Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 (

Delighted to announce the GA of EM Cloud Control Release 3 on all supported platforms. This release includes a new version of platform (OMS & Agent), along with revised new versions of several Plug-ins and Metadata plug-ins (including a brand new Metadata plug-in for Oracle Virtual Networking). This release marks yet another major & significant milestone for Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control product releases.

Welcome Screen

Following shows the list of new plug-ins versions available along the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 ( The new plug-ins have dependency on platform, and customer needs to be on minimum platform (OMS/Agent) version of the product before being able to deploy/use these plug-in versions. (In other words, the new plug-in versions cannot be deployed, unless Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 ( is installed or upgraded to).

List of Plugins

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 ( release includes tons of new features, along with several stability and performance bug fixes and is available for download for all platforms from OTN:

EM12.1.0.3OTN Download

Installation/Upgrade paths:

  • EM Customers can do a fresh installation using "Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 (", and will get the latest version of the platform, along with all the latest versions of plug-ins and Metadata plug-ins out of the box.
  • EM Customers who are on Release1 ( or Release 2 (, or on older releases 11g and, can choose to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 3 bits, to upgrade directly to the latest Release 3, and the plug-ins will be automatically upgraded to the latest versions.

Enterprise Manager Certification Matrix is also now available on My Oracle Support - here.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R3 introduces advancements in cloud lifecycle and operations management

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 (R3) was announced ( Press Release ) earlier today. It is now available for download at  OTN .

This latest release features improvements in several areas, including:

  • Improvements to Private Cloud and Engineered Systems Management
  • Expanded Middleware and Application Management Capabilities
  • Efficiency Gains for Enterprise manager Users in EM’s Enterprise-Ready Framework

You can learn more about what's new in the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c R3 in the Enterprise Manager 12c documentation . You will see more blogs and details about the new features during the next few weeks. Please let us what

On July 18th, you can join us at a webcast to hear Thomas Kurian, EVP of Product Development on what Oracle Engineering has achieved with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 to address these challenges. Later, during this webcast, Oracle experts will discuss the latest capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 for cloud lifecycle and operations management.

The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session with Oracle experts. You can also join us online on Twitter to get your specific questions answered. Please use hash tag #em12c to join the conversation.

Register Now for the Webcast!

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What's New in Database Lifecycle Management in Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3

Overview of the new and enhanced features in the Database Lifecycle Management area like lifecycle management support for DB12c,  Managing long running datacenter processes using 'Change Activity Planner', enhancements to Configuration Search, new emcli support,  improved Offline patching experience, and more...
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Monday May 20, 2013

Test Drive Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Today!

Are you looking for a place to test Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c features? Amazon Web Services new Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c – Monitoring Essentials Test Drive is the perfect solution for anybody who’s interested in testing out Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c before upgrading or deploying! Through a partnership with Apps Associates, AWS will provide 5 hours free access to an Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c environment with database and middleware targets for a look into the new features and abilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. A step-by-step guided workflow is provided to introduce the monitoring framework, including an overview of navigation, auto discovery, monitoring, management and reporting features. 

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Tuesday Apr 09, 2013

Reminder: Submit Proposals for OpenWorld 2013 San Francisco by April 12th!

Friendly reminder to Oracle Enterprise Manager customers, partners, User Group SIG members, ACEs and other ecosystem participants that this week is the LAST WEEK to submit proposals for the 2013 Oracle OpenWorld Call for Proposals.  At last year's OpenWorld, we had a record number of both submissions and accepted sessions throughout the event, and would like to do so again this year.  So, please, if you have an Oracle Enterprise Manager implementation, best practice, extensibility or business results story you'd like to share -- we want to hear about it!  

The OpenWorld 2013 Call for Proposals will close on Friday, April 12, at 11:59 p.m. PDT .

You can find more information at:  http://www.oracle.com/openworld/call-for-papers/information/index.html

We look forward to reviewing your submissions! 

Sunday Feb 24, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager Introduces Key Enhancements for Deploying and Managing Clouds

It has been a little more than a year, since we released our first cloud management features as a part of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. As customers started adopting our solution for a broad spectrum of workloads including production, QA, and development needs, we gained invaluable experience into the various use cases and requirements. Based on that experience, Oracle has released new and updated Management Plug-ins that precisely address the above requirements, ultimately leading to faster time-to-market for IT services delivery. In addition to providing enhanced cloud management support, the plug-ins extend Enterprise Manager's capabilities for Database as a Service (DBaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), as well as introduce new features for Testing as a Service (TaaS). See "New Plug-in Features" below for additional details.


