion on this topic. (need to be a member).

Or visit our booth this week during the EuroSTAR Software Testing conference in Amsterdam where we can demo this solution 

I hope you find this helpfull

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Thursday Oct 04, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager sessions on the last day of the Oracle Open World

Hope you had a very productive Oracle Open World so far . Hopefully, many of you attended the customer appreciation event yesterday night at the Treasures Islands. 

 We still have many enterprise manager related sessions today on Thursday, last day of Oracle Open World 2012.

Download the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c OpenWorld schedule (PDF)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (and Private Cloud)

Time Title Location
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Application Performance Matters: Oracle Real User Experience Insight Palace Hotel - Sea Cliff
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Advanced Management of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with Oracle Enterprise Manager InterContinental - Grand Ballroom B
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Spark on SPARC Servers: Enterprise-Class IaaS with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Moscone West - 3018
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Pinpoint Production Applications’ Performance Bottlenecks by Using JVM Diagnostics Marriott Marquis - Golden Gate C3
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM Bringing Order to the Masses: Scalable Monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Moscone West - 3020
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Improving the Performance of Oracle E-Business Suite Applications: Tips from a DBA’s Diary Moscone West - 2018
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Advanced Management of Oracle PeopleSoft with Oracle Enterprise Manager Moscone West - 3009
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Managing Sun Servers and Oracle Engineered Systems with Oracle Enterprise Manager Moscone West - 2000
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Strategies for Configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c in a Secure IT Environment Moscone West - 3018
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to Control Operational Costs Moscone South - 308
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM My Oracle Support: The Proactive 24/7 Assistant for Your Oracle Installations Moscone West - 3018
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Functional and Load Testing Tips and Techniques for Advanced Testers Moscone South - 307
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Oracle Enterprise Manager Deployment Best Practices Moscone South - 104

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Tuesday Oct 02, 2012

The NEW Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange

Oracle Enterprise Manager continues to expand its Eco-system with the NEW Extensibility Exchange!

The Exchange offers a searchable listing of Enterprise Manager entities. Today it’s stocked with plug-ins and connectors for Enterprise Manager 12c and 11g. Anyone - partners, customers, ACE community members, anyone - can post an entity subject to approval of course. So in addition to plug-ins and connectors, the Exchange will have best practices, deployment procedures, templates, and essentially any Enterprise Manager entity that’s relevant.

The Exchange provides Development Resources to guide contributors in the creation of plug-ins and connectors. A Community Resources page features plug-ins validated through the Oracle Validate Integration program as well as some other contributions important to customers.  You can also discover ways to get more involved with Enterprise Manager through the user and partner communities.

The Exchange was announced in the October 2nd Enterprise Manager Partner Press Release  and is being presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 during the following sessions:
    •    “Using Oracle Enterprise Manager to Manage Your Own Private Cloud” General Session – Tuesday Oct 2nd
    •    “Managing Heterogeneous Environments with Oracle Enterprise Manager” Conference Session – Tuesday Oct 2nd
    •    “Using Management Already Built into Oracle Products: Oracle Enterprise Manager” Oracle Partner Network Exchange Session – Wednesday Oct 3rd

Check it out at, and let us know what you think by posting a comment below or clicking the "Forum" button at the Exchange itself.

Thursday Sep 20, 2012

OpenWorld 2012—Is Almost Here!

With OpenWorld fast approaching, I thought I would take this opportunity to look at some of the “must see” database manageability activities and sessions happening this year. Here's a quick run down:

Oracle Database Manageability:
Download all the details for sessions, hands-on-labs, and demos (PDF)

Sunday, September 30
Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together: Why It’s A Different Approach
Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle

Monday, October 1
Shift Complexity
Hosted by Mark Hurd, President, Oracle
Andrew Mendelsohn, Senior Vice President, Database Server Technologies, Oracle

IOUG SIG Sunday:
Database Performance Tuning: Getting the Best out of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
(session ID# CON6511)

Oracle DEMOgrounds:
Floor plan – Moscone South

  • Automatic Application and SQL Tuning
  • Automatic Performance Diagnostics
  • Complete Database Lifecycle Management
  • Data Masking and Data Subsetting
  • Database Testing with Oracle Real Application Testing
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Overview
  • Oracle Exadata Management

Database Performance Testing, Data Masking, and Subsetting
(session ID# HOL10720)

Database Performance Tuning Hands-on Lab
(session ID# HOL10393)

What’s Next for Oracle Database?
(session ID# GEN8259)

Building and Managing a Private Oracle Database Cloud
(session ID# GEN11421)

Using Oracle Enterprise Manager to Manage Your Own Private Cloud
(session ID# GEN11423)

Extreme Database Management with the Latest Generation of Database Technology
(session ID# CON9547)

Oracle OpenWorld Music Festival
New this year is Oracle’s first annual Oracle OpenWorld Musical Festival, featuring some of today's breakthrough musicians from around the country and the world. It's five nights of back-to-back performances in the heart of San Francisco—free to registered attendees.
See the lineup

Not Heading to OpenWorldWatch it Live!

