Improve insight into E-Business Suite performance with tracing

November 6, 2023 | 2 minute read
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Application Performance Monitoring solutions

Application Performance Monitoring (APM), an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service, offers extensive end-user monitoring solutions for cloud-native and enterprise applications, and that includes Oracle packaged applications, such as e-Business Suite (EBS). Using APM, you can monitor and trace every user interaction within the e-Business Suite, for both JSP and Forms pages.

Key advantages of using APM for the EBS apps:

Data collection from browsers, Oracle Forms windows, and WebLogic Servers

Track every step of every transaction originating from your EBS application, including both HTML/JSP and Forms data. It allows you to envision the complete set of EBS user transactions.

Pre-defined EBS attributes for streamlined in-context data filtering

Take advantage of predefined EBS attributes, such as EBS responsibilities EBS Form names, or EBS user actions to query or filter the data to view trends and identify potential performance issues.

Customizable dashboards for visualizing data with personalized views

Use predefined out-of-the-box dashboards for generic use, or create a custom dashboard tailored to your specific EBS use cases and requirements.

Synthetic monitors that correlate results with server data for comprehensive insights

Run synthetic monitors, which are script-based automated transactions, against HTML-based pages, from multiple global locations..

EBS Quick view
Figure 1:  EBS Quick View Dashboard


Trace Explorer
Figure 2:  EBS Session details in Trace Explorer

To see this in action, view the Monitor E-Business Suite with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure APM Service YouTube video below.   



For more information on:

Configure Tracing for Oracle E-Business Suite


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