+ Database as a Service (DBaaS):

    A sophisticated Database as a Service solution needs to cater to a variety of use cases:
•    A developer or a project owner requiring a new database service  with or without seed data
•    QA requiring a full database refresh for intense load testing
•    QA requiring to create multiple clones for functional testing on subset of data

The current release of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c offers new capabilities and support for managing database cloud services in all the above cases. It comes with out-of-box capabilities such as schema-as-a-service for extreme database consolidation and database cloning through Snap Clone or RMAN Backups. These capabilities provide an optimum utilization of development and database resources, giving customers more flexibility and control in managing the database lifecycle.

While some applications need dedicated databases, small home-grown applications can often share the database instance with other applications. Schema as a Service allows DBAs to consolidate multiple applications in the same database and offer logical slices of database to the end-users such as developers, thereby preventing database sprawl. They can enforce certain performance guarantee to these services by leveraging database Resource Manager, which prevents a particular user over-consuming the underlying compute resources.  End-users can therefore request schema services from the self-service application without stepping on one another. Schema as a Service significantly reduces the administrative and maintenance overhead since only a limited number of such databases need to be managed and patched.

Cloning databases got significantly easier with the new plug-in. A new feature called “Snap Clone” really makes it snappy (terabytes of data can be cloned in a matter of minutes). The feature helps clone a database by leveraging the underlying “Copy on Write” technology offered by storage technologies, such as Netapp and ZFS Storage Appliance. DBAs can set up a “test master” database by refreshing a production database and mark the “test master” as the source of functional clones. Self-service users can create multiple copies  of the test-master in minutes without consuming additional space beyond what’s needed to make localized updates. This can be really beneficial for applications where the testing is primarily read-only and is limited to a subset of the data. Users can also take backups (snapshots) of their database and “time travel” across snapshots to restore the database to an earlier incarnation in a matter of minutes.

For more involved testing, such as testing production loads with lots of updates, Oracle Enterprise Manager also supports a full clone using the RMAN technology.

The following picture highlights the various use cases of DBaaS that Oracle Enterprise Manager addresses. While each of these have specific applicability, Oracle Enterprise Manager handles all these use cases comprehensively.

+ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c has added support for building and managing Infrastructure as a Service clouds based on the latest Oracle VM 3.2.1 release. The updated kernel and enhanced storage management features in Oracle VM 3.2.1 make it an ideal foundation for building a secure, scalable, enterprise-class infrastructure cloud. The newly released Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Plug-ins for Oracle Virtualization and Oracle Cloud provide comprehensive support for setting up the cloud infrastructure, deploying Oracle virtual assemblies and Oracle VM templates, and monitoring and managing the health of the cloud.

+ Testing as a Service (TaaS): Any enterprise application needs extensive testing before changes are rolled into production. Testing is a time-consuming process, can take weeks owing to delays in provisioning the full application stack to run the test on. QA is often left waiting on IT to provide the infrastructure and platform and sometimes this wait itself can account for 50% of the total testing cycle. Currently, no integrated solution exists that handle the provisioning and testing phases of the overall testing process leading to significant process delays and poor efficiency.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c introduces Testing as a Service, a new cloud platform for delivering automated application testing services. A self-service solution designed for private clouds, TaaS orchestrates the testing process end-to-end by automating provisioning of complete test labs (applications, test tools and assets comprising scripts and scenarios), execution of load and functional tests and rich application monitoring and diagnostics. It also includes a sophisticated chargeback facility and the ability to perform deeper diagnostics in context of testing.

TaaS makes it possible to significantly reduce testing time and costs without compromising quality, and enables organizations to be more agile in delivering critical business applications. One can find more details on TaaS here.

Oracle Enterprise Manager’s cloud management features are also enabled through a set of powerful RESTful APIs, which are summarized in this presentation. These APIs can be consumed from custom or 3rd party orchestration frameworks. In the new release, one can also orchestrate these APIs using an Oracle Enterprise manager provided framework called Blueprints. Using Blueprints, one can orchestrate the provisioning of a multi-layered application (such as the one shown below). One can download the documentation and sample code for the blueprints from here.