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Download the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control12c Mobile app

Thursday Sep 13, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 ( is Available Now !

Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 ( It is now available for download on OTN on ALL platforms. This is the first major release since the launch of Enterprise Manager 12c in October of 2011. This is the first time when Enterprise Manager release is available on all platforms simultaneously.

This is primarily a stability release which incorporates many of issues and feedback reported by early adopters. In addition, this release contains many new features and enhancements in areas across the board.

New Capabilities and Features

  • Enhanced management capabilities for enterprise private clouds:
    • Introduces new capabilities to allow customers to build and manage a Java Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud based on Oracle Weblogic Server. The new capabilities include guided set up of PaaS Cloud, self-service provisioning, automatic scale out and metering and chargeback.
    • Enhanced lifecycle management capabilities for Oracle WebLogic Server environments: Combining in-context multiple domain, patching and configuration file synchronizations.
    • Integrated Hardware-Software management for Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud through features such as rack schematics visualization and integrated monitoring of all hardware and software components.
  • The latest management capabilities for business-critical applications include:
    • Business Application Management: A new Business Application (BA) target type and dashboard with flexible definitions provides a logical view of an application’s business transactions, end-user experiences and the cloud infrastructure the monitored application is running on.
    • Enhanced User Experience Reporting: Oracle Real User Experience Insight has been enhanced to provide reporting capabilities on client-side issues for applications running in the cloud and has been more tightly coupled with Oracle Business Transaction Management to help ensure that real-time user experience and transaction tracing data is provided to users in context.
  • Several key improvements address ease of administration, reporting and extensibility for massively scalable cloud environments including dynamic groups, self-updateable monitoring templates, bulk operations against many events, etc.

New and Revised Plug-Ins:

Several plug-Ins have been updated as a part of this release resulting in either new versions or revisions. Revised plug-ins contain only bug-fixes and while new plug-ins incorporate both bug fixes as well as new functionality.

Plug-In Name


Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database (revision)

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Fusion Middleware (new)

Enterprise Manager for Chargeback and Capacity Planning (new)

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Fusion Applications (new)

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (new)

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Exadata (new)

Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud (new)

Installation and Upgrade:

  • All major platforms have been released simultaneously (Linux 32 / 64 bit, Solaris (SPARC), Solaris x86-64, IBM AIX 64-bit, and Windows x86-64 (64-bit) )
  • Enterprise Manager is a complete release that includes both the EM OMS and Agent versions of
  • Installation options available with EM User can do fresh Install or an upgrade from versions EM, 11.1, or ( Bundle Patch 1 not mandatory).
  • Upgrading to EM from EM is not a patch application (similar to Bundle Patch 1) but is achieved through a 1-system upgrade.


Please feel free to ask questions related to the new Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 ( at the Oracle Enterprise Manager Forum . You could also share your feedback at twitter  using hash tag #em12c or at Facebook .

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Friday Jun 22, 2012

General Availability of Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in, an integral part of Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite.

The combination of Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control and the Application Management Suite combines functionality that was available in the standalone Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite and Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle’s Real User Experience Insight product and the Configuration & Compliance capabilities to provide the most complete solution for managing Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

The features that were available in the standalone management packs are now packaged into the Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in, which is now fully certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. This latest plug-in extends Cloud Control with E-Business Suite specific system management capabilities and features enhanced change management support.

This new release offers the following key enhancements:


  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Base Platform uptake: All components of the management suite are certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control.


  • Privilege Delegation: The Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in now extends Enterprise Manager’s privilege delegation through Sudo and PowerBroker to Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in host targets. 
  • Privileges and Roles for Managing Oracle E-Business Suite: This release includes new ready-to-use target and resource privileges to monitor, manage, and perform Change Management functionality. 

