• February 11, 2021

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) - Networking FAQ

Carlos Ortiz
Sr. Principal Product Manager

Here are the top networking questions we get on Oracle Database Appliance. Let us know in the comments section if you have any other questions. Check this blog entry frequently as new information will be added.

Oracle Database Appliance - Product Management Team


Q. Is it possible to mix 10 Gb Base-T and 10 Gb SFP+ Network Adapters in ODA X8 HA?
A. Yes. For the detail configuration options and instructions, refer to the chapter "Managing Networks” in the ODA document "X8-2 Deployment and User’s Guide for Linux x86-64”.

Q. What are the supported Network Cables for Oracle Dual Port 25 Gb Ethernet Adapter SFP Ports?
A. The adapter supports cables and transceivers that align to the SFP28 and SFP+ MSAs. These include Direct Attach Copper (DAC) cables for shorter lengths as well as discrete transceivers and fiber cables for longer lengths. For the detail, refer to the section "Ethernet Transceivers and Cables Supported” in the document "Oracle Dual Port 25 Gb Ethernet Adapter Product Notes”.

 Q. For ODA X8-2 systems, what is the order in which to install additional network cards?
A. For X8-2 HA and X8-2 M, the additional network cards might be installed in the order of slot 2 and 10. For X8-2 S, it might be in the order of slot 8 and 10. 

Q. Can the Net0 (on-board 1Gbps port) in X7-2 be used?
A. Yes, it can be configured via CLI or BUI

Q. How to change from SFP28 Copper to SPF28 Fiber in ODA X7-2?
A. While the server is down, install the appropriate transceivers, swap cables, and bring up the server. There are no changes necessary in the host OS.

Q. How to disable DCB (Data Center Bridging) and LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) on the Oracle Dual Port 25 Gb Ethernet Adapter?
A. In the BIOS setup, select “Oracle dual 25Gb Ethernet Adapter” in the “Advanced” tab. The “LLDP nearest bridge” and “DCB Protocol” can be disabled in the "Device Configuration Menu"

 Q. Does ODA support IPv6?
A. Currently IPv6 is not supported.

Q. Does ODA support LACP or "trunk mode”?
A. Customers can configure the switch and host as the standard Linux configuration to use the LACP. When creating mode 4 bonding in Linux, the parameters miimon, downdelay, updelay, lacp_rate, and xmit_hash_policy need to be adjusted for customer’s environment. When patching your Oracle Database Appliance to the latest software, you may need to set these settings again.

Q. Can we create network bonding across two physically separated NICs?
A. No. It is not supported to create network bonding across two physically separated NICs.

Q. Is it supported to break the network bonding?
A. Breaking network bonding feature is available only for ODA X7-2.

Q. Are there any issues to configure same subnet on two different bonding interfaces?
A. There is no assurance to which interface will be used to transmit traffic. The wrong interface might be used or one of IP addresses becomes non-reachable.

Q. How to solve the Multi-Homed Routing issue?
A. Refer to Oracle blog "Advance Routing for Multi-Homed Hosts, https://blogs.oracle.com/networking/advance-routing-for-multi-homed-hosts".

Q. Is bonding or HAIP used for private interconnect in the Bare Metal platform?
A. Starting with ODA 18.7 release, the bonding interface is used instead of the HAIP on two network interfaces.

Q: How can I disable Network Manager in 19.x?
A: By default, the "NM_CONTROLLED=No” is set on the ODA provided ifcfg files. If you have networking issues, contact technical support to get instructions on how to address your issue.

Q. What is the default firewall on 18.x and 19.x?
A. The iptables is default for OL6 and firewalld is default for OL7. By default, both iptables and firewalld are not running in ODA. When the iptables or firewalld need to run, ensure that your rules do not affect the cluster interconnect interfaces, protocols and network address space. If iptables are already running in pre-19x, refer to MOS doc “Oracle Linux: Migrate OL6 iptables(8) Rules To OL7 firewalld(1) (Doc ID 2518939.1)” or “Oracle Linux 7: How to Replace firewalld with iptables (Doc ID 2620399.1)”

Q. How to change the public IP / network for an existing ODA after deployment?
A. Refer to the MOS doc "How To Change the Public IP / Network For an Existing ODA HA After Deployment (DCS) (Doc ID 2638458.1)” and "How To Change the Public IP / Network For an Existing ODA M/L After Deployment (DCS) (Doc ID 2638331.1)”.

Q. How to change the DNS and NTP settings after deployment?
A. Refer to the MOS doc "How To Change DNS and NTP Settings On an ODA Post-install for DCS Stack 18.3 to 18.6 (Doc ID 2680182.1)” and "ODA:Changing NTP server Does Not Change Output Of odacli describe-system (Doc ID 2675635.1)”.

Q. How to update NTP server information on ODA registry after deployment?
Refer to the MOS doc "ODA:Changing NTP server Does Not Change Output Of odacli describe-system (Doc ID 2675635.1)”.

Q. Which SNMP version is supported for ASR in ODA?
A. The SNMP v3 is supported on the host.

Q. Is the NTP supported in 19.x?
A. By default, the NTP is not running in OL7. To start the NTP, refer to the MOS doc "Oracle Linux: NTP Does Not Start Automatically After Server Reboot on OL7 (Doc ID 2422378.1)”.

Q. Is it supported to enable FTP daemon?
A. It’s not recommended to enable the FTP due to security reasons. If customer must enable for some reason, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure security and that installation and configuration is done properly.

Q. How to use ODA as an NFS server?
A. Refer to the MOS doc "ODA (Oracle Database Appliance): How To export ACFS (cloudfs) using HANFS (Doc ID 1934030.1)” or "ODA (Oracle Database Appliance): How to export ACFS using Samba-CIFS to MS Windows (Doc ID 1634154.1)”.

Q. Can we change the VLAN ID of the default public VLAN configured by configure-firstnet?
A. It is not possible to change the VLAN id without redeploying

Q. How to use native VLAN?
A. In order to use the native VLAN, don't choose the "VLAN" feature in the configure-firstnet command.

Q. Is the policy-based routing supported in ODA?
A. The policy-based routing could be configured on non-NM_CONTROLLED interfaces. When setting your policy, be aware that there are reserved subnets for the HAIP, HAVIP, private interconnect, and in the ODA. When patching your appliance to latest software, you will need to set these settings again.

Q. Is the VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) supported in ODA?
A. The layer 2 tagged VLAN is supported. Regarding VRF in layer 3 settings, you will need to set these settings again when patching your appliance to latest software.

Q. How to solve the subnet conflict with ODA Private Network 192.168.16/17.xxx?
A. The and subnet are reserved for private network communications.

Q. Is it possible to separate the networks used by the two databases?
A. Starting 19.7, a network can be attached/detached to the database with “odacli modify-database” command.

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