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June 13, 2022 | 5 minute read
Sumesh Balakrishnan
Principal Product Manager
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Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) 13.5 Release Update 5 ( is now available as an app on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and it’s available in all regions.  This enables EM customers to try out this version without having to install it on their on-premises hardware.  Start working with a fully configured, EM instance with minimal configuration effort. Find it in Marketplace listing https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace/en_US/listing/104183179

Try the latest Oracle EM capabilities without installing and configuring

Oracle Enterprise Manager is a well-known on-premises-based solution for providing application-to-disk management for the Oracle stack, especially Oracle Database environments. Over the years, customers have requested an easier way to try out a new release without having to initiate an IT project on their premises. The new Oracle Enterprise Manager app provides a simple, easy-to-use "test drive" environment.  Oracle EM 13.5.05 makes it possible to quickly deploy test and production application environments with just a few clicks.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 Release Update 5 image includes:

  •  Oracle Resource Manager Stack version 2.2.0
  •  The Oracle Management Repository (OMR) uses Database 19c Release Update 15
  •  TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) is enabled out-of-box, ensuring data safety on the Cloud
  •  Data Guard support for repository database
  •  WebLogic Server with January 2022 CPU
  •  Enterprise Manager 13.5 Updated with RU5
  •  Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 Update 331
  •  Operating System: Oracle Linux (OL) 8.4
  •  Opatch updated to version version
  •  Supports both single-node (collapsed install) and multi-node configurations using an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource   Manager Stack
  •  Enterprise Manager Diagnostics Kit version: 22.02.16
  • The Enterprise Manager 13.5 RU5 image is embedded with the below additional plug-ins
    • Oracle Golden Gate Plug-in (oracle.fmw.gg)
    • Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in (oracle.apps.ebs)
    • Oracle PeopleSoft Plug-in (oracle.apps.psft)

To get to the new image, sign in to OCI, and from the OCI main menu navigate to Marketplace. Search for "Oracle Enterprise Manager" and click on Oracle Enterprise Manager. Review the Oracle standard terms and restrictions and click on ‘Launch Stack’ or directly use the cloud listing URL and click on ‘Get App’.

Figure 1: The Oracle Enterprise Manager App listing in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Figure 2: Launching the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 RU5 image stack

EM 13.5 Release Update 5 image on OCI Marketplace supports both single-node (collapsed install) and multi-node configurations using an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager Stack.  The use of the OCI Resource Manager Stack allows you to deploy both EM and its underlying infrastructure in a variety of shapes and sizes and eliminates the need for pre-requisite steps.  An easy-to-follow workflow allows you to quickly deploy Enterprise Manager with separation of the Oracle Management Server (OMS) and OMR and load balance it across multiple OMSs.  Refer to Figure 3 for the single node EM deployment architecture on a Private subnet with Bastion host.

Figure 3: Single node deployment architecture on Private subnet


Refer to Figure 4 for the Multi-node deployment architecture with the Load Balancer in Private subnet. You can extend your multi-OMS environment to a Level 3 High Availability setup by configuring Data Guard for your repository database.


Figure 4: Multi-node deployment architecture with LBaaS in Private Subnet

Let us see how to quickly provision a ‘Simple’ Deployment type which is a ‘Single Node’ install of EM on OCI.

The 'Single Node' setup is supported with two options:

  • Instance (EM & DB) placed in Public Subnet
  • Instance (EM & DB) placed in Private Subnet. (This deploys an additional bastion host for connectivity and management purposes)

1.    On the Configure Variables section, select the Deployment Size as Simple. Fill in all the parameters as per your network requirements.

Figure 5:  Simple Configuration setup process

2.    Choose the Subnet type as Public / Private to switch between the setup options.
3.    Fill in the Bastion Host details, if you choose ‘Private Subnet’ option.
4.    Proceed to the Review page. Review the inputs and variables select Create. Make sure Run Apply is checked for direct deployment.

Figure 6: Simple configuration deployment review screen


Get started today!

To follow the comprehensive installation and configuration guide, see Setting Up Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The total time to complete the setup is approximately 20 minutes for a Single node and approximately 3 hours for a multi-Node deployment. We hope you leverage this capability to quickly and easily deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 in Oracle Cloud!

Be sure to follow the appropriate Oracle Enterprise Manager licensing applicable to your environment.




Sumesh Balakrishnan

Principal Product Manager

Enterprise and Cloud Manageability

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