  • Named Credentials Uptake in Cloning: The Clone module transactions now let users leverage the Named Credential feature introduced in Enterprise Manager 12c, thereby passing all the benefits of Named Credentials features in Enterprise Manager to the Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in users. 
  • Smart Clone improvements: The new and improved Smart Clone UI supports the adding of "pre and post" custom steps to a copy of the ready-to-use cloning deployment procedure. Now a user can pass parameters to the custom steps through the interview screen of the UI as well as pass ready-to-use parameters to the custom steps. 
Change Management Enhancements

  • Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite provides a centralized view to monitor and orchestrate changes (both functional and technical) across multiple Oracle E-Business Suite systems. In this latest release, it provides even more control and flexibility in managing Oracle E-Business Suite changes.

Customization Manager:

  • Support for longer file names: Customization Manager now handles file names up to thirty characters in length. 
Patch Manager:

  • Queuing of Patch Manager Runs: This feature allows patch runs to queue up if Patch Manager detects a specific target is in a blackout state. 
  • Multi-node system patching: The patch run interview has been enhanced to allow Enterprise Manager Administrator to choose which nodes adpatch will run on. 
  • New AD Administration Options: The patch run interview has been extended to include AD Administration Options "Relink Application Programs", "Generate Product Jars Files", "Generate Report Files", and "Generate Form Files". 
Release Technical Details

  • Product documentation for the plug-in is available on My Oracle Support as note 1434392.1
  • The Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in can be accessed in one of the following ways: 
  • Please refer to the Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide for further details. 

Related Software Component

  • Oracle Real User Experience Insight 
    • Product documentation is available on Oracle Technology Network in the "Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 1 (12.1) Documentation" set under the "Associated Document" tab. (
    • Product may be downloaded individually from Oracle Technology Network software download page for Oracle Enterprise Manager under "Additional Enterprise Manager Downloads." (
    • Product may also be downloaded individually from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. Select "Oracle Enterprise Manager" product pack, "Oracle Real User Experience Insight 12c Release 1 Media Pack for x8 

Can be accessed on the Application Management Page on Oracle Technology Network

Monday Jun 18, 2012

Expanding the Partner Ecosystem with Third-Party Plug-ins

Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility enables companies to manage non-Oracle products through plug-ins.  In this blog, find out more about the many plug-ins that are available to Oracle customers to manage non-heterogeneous environments, including a recent beta version from a third-party developer who has built a VMware vSphere plug-in and also one that is now available from NetApp for storage management.
[Read More]

Tuesday May 08, 2012

Testing in May: Keep the bugs away

When Oracle's Application Quality Management(AQM) solution was positioned in a leader position for Integrated Software Quality Suites in January 2011, this wasn't a surprise to us at Oracle since we've been steadily working on and earning our position for some years.  Ever since, we've seen an even bigger increase in customer interest into these testing solutions from both Oracle and non-Oracle customers. We decided to focus this month of May on showcasing our entire Application Quality Management solution as well as spotlighting some individual parts.

We kicked off the month with a live webcast for an interactive community exclusively engaged in improving software quality,, that gave the dedicated testing audience an insight into Oracle’s Approach to Application and Infrastructure Testing: Strategies and Best Practices. (now available on-demand).

If your not familiar with our AQM offerings yet or would like a high lever refresh, please join us for this free webinar led by Product Management:
Application Quality Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager - A Comprehensive Approach to Preserving Quality During Change

Oracle Enterprise Manager Webcast Series
Application Quality Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager - A Comprehensive Approach to Preserving Quality During Change

Thursday, May 10, 8 a.m. PT

Register Now

Save weeks on application testing time. Reduce Database testing time by up to 90%, using the Application Quality Management components of Oracle's Enterprise Manager. 

Oracle's Application Quality Management products provide a complete testing solution for Oracle Database, Oracle Packaged Applications and custom Web applications. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • Application Testing - Test Management, Functional Testing, and Load Testing capabilities ensure the quality of web-based applications - including Oracle e-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards. 
  • Infrastructure Testing - Enables realistic, production-scale testing of the application and database infrastructures. Using real, production workloads to generate load against applications or databases under test, these solutions do not require any script development or maintenance. With Application Replay and Real Application Testing you can reduce your testing time by more than 80% while providing the most efficient, optimized and highest quality testing for validating application and database infrastructure changes. 
  • Test Data Management - Oracle Test Data Management and Data Masking provide efficient, automated and secure test system creation capabilities for Oracle and non-Oracle databases, with out-of-the-box templates for Oracle packaged applications. 

We already previewed Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 at the StarEast testing conference, but we will provide more on this later this month now that the product is available. You can also look forward to new Youtube demos and our participation at the EuroStar Virtual Conference. But again, more on that later.

