Wednesday May 20, 2009

Free OpenSolaris Desktop Access (China Only)

If you are a developer in China you can now get access to a complete OpenSolaris desktop. Anyone who is interested can register an account at Unix-Center.Net. After your account is activated, you can login to the server either via SSH or VNC. Every user gets their own home directory and 100 MB of storage space.

Tuesday May 19, 2009

OpenSolaris Live Chat

On Thursday May 28th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT you have an opportunity to ask a handful of OpenSolaris engineers whatever you want (well, at least about OpenSolaris).

The engineers participating in the chat include:

On Thursday May 28th go to Slashdot and look for the OpenSolaris chat window.


The installation of a zone in OpenSolaris is a bit different than in Solaris 10 (or SXCE) and it's due to IPS, which is unique to OpenSolaris.[Read More]

Friday May 15, 2009

Free OpenSolaris Deep Dives at CommunityOne West

Last week I blogged about the OpenSolaris sessions at CommunityOne West event being held on Monday June 1st. 

On Tuesday, June 2nd there are two tracks of OpenSolaris deep dives planned: Developing in OpenSolaris and Deploying OpenSolaris in Your Datacenter.

[Read More]

Friday May 08, 2009

OpenSolaris is Coming to CommunityOne West in Spades

OpenSolaris is featured in 3 or the 10 tracks at CommunityOne West in San Francisco on Monday June 1st. For your convenience I've provided snapshots of the current agenda.[Read More]

Monday May 04, 2009

Sample Chapter from Pro OpenSolaris

I pre-ordered Pro OpenSolaris by Harry Foxwell and Christine Tran many moons ago and it finally arrived last week. Weighing in at just under 16 ounces, I'm looking forward to reading this one during my upcoming travels.

Unlike the much chunkier (and therefore travel restricted) OpenSolaris Bible, Pro OpenSolaris assumes you already have some knowledge of "similar operating system" features such as GNOME, networking and the shell. Therefore, if you already have experience with Unix and/or Linux, this book will cut to the chase at explaining the unique features of OpenSolaris.

I've only skimmed through the pages, but I can attest to the quality of the authors. Both Harry and Christine have years of experience working with Solaris and I've personally met Harry while visiting the Capital Region OpenSolaris User Group which he leads.

To get a feel for the book, APress has made Chapter 1 available in PDF form.

Friday Apr 24, 2009

Easy Drupal Demo

You can have a demo of the Drupal contact management platform up and running in a few simple steps.

[Read More]

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

System Administration Information

If you're looking for information on administering OpenSolaris, be sure to bookmark the System Administration Information page. The site has all kinds of resources dedicated to administering OpenSolaris. One gem in particular is the OpenSolaris System Adminstration Tasks List. The site's a wiki, so feel free to contribute.

Thursday Apr 16, 2009

Apps of Steel Contest for OpenSolaris - win a Toshiba laptop!

Sun Microsystems is happy to announce the OpenSolaris Apps of Steel Challenge. If you're a student, developer, system administrator, or someone who just likes to develop packages, use your talents and participate for a chance to win a Toshiba OpenSolaris laptop!

Submit the best package that meets the criteria within the stated time frame and win a Toshiba OpenSolaris Laptop. Your package will also be showcased at the OpenSolaris Install Lounge at CommunityOne West, on June 1-3rd, 2009.

Need help trying to figure out which package you want to submit? Check here for a list of ideas.

The prizes are really cool - you can win one of the new Toshiba laptops. I use the Toshiba laptop with OpenSolaris and the drivers really work well, and although the R600 is very light the performance is pretty good and I love the long battery life.

For  more details, see:

Tuesday Apr 07, 2009

French/German Forum for Beginners

The Switzerland OpenSolaris User Group has started a forum on to help OpenSolaris beginners. It's awesome that OpenSolaris continues to get visibility into the Linux community.

Wednesday Apr 01, 2009

Toshiba laptops preinstalled with OpenSolaris now available (in the US)

Sun is partnering with Toshiba to provide a better laptop experience with Toshiba laptops pre-installed with OpenSolaris. I got the smaller R600 laptop last Friday (thanks Dan! :) and I have to say that it's pretty sweet. It weights only about 1 kg and the battery lasts pretty long (3.5-4 hours) and the performance is really good for such as small laptop! OpenSolaris indeed was preinstalled and I could just finish the installation by specifying few details such as username and password and it was ready to use, with many additional applications pre-installed. 

I also ran the Device Driver Utility and found out that most of the hardware in this Toshiba is actually Intel hardware. As you probably know, Intel is another partner of OpenSolaris, and thus OpenSolaris works pretty well on these Toshibas, including suspend/resume (it resumes when you close the lid and power button is pressed to awake the OS - it takes 5-8 seconds to resume).

Today we are announcing that 2 models of Toshiba laptops are available for ordering, currently in the US only. Additional countries will be added soon with UK on top of the list.

For more information visit:

Sorry can't blog more now, I have to go back to playing with my new cool laptop :)

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

OpenSolaris 2008.11 Training in Brno

Me, Martin Man and Lubos Kocman (all three CZOSUG leaders) organized a full day training at Faculty of Informatics Masaryk university, Brno. Sun is partnering this university and we cooperate a lot around OpenSolaris. I've been to the university about 6 times so far. The most recent training was focused on 2008.11 and it was also an install fest. Here are the slides from the event:[Read More]

Monday Mar 02, 2009

Inviting the Community to CommunityOne East

One of the best presentations I attended while at the TechDays event in Singapore was a lightening talk from Ang Yuit titled "A tour with OpenSolaris - end user perspective". Yuit's the CEO of The Adventus Consultants and his objective talk on what he both liked and disliked about his switch to OpenSolaris was excellent.

On Wednesday March 18th at CommunityOne East in New York City, I'm giving a talk titled "Moving to OpenSolaris". It's based on my own experiences, however, I would welcome during my talk anyone from the community that would be willing to share their perspective on the move to OpenSolaris. If you are interested, post a comment and I'll make it happen.

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

CommunityOne East

CommunityOne East is being held in New York City on March 18-19. March 18th is free and contains a whole track dedicated to OpenSolaris. Here's the general breakdown of the day:[Read More]

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

The Bible Has Arrived

I pre-ordered the OpenSolaris Bible on Amazon and today it arrived. My wife and I joked that it's bigger than the actual Bible :-).


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