Top 5 sessions and hands-on labs on Observability and Management at Oracle CloudWorld 2022

October 4, 2022 | 5 minute read
Daniel Schrijver
Senior Principal Product Marketing Director -- Enterprise Manager
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With approximately two weeks to go for Oracle CloudWorld 2022, it's time to plan Your Agenda and choose the sessions and hands-on labs(HOL) you wish to attend or participate. Earlier is better to reserve a spot as attendance can be limited. Here's our recommended top 5 session and HOL. If you'd like to select your own preferred sessions on Observability & Management and Enterprise Manager, find them all in this very handy overview. If you're not joining us in Las Vegas, you can attend these two sessions live or on-demand through one of our digital passes

Top 5

1 OCI Observability and Management: Strategy and Roadmap [LRN4017]

Of course, no conference would be complete without a solution keynote where you will hear from Oracle's executive management on the latest product capabilities and upcoming roadmap.

Mughees MinhasUse the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Observability and Management platform to gain comprehensive visibility and insights across all layers of the stack—deployed on any technology, anywhere. By unifying all types of operational telemetry (metrics, logs, traces) with curated machine learning–based analysis, this platform makes it easy to manage databases and applications to help improve their efficiency and performance. Learn about breakthrough new offerings, capabilities, and investment areas through customer success stories, demonstrations, and discussions delivered by Oracle's Manageability executive team.

2 New Database Performance Tuning: Automatic Workload Repository Explorer [LRN3510]

Bjorn BoltoftSai PenumuruIn this joint session between Oracle and Accenture, we'll cover how the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Explorer integrates various performance and data visualization tools to enable deep-dive analysis on AWR data. Learn how to use AWR Explorer to visually analyze performance trends and easily detect issues using a single interface. We also highlight new database enhancements such as generating AWR reports in JavaScript Object Notation format, exporting SQL Monitoring reports with AWR export, and others to simplify database performance tuning.

3 Exadata Insights: AIOps for Optimizing Resources [LRN3488]

Murtaza HusainSimone Traversari Learn how to explore top issues affecting application performance, diagnose problems via rapid troubleshooting with Exadata logs, and identify improperly utilized compute and storage resources. Discover how these features improve database performance, maximize resource efficiencies in your Exadata environments, and consolidate more database workloads onto Exadata.This session is co-presented with our partner Bridge Consulting who could share customers' usage and benefits of Exadata Insights.

If you're interested in this topic or can't make it to CloudWorld, our recent blog post on this topic is highly recommended reading material.

4 Monitoring Traces for Oracle WebLogic Server Deployed on Kubernetes [HOL4321]

Avi HuberYutaka TakatsuOur first hands-on lab in this list and on a subject matter high in demand. Learn how to enable OpenTracing instrumentation and metrics collection for an Oracle WebLogic Server deployed on Kubernetes—providing full, end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics for the application. Understand how to create an APM domain and add an APM Java Agent on a file system mounted in the Oracle Cloud. Plus, learn to use APM Trace Explorer to search and view traces and spans without needing administrator access to the Docker working directory or having to update the Docker image using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Application Performance Monitoring. 

There will be limited availability for these HOLs, so be sure to add it to your schedule and be there in advance of the Wednesday 9 am start. 

5 Monitor and Troubleshoot Oracle E-Business Suite Performance [HOL4317]

Zubair AnsariOur final pick and second hands-on lab in this top 5. Applications like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) have complex stack dependencies comprising many applications, databases, and infrastructure components. This can make management and monitoring a challenge. This workshop shows how to perform application component and infrastructure discovery, harvest their relationship model, and use dashboards that bring it all together into a single view to perform monitoring and root cause analysis using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging Analytics.

HOLs have limited availability, so be sure to add it to your schedule, have a quick lunch and be there in advance of the 1 pm start on Tuesday

Top 5 Wrap up 

Of course, this Top 5 is just a the tip of the iceberg of what's happening at this year's Oracle CloudWorld. This event brings you multiple days of jam-packed content and activities where you can expand your knowledge, meet and network with peers, and learn more about Oracle Cloud solutions and Oracle technologies. Make sure you check out our other sessions and labs for yourself and use Add to Schedule to automatically add all the sessions and HOLs that you want to attend.

Interested in training on Observability and Management?  Attend the training and get certified onsite for free.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Oracle CloudWorld in Las Vegas!

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Daniel Schrijver

Senior Principal Product Marketing Director -- Enterprise Manager

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