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Application Testing in the Cloud Made Easy - Questions and Answers Series from the Oracle Enterprise Management Online Forum

We're still continuing our blog series on sharing the Q&A from the Oracle Enterprise Management Forum. This blog post will give the integral Q&A from the "Application Testing in the Cloud Made Easy" session in the DBA/Developer track.

Oracle Enterprise Manager delivers the only testing solution that provides testing starter-kits for Oracle applications, accelerators for SOA, and Web-based applications. The solution also includes unique application and database infrastructure testing using real production workloads.

Before we go into the Q&A, let's start with summarizing what’s new with the application testing management with Oracle Enterprise manager 12c.
Once you build an application, you need to test them. Over the last few years, we have invested a lot in creating a complete testing portfolio that allows you to test both application changes and the changes at the database or lower level.  A very unique aspect of our testing solution is that we allow to you to capture production data and replay in the test environment – thereby allowing you to test your application with real production workload.

We have significantly enhanced these capabilities in this new release.  First, we have just released the latest version of Application Testing Suite which includes Oracle Functional Testing, Oracle Load Testing and Oracle Test Manager.  
Three key enhancements in this release of Application Testing Suite that I would like to mention are:
  1. Test starter kit for Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications.  This provides you pre-built scripts for functional and load testing for easier and more efficient testing for your Siebel CRM implementations.  This complements our EBS test starter kits already available.  
  2. Deeper integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager’s middleware and database diagnostics such as ADDM and AWR reports that will improve testing efficiency and productivity by enabling testers to detect performance bottlenecks faster and with less effort.
  3. Finally, we support structured, business-driven testing based on testing industry most widely adopted methodology, TMap.  TMap is industry leading risk-based approach for structured software testing that helps you manage and standardize test processes. 
In the area of infrastructure testing, we are announced a new solution for automated application testing called Oracle Application Replay Pack.  It complements Oracle Real Application Testing feature for Oracle Database by providing the same functionality for the middle tier. Unlike traditional application testing tools, Application Replay uses real, production workloads to generate load against applications under test and does not require any script development or maintenance.  With Application Replay you can easily reduce your testing time by more than 80%.  It provides the most efficient, optimized and highest quality testing for validating application infrastructure changes for all your  Web and packaged Oracle applications.  

Another important part of testing, that is especially critical in a cloud environment but often gets overlooked, is that of test data management. When you allow users to provision databases/data in a self-service manner, it is all the more important that you protect the critical and sensitive data. Our data masking feature allows you to protect personally sensitive information by “masking” them.  New to this release of Oracle Enterprise Manager is Test Data Management Pack, with the ability to discover data dependency and modeling. This functionality allow you to discover data model and sensitive data in your environment so that you can protect them through Data Masking We also provide data masking templates for Oracle EBS and Fusion applications where all your sensitive columns and masking formats have been predefined.

Additionally, you will probably want to create smaller data subset – both to protect the data but also optimize the resource utilization.  Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c includes a new data subsetting feature that lets you create smaller databases with subsets of application data that is relationally consistent so that you can perform realistic testing and development on just 1% or 5% of production data. 

EM 12.1 is major release for our testing products and you will continue to see more innovative and cutting edge enhancements in our upcoming releases.  

In this session we demonstrated some of these new functionalities. The recording from the Oracle Enterprise Management Online Forum is now available to watch on demand.

Questions and Answers from "Application Testing in the Cloud Made Easy" session:

Q. Do you support synthetic workloads for load testing?

A. Yes. Oracle Load Testing is a load/performance test tool for synthetic load testing. Oracle Load Testing can test any web based application as well as Oracle packaged applications like Oracle EBS, Siebel, Oracle Fusion applications, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Hyperion and others. It is also possible to SOA/Web services based test or synthtetic database testing for Oracle databases

Q. Does the data masking solution work for non-Oracle Databases?

A. Yes. Heterogeneous masking is supported by way of oracle gateway

Q. Can Sensitive Data Discovery be customized for my own data structures?

A. If it is in a supported oracle database then yes.

Q. What versions of Oracle Database can be subsetted?

A. All current supported DB are supported for subsetting, We do support 10g R2 as well. There is plan to support 9i R2 but only in clone then subset and not inline subset.

Q. What kinds of applications are supported by Application Replay?

A. All http and nca protocol (forms) are supported.

Q. Where can I get more information on automatic script generation from RUEI and RAT for ATS?

A. You can find more information about the automatic script generation for ATS /Oracle Load Testing in the documentation in your installation directory of ATS ([Install directory]/docs/en) OpenScriptUserGuide.pdf - Section 3.2.7 for RUEI In case you have not installed ATS, you can download the documentation from this location: http://download.oracle.com/otn/nt/apptesting/oats-docs-9.31.0036.zip

Q. What versions of Oracle applications do the accelerators cover?

A. The testing accelerators for Oracle Load Testing or Oracle Functional Testing supports: EBS 11i & R12, Siebel 7.7 or higher. It also support any version of Oracle Fusion Applications

Q. For application data model, are all releases supported?

A. All current supported DB are supported for sub setting, We do support 10g R2 as well. There is plan to support 9i R2 but only in clone then subset and not inline subset.

Q. Which DB versions are supported to App Testing / replay ?

A. and above currently

Q. When you select encrypt, what kind of protocols you can select?

A. You cannot select your own protocols.

Q. How do you maintain the cardinality of the values in a sensitive column that you want to mask so the data values are not skewed -- in order to match the column cardinality of the production data.

A. We will not maintain 100 % cardinality but we will be close. and We an additional check if masking is introducing change in execution plans.

Q. Should we use the new Application Replay or Application Testing Suite for our E-Business Suite Testing?

A. It depends in what you are trying to archive with your testing. If you have infrastructure updates only, meaning database or application server changes, then Application Replay is a really good solution for you, but if you have changes in your application, you should use Application Testing Suite

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