+ New Management Plug-Ins:  The following new and updated plug-Ins are now available as part of this release. In addition to providing new and enhanced functionality as mentioned above, the plug-ins incorporate numerous bug fixes.

Plug-In Name / Version
*Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database (DB) (new)
*Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (VT) (new)
*Enterprise Manager Storage Management Framework (SMF) (new)
*Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud (SSA) (new)

Read More:

* New book: Building and Managing a Cloud Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (Oracle Press)

*Cloud Management page on OTN

*Enterprise Manager 12c: Cloud Management Pack for DB Datasheet

*Enterprise Manager 12c: The Nerve Center of Oracle Cloud Technical White Paper

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Friday Feb 15, 2013

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 (

This year 2013 valentines day, we announced the GA of several brand new Plug-ins versions for Enterprise Manger Cloud Control 12c.

We also released Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 ( for multiple platforms. Release 2 Plug-in Update 1, contains the original bits of 12c EM Cloud Control Release 2 (that was originally released in Oct 2012), packaged with the latest versions of several Plug-ins (including some brand new plugins).

Following shows the list of new plug-ins versions available along the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 ( The new plug-ins have dependency on, and customer needs to be on minimum version of the product before deploying new plug-in versions. The new plug-ins include tons of new features, support for new managed targets, along with stability and performance bug fixes.


The brand new version of DB plugin ( DB, comes packed with stability and brand new features of diagnosability, High Availability, Manageability, RAC and Grid Infrastructure, Security etc. Above plug-in list includes Enterprise manager Storage Management Framework, a brand new plug-in that enables Snap Clone functionality by leveraging the snapshot and Copy on write features of underlying Storage. The new plug ins are packed with features like Testing as a service, Snap Clone, Schema as a service, RMAN based Data Prov just to name a few.

Note: The "Oracle Big Data Appliance" & "Oracle Engineered System Healthcheck" Plug-ins were released sometime back (and have been available to EM customers on Self Update).

Installation/Upgrade paths:

  • EM Customers can do a fresh installation using "Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1 (", and will get the latest version of the product, along with all the latest plug-ins out of the box.
  • EM Customers who are on Release1 (, or on older releases 11g and, can choose to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 2 Plug-in Update 1, to move/upgrade directly to the latest Release 2, and all plug-ins will be automatically upgraded to the latest versions of all Plug-ins deployed.
  • EM Customers who have previously already moved on to EM Cloud Control Release 2 (, can choose to utilize Self Update to download/import and deploy the new Plug-in versions, using the self update feature in the product.

Enterprise Manager Certification Matrix available on My Oracle Support.

Thursday Feb 14, 2013

New additions to Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange

I wanted to share several interesting tid-bits related to “The Exchange” which is accessible at http://www.oracle.com/goto/emextensibility:

  • VMware vSphere Plug-in – Blue Medora announced (click here for the Press Release) its Feature Pack 1 (FP1) release which includes a revamped user interface, automatic detection and out-of-the box expert recommendations.  For a limited time it is being offered free of charge, details available here.
  • Microsoft SCOM 2012 Connector – The Event Connector for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 (SCOM 2012) is now available.  This connector enables sharing of Enterprise Manager events with Microsoft SCOM 2012.
  • HP Service Manager 9 Connector – The Helpdesk Connector for HP Service Manager 9 is now available.  This connector integrates Enterprise Manager’s incident management features with HP Service Manager’s helpdesk capabilities to provide a seamless workflow for incident management and resolution.
  • Oracle Cloud Services Plug-in – Provides Enterprise Manager the functionality to monitor cloud services, such as the Oracle Java Cloud Service 
  • Application Management Suite for PeopleSoft Plug-in – Monitor Peoplesoft application pro-actively and resolve problems quickly.  
  • NetApp Storage Plug-in - Monitor availability, performance and configuration for NetApp storage controllers used in enterprise cloud environments and Oracle databases.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Plug-in – Monitor Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), and Relational Database Service (RDS). 

Customers can go to the Extensibility Exchange for more details, including information on how to access these plug-ins and connectors.