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Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 debuts at StarEast conference

Join Oracle for an exclusive sneak peek at Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1, the industry’s most advanced application testing solution for Web, SOA, and Oracle Applications at the StarEast 2012 Conference in Orlando Florida this week.

New in this release, intended for general availability later this month, is a test accelerator for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne – providing customers easier and more efficient testing of their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementations. 


  • Deeper integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager‘s middleware and database diagnostics features, providing improved testing efficiency and productivity by enabling testers to detect performance bottlenecks faster and with less effort.
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 provides JUnit execution right from Oracle Test Manager making Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 the single console to manage, plan and execute test cases.

A key component of Oracle Enterprise Manager’s suite of Application Quality Management products, Oracle Application Testing Suite provides an integrated solution for load testing, functional testing and test process management, enabling customers to thoroughly test applications and their underlying infrastructure to help ensure the best quality, scalability and availability prior to deployment. 

Senior Director of Product Management for our Application Quality Management product, Mughees Minhas, was interviewed by Better Software Testing Magazine about his vision on the rise of the cloud, market consolidation and risk management. You'll find his interview in the online version of the magazine

If you're at StarEast, come visit our booth 35/36 to get a sneak peek at Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.1 
However, if you're not able to make it, which will be the majority of our readers, you could register for the free webcast that we're running together with on May 1st , 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET : Oracle’s Approach to Application and Infrastructure Testing: Strategies and Best Practices

Happy testing. 

Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

New Feature Roundup for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c

On April 4th, we announced the release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c at Oracle OpenWorld in Tokyo. We followed up with a Webcast last week to demonstrate our great new cloud control capabilities.

In today's post, I'm going to discuss the new product features in this version of Ops Center. There are so many that it's a little challenging to cover them all, so I'll start with a high-level summary. In future posts, we'll talk about these features in greater detail, and show how you can use them to manage your datacenter more effectively than ever before!

The Big 3: Cloud Control, Engineered Systems, and Solaris 11

The big news during the product launch was the newly introduced support for Cloud Control, Oracle Engineered Systems and the Solaris 11 operating environment.

Cloud Support and the Virtual Datacenter

Ops Center allows users to build the managed assets into Virtual Data Centers, or vDCs. vDCs can leverage the full power of Oracle technologies, including:

  • Hardware – Sun Oracle servers and Oracle Engineered Systems
  • OS – Solaris 11, Solaris 10 and Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Virtualization – Oracle VM Server for X86 and Oracle Solaris Zones

The vDC provides a full stack of coordinated resources for Cloud computing, including systems, network infrastructure, storage, virtualization hosts and a self-contained user and permission model. Ops Center users can leverage this functionality in two ways: by logging directly into the Ops Center UI, or by using the programmatic API and CLI for Infrastructure as a Service. (IaaS) These features enable Ops Center to greatly speed the deployment and management process for cloud-based infrastructure.

Oracle Engineered System Support

Ops Center provides management support for the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, and enhances the existing management capabilities for the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

The SuperCluster and Exalogic systems are delivered with an Ops Center instance that simplifies Oracle Engineered Systems management and allows these systems to be more effectively used as virtual datacenters.

Solaris 11 Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c can now be installed on Solaris 11, providing full lifecycle management capabilities for Solaris 11 OS assets. This includes

  • OS provisioning, using the Automated Installer
  • OS update management, using the Image Packaging System
  • Creation and management of Solaris 11 zones and boot environments
  • Solaris 11 OS monitoring analytics

Ops Center allows administrators to effectively leverage the power of Solaris 11, and to use its considerable capabilities for cloud infrastructure.

These features represent a huge advance in Ops Center management. However, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c provides an even greater set of enhancements which touch on all parts of the product functionality. In the sections that follow, I'll present key features for the Ops Center infrastructure, the User Interface, Core Product Functions, Hardware Management and Provisioning, OS Management and Virtualization Management.

Ops Center Infrastructure

Oracle Database

We're now using the Oracle Database 11g for persistence management. Users can install a co-located database with their enterprise controller, or create an instance in an existing DBMS. We've created views in Oracle, providing better data query and reporting capabilities than ever before.

High Availability (HA)

Using Oracle Clusterware, Ops Center can configure two enterprise controller instances in an active-passive HA configuration. What's more, it's now possible to migrate your managed assets between proxy controllers in an Ops Center installation.

Role-Based Permissions Model

Every user is now associated with one or more roles, with each role defining a standard set of capabilities. Ops Center administrators can replicate the roles between users, allowing them to easily assign duplicate management capabilities.

