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    July 6, 2017

KVM Import an OVA Template

Ruggero Citton
Product Development Architect

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An OVA (open virtual appliance/archive) is a tar archive, containing an .ovf and .vmdk files, respectively the VM configuration and disks.
A direct OVA template import into KVM is not supported, the steps to convert are the following (below example will show how to use 'OVM_OL7U2_x86_64_PVHVM.ova'):

The Manual Steps

1. extract the files from the OVA template:

 tar xvf OVM_OL7U2_x86_64_PVHVM.ova

2. convert the vdisk "System.vmdk" to qcow2 (qcow2 supports snapshots).

  qemu-img convert -O qcow2 System.vmdk /<kvm_Guest_repo>/OL7U2.qcow2

3. Create a new Guest VM with virt-manager using the qcow2 disk above

import existing disk image

browse to the qcow2 disk above

choose required memory and CPUs

Customize and setup the network base on your requirement

Note: you must change Disk Bus to "IDE"

You can now start the imported guest VM

The "OVA4KVM" tool

Scope of ov4kvm tool is permit the Guest VM OVA format template import into KVM within "1-click" without any manual conversion.

Check it out from My Oracle Support: KVM: Import an OVA Guest VM format template into KVM (2284806.1)


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