And for all of the System Integrators and other delivery partners out there, please consider checking out the Oracle ParnterCast video.  You’ll find the Exchange is not just about plug-ins and connectors that you might want to consider creating.  It’s for highlighting some of the other things system integrators and Enterprise Manager implementers do as well.  

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Friday Feb 08, 2013

Gartner Positions Oracle in Leaders Quadrant for Data Masking

Gartner recently announced that Oracle Data Masking Pack, part of Oracle Enterprise Manager’s quality management and Oracle Database Security defense-in-depth solution, has been named a leader in the first Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology report.

Oracle Data Masking strengths highlighted in the report include:

  • High performance data masking in Oracle Databases
  • Integration into Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c resulting in easy adoption
  • Availability of pre-built templates for popular packaged systems such as, Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Database security expertise and strong DBMS security portfolio

About Oracle Data Masking
Oracle Data Masking ensures privacy by transforming sensitive data before it is transferred to test, QA, and other non-production environments, addressing regulatory compliance for both Oracle and non-Oracle Databases.

Oracle Data Masking Pack: Production data is cloned and masked before being copied to Test.

Key Features:

  • Application data discovery
  • Centralized extensible format library
  • Comprehensive mask techniques
  • High performance masking with role-based security
  • Optimized for Oracle and non-Oracle databases
  • Integrated with Oracle testing products
  • Integrated with data subsetting

Oracle Data Masking completely replaces sensitive information such as; names, account numbers, SSNs, financial results, purchasing transactions, etc. in your development, test and QA systems with data that cannot be “reverse engineered” to reveal its original source. This allows production data to be safely used for development, testing, or sharing with out-source or off-shore partners for other non-production purposes. The Pack provides extensive search capabilities to scan enterprise databases for sensitive data discovery based on established data patterns and models.

The solution allows masking of all the related data elements automatically while preserving referential relationships combining the sensitive data columns and associated relationships in an Application Data Model. Oracle Data Masking can detect data dependencies, such as foreign key constraints and replaces sensitive information transparently. This ensures that the referential integrity necessary for applications to work and function properly will continue be in place, even on development systems.


  • Administrators will save time and eliminate risk by replacing individual scripts and routines written by DBAs with centrally managed and deployed libraries of masking processes.
  • Provides secure, scalable and automated solution to create test environments from production data using bulk masking.The solution enables faster time-to-market by speeding up the development process while helping organizations comply with privacy regulations and confidentiality policies.
  • Enables rapid DBA productivity through the use of application masking templates.
  • Supports custom data masks that are defined once and can be used every time that set of data needs to be masked.
  • Data security is integrated within the application management lifecycle, meaning that DBAs can provide realistic-masked production data to developers or testing groups for accurate application testing while reducing their storage costs by not having to provision an entire production environment for each developer or project.
  • Oracle Data Masking Pack is built into and installed with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Data Masking for Security and Compliance
Oracle Data Masking offers a comprehensive and customizable library of masking formats, templates and policies that can be used to replace sensitive information with realistic simulated values—all with just a few mouse clicks. The sensitive data never has to leave the Oracle Database or the production environment. This maintains data security and compliance through privacy and confidentiality polices on shared production data. The solution helps protect against unauthorized access to data that is being shared with off-shore developers, partners or 3rd party vendors.

Oracle Data Masking Pack: Centralized Extensible Format Library.

In addition, Oracle Data Masking allows organizations to enforce compliance with regulatory requirements such as; Sarbanes-Oxley, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as numerous other laws and regulations that restrict the use of actual customer data.

Oracle Data Masking continues to gain strong adoption, check out the latest customers to see how they are benefiting from the solution:


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Download the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control12c Mobile app

Friday Jan 25, 2013

Enterprise Manager for Big Data Appliance (BDA) Plugin -

Earlier this month (Jan 2013) we announced the GA of Enterprise Manager for Big Data Appliance (BDA) Plugin -

This is the first version of Enterprise Manager for Big Data Appliance (BDA) Plugin release. The plugin is available to EM customers on Self Update (screenshot below), and certification information for this plugin is also available to customers on MyOracleSupport certify (here).

