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Updated: Announcing New Enterprise Manager Workshops Available on LiveLabs

David Le Roy
Director of Product Management

We're excited to announce the newest set of EM Workshop environments are now available on the Oracle LiveLabs site!  Using LiveLabs, you can now experiment with the latest and greatest features in Enterprise Manager Database Performance and Database Lifecycle Management -- at zero cost and with zero setup effort!  Your Enterprise Manager Workshop environment will consist of a fully-configured Enterprise Manager and associated targets that are pre-built to showcase common Oracle Database performance and Oracle Database lifecycle management scenarios.  To learn more, continue reading or visit the EM Workshop Fundamentals Workshop | Oracle Live Labs.

Enterprise Manager Workshop Contents

The EM Workshop is a fully functional Oracle Enterprise Manager environment configured to run common use cases against multiple Oracle Database targets:

  • The EM Workshop VM comes preinstalled with Enterprise Manager 13.4 Release Update 5 and Oracle Database targets - 18.3, 18.8 and 19.7
  • Easy and quick to deploy - Everything starts automatically in under 20 minutes
  • The EM Workshop comes with step-by-step instructions that walk the user through multiple use cases - here are the different EM Workshop Labs and their associated management packs:
    • Multitenant Database Lifecycle Management
      • Database Lifecycle Management Pack
      • Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database
    • Database Performance Management: Find-Fix-Validate
      • Oracle Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Database
      • Tuning Pack for Oracle Database
      • Real Application Testing
    • Automated Database Patching at Scale with Fleet Maintenance
      • Database Lifecycle Management Pack
    • Automated Database Upgrade at Scale with Fleet Maintenance
      • Database Lifecycle Management Pack
    • Database Configuration and Compliance Management  
      • Database Lifecycle Management Pack

How to Access and Run the new EM Workshops

  1. Run the EM Workshop on Oracle Cloud Free Tier.  The EM Workshop VM is available on the OCI Marketplace and free to deploy and run.  There won’t be any charges until you run out of the free trial credit for compute.

  2. Run the EM Workshop on your own OCI tenant.  The EM Workshop VM is available on the OCI Marketplace and free to deploy and run.  There may be minimal charges for the compute but that’s the only cost.  This is good for longer-term demos / POCs since it’s a full EM deployment.

  3. Run the EM Workshop on LiveLabs.  LiveLabs provides you up to 8 hours on a shared OCI Tenant for you to deploy the run the workshop.  You can also request multiple instances to support multi-person events where each person has their own EM Workshop VM running.  Once you exceed the 8 hours, the OCI Tenant will be reclaimed.  There is no limit on the number of times you can request it.  This option does not incur any charges.

Lab Exercises Cover Many of the Most Common EM Use Cases

Lab 1: Multitenant Database Lifecycle Management

  • Create a Pluggable Database (PDB)
  • Un-plug/Plug an existing Pluggable Database
  • Clone an existing Pluggable Database
  • Run Compliance Management for Pluggable Database
  • Self- service to request a PDB using PDBaaS
  • Administrative Setup for PDBaaS (Private Cloud)- Review only

Lab 2: Database Performance Management: Find-Fix-Validate

  • View unified Database Performance via Performance Hub
  • Use Real-time Database Operations Monitoring to view long-running database tasks
  • Identify Top SQL in a PDB and tune it using SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Use SQL Performance Analyzer Optimizer to gather statistics for validation
  • Use Database Workload Replay to run real workload against your changes for additional validation

Lab 3: Automated Database Patching at Scale with Fleet Maintenance

  • Detect configuration pollution
  • Patch a database target using a Gold Image

Lab 4: Automated Database Upgrade at Scale with Fleet Maintenance

  • Detect configuration pollution
  • Upgrade Oracle DB Software at scale with minimal downtime

Lab 5: Database Configuration and Compliance Management  

  • Analyze inventory & usage details
  • Run a one-time database comparison to compare the latest reference configuration against one-to-many databases
  • Manage database configuration drift
  • Verify database and host security compliance using a custom compliance framework

Getting Started

There are a few decisions you need to make upfront that will take you to the appropriate set of instructions to guide you through the setup.

  1. Choose if you want to run a single EM Workshop lab or access all of the EM Workshop labs (5 of them).
  2. Choose how you want to run it – Free Tier (through the free trial), on your own OCI Tenant, or through LiveLabs.  Note, the LiveLabs option supports multi-person events.

Now that you’ve identified your objectives, go to the appropriate starting point:

  1. Choose your starting workshop below: 
  1.  Choose how you want to run this workshop:
    • Free Trial à Launch Workshop
    • Run on your Tenancy à Launch Workshop
    • Run on LiveLabs à Reserve this Workshop
  2. See the “Contents” on the right-hand menu and follow the setup and deploy: 
    • Follow the Prerequisites
    • Read the introduction to the lab
    • Continue with Lab 1: Generate SSH Keys
    • Then Lab 2: Environment Setup.  Here’s a useful video to watch.

Now you’re ready to run your EM Workshop!  Each EM Workshop Lab can be run independently or in any order.  You can even explore your own scenarios since it’s a production deployment of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

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