LDAP Directory Servers

It's also possible to import a set of user accounts from an LDAP server, allowing you to easily set up a group of Ops Center users.

User Interface Enhancements

Customizable User Experience

It's now possible to save your Ops Center UI preferences, such as start page, timeout and navigation display.

Configuration Settings

You can now view and edit the Ops Center configuration defaults directly from the UI. This allows you to more easily modify Ops Center defaults such as job timeouts and throttling settings.

Free-Format Tags

All assets can now be associated with user-defined tags, which can be used for searching and filtering. This makes it MUCH easier to keep track of a large number of managed assets.

Core Product Functions

Enhanced Discovery Management

Ops Center allows users to save and customize standard discovery profiles, IP address ranges, and authentication credentials. In addition, Ops Center automatically manages newly discovered assets.

Automated Service Request (ASR) Integration

Ops Center can now forward ASR events for your warrantied hardware assets. With support enabled, incidents with your ASR-compatible assets will be forwarded to Oracle and used to open a service request. You can even provide contact information on a global or per-asset basis.

Integrated OCDoctor

There's now a UI option to run OCDoctor checks, diagnostics and optimizations for the enterprise controller, proxy controller and agent controllers. Diagnostic results are saved, and can be used as the basis for future evaluation and tuning.

Hardware Management and Provisioning

Newly Supported Hardware

Ops Center has always provided rich management capabilities for a broad range of Sun hardware, and this release expands support to the next generation of servers. Key products now supported for discovery and management include

  • The Sun Fire X86 M3 server family
  • The Sun Netra M3 server family
  • The Sun SPARC T4 server family
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • The Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switch

ILOM 3.0 Snapshot of BIOS Configuration

Using Oracle's HMP 2.2, Ops Center can save snapshots of the BIOS state for supported ILOM 3 servers. They can subsequently apply the snapshots to easily change SP configuration settings and replicate the state of BIOS to other servers in the datacenter.

WAN Boot Capabilities

Ops Center now supports WAN boot as a provisioning technology for Solaris 10 and 11 for qualified SPARC systems. If systems are compatible, Ops Center automatically uses WAN boot to provision them.

OS Management Capabilities

Agentless OS Management

Ops Center now allows basic OS monitoring and management to be performed without agent installation. In an agentless model, the Proxy controller periodically logs into the managed OS instance and directly performs management actions.

OS Analytics

Ops Center now provides extremely detailed data about OS assets. Administrators can take advantage of service and process-level data, as well as detailed metrics associated with system load and CPU, memory, network and file system utilization.

Profiles to Create Boot Environments

Ops Center now provides a new type of profile to automate the creation of boot environments. This makes it easier than ever before to set up live upgrade capabilities on a new OS instance.

Enhanced Update Management

We've introduced several improvements to greatly simplify the patch process. Ops Center now filters out redundant reboot operations, displaying a single reboot operation which would be performed during a multi-step patch process. In addition, OS update policies now provide an option to automatically filter out patches requiring an OS reboot.

Virtualization Management

Management of Oracle VM for X86

Ops Center now can discover Oracle VM Managers and use them to create and manage Oracle VM for X86 guests.

Creation Profiles for all Virtual Guest Types

In addition to Oracle VM server for SPARC, Ops Center now provides profiles and plans to create Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle VM for X86 guests.

Server Pools for all Virtual Guest Types

All types of virtual assets can now be defined as part of a server pool: Oracle VM Server for X86, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, Solaris Zones for X86 and Solaris Zones for SPARC.

Expanded Storage Management Capabilities

Ops Center now supports storage management using iSCSI for Solaris. This allows Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) to be dynamically created for any type of virtualized guest and made available through TCP/IP.

Management of Pre-Existing Zones and LDOM Guests

We've expanded the capabilities provided by Ops Center to pre-existing zones and Oracle VM Server for SPARC. This allows users to discover and manage existing virtualization environments.


Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c has dramatically raised the bar for cloud and datacenter management. Hopefully, this article has provided a perspective on the many interesting enhancements available in this version of the product.

If you'd like to learn even more, read the data sheet, have a look at the product documentation, or download and try Ops Center today!

Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management OPN Specialization for Acolade Consulting.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Acolade Consulting in becoming one of the first within the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) to achieve the Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Quality Management (Oracle EM AQM) OPN Specialization. OPN Specialized Partners are differentiated in the marketplace, gaining a competitive edge and access to broader and larger solution opportunities

Rajesh Krishnan, Practice Director, Acolade Consulting with Patricia Nance,
GM Oracle Alliances and Channels at a recent  partner recognizition event in Sydney.