Using the Enterprise Manager 12c Big Data Appliance Plug-in, users can:

  1. Discover the software and hardware components of a Big Data Appliance Network and add them as managed targets.
  2. Manage the hardware and software components that comprise a Big Data Appliance Network as a single target or as individual targets.
  3. Study collected metrics to analyze the performance of the network and each Big Data Appliance component.
  4. Trigger alerts based on availability and system health.
  5. Respond to warnings and incidents.

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Friday Jan 18, 2013

Enterprise Manager at Collaborate13

LAST UPDATED: April 4, 2013

Enterprise Manager customers and partners will once again be widely represented at Collaborate13, the annual conference of the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG), Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG)  and Quest International Users Group.

As reported in my blog about Enterprise Manager in the Oracle User Community, IOUG’s Enterprise Manager Special Interest Group (SIG) has grown substantially since its inception in 2012 and has a comprehensive line-up of best practices and real-world experiences from Enterprise Manager customers and partners as well as sessions featuring speakers from Oracle Development. A listing of sessions featuring Enterprise Manager exclusively or significantly is below.

Note: Use the Education Scheduler to get the abstract for the session by doing a search using the Session ID. 


ID Title Speaker & Company Time & Location


Performance Tuning your DB Cloud in OEM 12c Cloud Control - 360 Degrees Tariq Farooq - Brain Surface
09:45 am - 10:45 am
Mile High Ballroom 4A
951 Oracle's Cloud Computing Strategy Anand Akela - Oracle
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Four Seasons Ballroom 1
669 ASH: Architecture and Advanced Usage - Part 1 of 2 John Beresniewicz - Oracle
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 3A
100240 Peoplesoft Application and System Monitoring Basics Raj Garrepally - Georgia Health Sciences University
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room 107
436 Cloud Computing Solutions leveraging Oracle Technology Jordan Braunstein - Visual Integrator Consulting
12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4A
250 How to Become a Cloud Builder Steve Lemme - Oracle
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4A
183 EM12c- Less Known Features and Techniques Kellyn Pot'Vin - Enkitec
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4C
577 "Where did my CPU go?" -- Monitoring & Capacity Planning Adventures on a Consolidated Environment Karl Arao - Enkitec
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Mile High Ballroom 3A
851 Manage Large RAC Clusters Tom Reddy - Database Administraion, Inc.
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
Mile High Ballroom 2A
319 Automating Database Security Compliance using OEM 12c Bobby Curtis - BIAS
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Mile High Ballroom 1D
772 Deploying a Private DB Cloud Michael Timpanaro - Oracle
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4A
255 OEM Command Line Interface Illustrated Ray Smith - PGE
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4C
11362 Off the Farm and Into the Enterprise - Oracle Enterprise Manager Floyd Teter - EiS Technologies
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Room 507
128 ASH: Architecture and Advanced Usage - Part 2 of 2 John Beresniewicz - Oracle
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Mile High Ballroom 2A
720 Listener Poisoning? Logminer fragmentation? Million Cursors opened? Manageability Headaches or Opportunities in Disguise Raghav Pujari - PSDB Solutions Inc
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm
Mile High Ballroom 2B
609 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c in an HA configuration across Data Centers Todd Bellaver - Secure-24
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4C
Kiosk #6 Enterprise Manager 12c Total Cloud Control Demo Oracle
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Oracle Demogrounds


ID Title Speaker & Company Time & Location
343 Oracle VM, OEM 12c and Cloud Computing 360 Degrees

Kai Yu - Dell

Tariq Farooq - Brain Surface

Michael Ault - Ramsan

8:00 am - 9:00 am
Mile High Ballroom 4A
814 Leveraging Enterprise Manager to uncover virtualization performance bottlenecks Bryce Kaiser - Blue Medora
8:00 am - 9:00 am
Mile High Ballroom 4E
Kiosk #6 Enterprise Manager 12c Total Cloud Control Demo Oracle
10:15 am - 3:15 pm
Oracle Demogrounds
264 Enterprise Manager 11g - Making Life Easier For You William Robbins - College of William & Mary
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Mile High Ballroom 2B
630 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Architecture Deep-dive, Tips, Techniques Mark McGill - Oracle
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4C
563 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Nerve Center of the Oracle Cloud Nara Gogineni - Oracle
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 2C
544 Be a hero with your DBAs: DB Tuning for Sys Admins and IT Architects Randall Sogrillo - Oracle
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 2B
237 Plan/Configure/Deploy your own Private Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud Tariq Farooq - Brain Surface
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 3C
580 RAC 11gR2 performance using AWR data and OEM 12c - Lessons learned from a critical production system Tim Quinlan - Scotiabank
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4A
589 Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Deployment Best Practices Werner de Gruyter - Oracle
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Mile High Ballroom 2A
326 Configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c for High Availability Leighton Nelson - Nelson
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4C
941 Cloud Control Recipes Mike Gangler - ITHAKA
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4A
Kiosk #6 Enterprise Manager 12c Total Cloud Control Demo Oracle
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Oracle Demogrounds


