Testing Best Practice Before and After Your Database Upgrade or Migration

January 19, 2022 | 3 minute read
Steve Lemme
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Too often you or a team member have the best intention to test and QA before production, yet a duplicate system or production data is not available. With a production milestone date looming, a last-minute scramble locates an environment and some data, and a test is performed. So, is it really ready for production? Later, a tragic story unfolds, with the production rollout negatively impacting customers, team members working overtime to restore service, and later executive management asking for a post-mortem.

To help avoid such tragedies, we’ve created an on-demand workshop environment on Oracle LiveLabs with hands-on lab exercises built by Oracle Database experts. Performing those exercises on the Oracle Cloud eliminates the problem of having to find the resources and spending the time to build out your own environment. It’s a guided lab so you don’t have to read all the documentation to try it out. We've included a link to the documentation at the end should you wish to learn more later.

Enterprise Manager Fundamentals Hands-on Real Application Testing Lab
Figure 1:  Enterprise Manager Fundamentals Hands-on Real Application Testing Lab


To get started, access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fundamentals workshop directly or by searching for it by name from the Oracle LiveLabs catalog.

Enterprise Manager Fundamentals Hands-in Workshop
Figure 2:  Enterprise Manager Fundamentals Hands-in Workshop

Lab Environment Setup

Automated Environment Deployment
Figure 3:  Automated Environment Deployment


First, just follow the documented steps in Lab 1-3 and in approx. 20 minutes you have a configured and running environment accessible from your browser. 

Capture and Validate Oracle Database Performance

Development and test environments are often small size and processing power, reside in virtual machines, or a compartment in a cloud environment – something different than production. To help minimize risk when you are migrating a database from a legacy system on-premises or to the cloud, the best practice is to capture an existing workload before the move and then replay and test a workload to assess the impact of changes. Considering all the variables and complexity, it could take a team of experts months to manually script and validate their process worked. 

Using Oracle Real Application Testing you can automate capture of production workloads and assess impact of changes before production deployment to minimize risks. To help you try out Real Application Testing, we’ve prepared Lab 10 so you can see how Oracle Real Application Testing SQL Performance Analyzer and Database Replay capabilities help you compare and validate performance of an Oracle Database before and after. View a video on best practices to validate performance before committing updates, upgrades and migrations.

Capture and Replay Database Workload to Validate Database Performance Before and After
Figure 4: Capture and Replay Database Workload to Validate Database Performance Before and After

Learn More About Real Application Testing Capabilities

By viewing these addtional resources. 
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Steve Lemme

Senior Principal Product Manager

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