Webcast: Migrate Databases with Minimal Downtime Using Enterprise Manager Database Migration Workbench

August 27, 2021 | 2 minute read
Timothy Mooney
Director, Product Marketing
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Learn how to migrate on-premises Database with confidence to Autonomous, to ExaCC, to DBCS bare metal or VM and to Exadata on-premises. Use Oracle expertise built into the migration workbench to evaluate the readiness of database assets to migrate, then use recommended migration technology, and validate results meet expectations. Make migrations secure, efficient, and agile while reducing the risks of human error. Find out how to assess source database configuration, leverage built-in migration technology to transfer data, and validate performance of migrated database. 

Use Oracle Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench to:

  • Prepare: Evaluate database migration readiness, dependencies, shapes and pre-requisites
  • Migrate: Prepare databases for migration, use appropriate migration methods
  • Analyze: Validate results, compare performance and configuration to source database

If you are migrating databases within a data center or to the cloud, join this session for insight from Oracle experts.


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Documentation: Cloud Control Database Lifecycle Management Administrator's Guide

Demonstration: Demonstration of Migration Workbench (13:24)

Product Information: Enterprise Manager Database Migration Workbench Product information > Database Ops Automation

This session is part of the Enterprise Manager Deep Dive Webinar Series.


Timothy Mooney

Director, Product Marketing

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