ID Title Speaker & Company Time & Location
400 How is your network supporting your Oracle Applications and Databases and ultimately your business? John McHugh - Entuity
8:15 am - 9:15 am
Mile High Ballroom 4E
679 Exadata 101 -- What You Need to Know Rich Niemiec - ROLTA
8:15 am - 9:15 am
Mile High Ballroom 1C
800 Best Practices for implementing Oracle Database as a Service Raj Kammend - Oracle
8:15 am - 9:15 am
Mile High Ballroom 4A
815 Oracle Enterprise Manager SIG - Birds of a Feather

Twitter #em12c


9:30 am - 10:30 am
Mile High Ballroom 4B & Chatroom
Kiosk #6 Enterprise Manager 12c Total Cloud Control Demo Oracle
10:30 am - 3:00 pm
Oracle Demogrounds
325 Managing Heterogeneous Virtualization Environments with EM12c Bryce Kaiser - Blue Medora
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Mile High Ballroom 4A

Enterprise Manager - Book Signing Adeesh Fulay - Oracle
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
864 Upgrading from Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to Cloud Control 12c with Zero Downtime Leighton Nelson - Mercy
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4C
12983 Advanced Management of Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Enterprise Manager Angelo Rosado - Oracle
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Room 601
369 Simplifying Application Deployment in Cloud using Virtual assemblies and EM 12c Kai Yu - Dell
4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Mile High Ballroom 4B
182 Engineered Systems Curriculum: 500+ Million Records per Day Replicated to Exadata using GoldenGate Kirby McCord - US Cellular
4:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Mile High Ballroom 1C


ID Title Speaker & Company
Time & Location
336 Near Zero Downtime Oracle RAC Migration with Oracle Automatic Storage Management and OEM 12c

Vinod Emmanuel 9:45 am - 10:45 am
Dell Mile High Ballroom 2A
837 Shed Some Light on the Bumps in the Night with Enterprise Manager 12c David Start - Johnson Controls
9:45 am - 10:45 am
Mile High Ballroom 2B

Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Enterprise Manager in the Oracle User Community

Top brass representing Oracle user groups from around the world converged at the user community’s annual Leaders’ Summit held at Oracle HQ this past week.  An increased desire to introduce or increase involvement with Enterprise Manager to the members of their respective organizations was clearly expressed to product representatives who attended, like me!

The reason?  The most active, involved and (dare I say) demanding customers participate in 450 groups representing 275,000 Oracle customers.  Adoption of Enterprise Manager 12c is accelerating and is being used to manage more and more Oracle and non-Oracle parts of their IT stack by these customers.   Members are becoming increasingly expert in deploying and using Enterprise Manager and are eager to share their experiences with their peers.  All this adds up to members wanting a focus on it so they can learn more about it, share best practices and maybe even influence product direction.  That's why the interest is there.

Want proof?  In the last year or so, two user groups now have a special interest groups (SIGs) devoted to management: IOUG and UKOUG.  Others, such as DOAG and AUSOUG, prominently feature Enterprise Manager at their respective conferences.  ODTUG, Quest and even the Georgia User Group have just begun investigating how to feature Enterprise Manager in their groups, and  no doubt there will be more.

A very noteworthy example is IOUG's Enterprise Manager SIG.  At Oracle OpenWorld SIG Sunday last October, six extremely well-attended manageability sessions under the auspices of the SIG were held.  IOUG will also be launching a bi-monthly E-news briefing and web-cast series starting in the March 2013 time-frame.  And to top it off, IOUG along with OAUG is also featuring 30-plus sessions devoted exclusively or significantly to Enterprise Manager at the upcoming Collaborate13 Conference in Denver April 7-11th.  That's unprecedented.  Check out my Enterprise Manager at Collaborate13 blog for the session listing.