Partner organizations achieving Oracle EM AQM specialization have demonstrated proficiency in providing Application Testing and Quality Management Solution and Services with Oracle technology. Customers can locate Partners proficient with Oracle EM AQM in the OPN Solutions Catalog to help them test packaged, Web, and SOA applications and ensure quality, scalability, and availability of applications and their infrastructure. 

The Oracle EM AQM solution consists of these distinct functional capabilities:

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite – comprised of Oracle Test Manager, Functional Testing for automation testing, and Load Testing for stress, volume and performance testing
  • Oracle Real Application Testing – for maintaining application quality when there is a infrastructure change or database upgrade.
  • Oracle Application Replay - for generating production workloads against web and Oracle applications under test, which are identical to production.
  • Oracle Data Masking – for maintaining high level of data security by scrambling test data and maintaining end to end data integrity 

Utilizing the Oracle EM AQM Solution, Partners can help customers manage their entire quality assurance (QA) process, including defining test requirements, creating and executing automated and manual test cases, tracking defects, performing load tests and database tests.

Find out more about Acolade Consulting's Specialization 
Find out more about Oracle Partner Network

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Tuesday Dec 20, 2011

C Is for Cloud in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c

Last week, I read a very nice article about the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c launch published in the Oracle Magazine, January/February 2012 edition and thought of sharing with you. This article includes stories from three Oracle Enterprise Manager customers - European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Epsilon and Cerner. These customers shared their IT challanges and how Oracle Enterprise manager streamlines the management of their applications to disk in their data center. They also talked about the potential benefits of the new cloud lifecyle management functionalities of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c .
As Published In
Oracle Magazine
January/February 2012

In addition to this feature article, there is some additional Oracle Enterprise Manager related content in this issue of Oracle Magazine, including IDC Analyst Tim Grieser discussing IT Management trends after he attended the 12c launch, an OpenWorld recap , Editor’s note and an Excellence Award: Technologist of the Year to EM 12c beta participant Sreekanth Chintala.

To read this feature article and many other interesting articles and resources , please go to online Oracle Magazine, January/February 2012 edition .

For more information on Oracle Enterprise Manager , please go to our web page or  follow us at : 

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Tuesday Oct 18, 2011

IDC Report : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Embraces the Cloud with Integrated Lifecycle Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c  was announced earlier this month at Oracle Open World . Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is the only complete cloud management solution for enterprise cloud that is built and engineered to help you reduce IT complexity and improve agility. 

IDC analysts Mary Turner and Tim Grieser covered the launch event and various Oracle Enterprise Manager sessions and demos at the Oracle Open World 2011 event. They published their observation in their Research Report : Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Embraces the Cloud with Integrated Lifecycle Management 

In this research report, Mary and Tim said, "Oracle is to be given kudos for raising the bar and actively including mission critical database, middleware and application self service provisioning and dynamic scaling in the corporate cloud management discussion. Oracle is also to be commended for developing a comprehensive cloud lifecycle approach and for being remarkably clear on the steps needed to plan, implement, operate and manage clouds to derive business value from increasingly complex application deployments."

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c brings together three essential capabilities to help enterprises gain Total Cloud Control:

  • Complete cloud life cycle management - New capabilities such as cloud setup and configuration, policy-driven resource management, self-service access, metering and chargeback.
  • Integrated cloud stack management - Includes the entire Oracle stack ranging from Oracle Fusion Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database and Hardware—as well as key non-Oracle technologies.
  • Business-driven application management - Enables application performance to be optimized based on the real-time experience of end-users.

 For more information, please go to Oracle Enterprise Manager  web page or  follow us at : 

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Friday Jul 29, 2011

Hello from a new member of the Oracle Enterprise Manager team


My name is Anand Akela and I am a new member of the Oracle Enterprise Manager product marketing team. I wanted to introduce myself before you start seeing my postings here.

I will be focusing on cloud management, virtualization management and infrastructure management offerings in the Oracle Enterprise Manager portfolio.

I have been working in various product marketing, product management and engineering roles in the systems management, servers, data center energy efficiency, enterprise software areas. I also serve as the chairman of Data Collection and Analysis workgroup at the Green Grid, an industry consortium developing and promoting energy efficiency for data centers and enterprise systems.

I am looking forward to interacting with you through the Oracle Enterprise Manager blog and other social media tools .

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