Okay, now I'm going out on a limb:  the Oracle Enterprise Manager product team stands ready to help your user group establish an focus around manageability in any practical way possible.  We can provide speakers for your upcoming conferences or webcasts.  We can apply social media resources.  And we are more than happy to apply other marketing resources where they make sense.  We are very interested in supporting a management special interest group as well. 

Just contact me at joe.diemer@oracle.com.  Operators are standing by.

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Friday Dec 21, 2012

Oracle-validated NetApp Storage Plug-in for Enterprise Manager 12c

The following is a Guest Blog, contributed by Anand Ranganathan, Product Manager for Oracle Products and Solutions at NetApp

As a DBA managing databases running on storage systems, some of your major challenges are how do you:

  • Pinpoint storage related problems in a timely manner
  • Proactively respond to problems
  • Map a database file to its underlying storage component
  • Reduce your dependency on the storage admin
  • Solve these problems using an Oracle product that you use everyday

If you are planning to or are currently running your Oracle databases on NetApp storage systems then the NetApp Storage System Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c resolves the above challenges by:

  • Consolidating information about Oracle on NetApp environments into the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Console providing one interface to monitor databases and storage systems
  • Correlating and pinpointing storage related database problems by mapping database components like tablespaces, datafiles to storage components like aggregates, volumes using built-in reports and automating collecting a comprehensive set of availability, performance and usage metrics with pre-defined thresholds.  Alerts are automatically sent out when thresholds are breached helping you to respond proactively to problems before they occur.  You can also ensure routine responses to alerts are automatically executed using corrective actions
  • Increasing operational efficiencies by allowing you to standardize optimal Monitoring settings into a template and apply them to one or more NetApp Storage systems, report on historical metrics data for trend analysis & planning database storage needs, compare multiple storage system configurations to ensure they are deployed as per standards and prevent unnecessary alerts during scheduled downtimes with Blackout Periods

The plug-in was built by NetApp using the Enterprise Manager 12c Extensibility Kit that not only helped us develop screens that have a rich look and feel but also helped enrich the plug-in by allowing us to leverage Cloud Control’s powerful monitoring and event management features for monitoring of NetApp storage systems. 

The NetApp Storage System Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is free and is listed at the Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange.  The plug-in has achieved Oracle Validated Integration, which provides customers the confidence knowing that it:

  • is designed and built in a reliable, standardized way
  • has been tested as functionally and technically sound
  • operates and performs as documented

Here is a screenshot of the dashboard of a NetApp storage system monitored with Enterprise Manager 12c via the NetApp plug-in.

Customers and partners can visit the NetApp Communities site to watch a demo and download the plug-in.  If you are a partner, visit the Oracle PartnerNetwork Validated Integration Knowledge Zone to learn more about the validation program.

Wednesday Dec 05, 2012

Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange – Version 1.1 Now Available!

Since its announcement at Oracle OpenWorld 2012, the Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange is becoming the source to access Enterprise Manager entities, including plug-ins, connectors, deployment procedures, assemblies, templates, and more.  Based on feedback, the Exchange has recently been updated so Enterprise Manager administrators can find and access Oracle and partner-built plug-ins and connectors easier.

The Exchange enables anyone to contribute an Enterprise Manager entity through the “Contribute” tab, where information about the entity is captured and placed on the Exchange once it is approved.  The Exchange encourages comment through the Enterprise Manager Forum. 

An Oracle partner can build a plug-in by accessing the Extensibility Development Kit (EDK) found at the Development Resources tab.  Oracle partners and customers can can also engage a partner that has built its practice specializing in plug-in development and deployment.  One of those partners is Blue Medora, which has effectively used the EDK to build plug-ins to manage non-Oracle targets.  Check out the Blue Medora "Guest Blog" about heterogeneous datacenter management.

Partners can also have their plug-ins validated through the Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) program.  NetApp is an example of a partner that recently built an Enterprise Manager plug-in and has validated it through the program.  Check their "Guest Blog" post describing the value of an Enterprise Manager "OVI" plug-in as well as discuss specifics the NetApp storage plug-in. 

The Enterprise Manager Exchange is located at http://www.oracle.com/goto/EMExtensibility.

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