Oracle sessions & workshops you won’t want to miss at the Quest Blueprint 4D event

June 1, 2022 | 2 minute read
Steven Lemme
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Join a workshop or attend one of the Oracle Observability & Management Sessions at the upcoming Quest Blueprint 4D Event. It's a great opportunity for those attending to get questions answered and meet Oracle Product Management experts onsite.

You may find one of these sessions helping you on a current project need:

  • Struggling to perform long-term IT Operations troubleshooting, budgeting, planning, and analysis? Murtaza Husain reviews the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager in session # 106000 Extend Enterprise Manager 13.5 to gain Machine Learning driven Insights.
  • Seeking a better way to perform database patching?  Then session # 100430 is for you where Harish Niddagatta will share best practices for both automated patching and security compliance.  Learn how to reduce the time manual patching takes as well as learn how to address critical security vulnerabilities, with out-of-the-box features in Enterprise Manager.
  • Need a better way of migrating a lot of Oracle Databases?   We have a couple of sessions to help you. Session # 100440 Harish Niddagatta will show how to migrate your databases on-premises and in the cloud.  Workshop session # 106750 Murtaza Husain will show how to eliminate risks during migrating or implementing changes.
  • Struggling with observability of your application and the stack it runs on?   Ana McCollum is debuting the new Stack Monitoring service for the first time to onsite attendees’ session # 105920 Observability is made easy, with Oracle’s new Stack Monitoring features. 
  • After the latest release information or roadmap on managing with Oracle Enterprise Manager?  Then attend session # 107930 Strategy and Roadmap - Oracle Enterprise Manager and Observability and Management and get the inside scoop from David LeRoy.

Find all our sessions in the Database & Technology session list.

Been too busy to check out new technology and services which can help you get back more time in your day? Sign-up for one of these optional hands-on labs:

  • 106000 Workshop: Efficient Troubleshooting of Oracle Application and Database environment using Machine Learning in OCI Logging Analytics
  • 106750 Workshop: Eliminate risk when migrating and implementing changes

Find these and other workshops in the Database & Technology workshop list.

With agile monthly updates for Enterprise Manager and OCI Observability & Management services, there have been a lot of new product updates, many new features and new services launched since we saw you last. The Quest Blueprint 4D event June 6- 9th, 2022 is a great opportunity to personally meet our product managers and subject matter experts and get up to speed on all the latest product technology, new solutions and roadmaps. 

Looking forward to meeting you there.

Steven Lemme

Senior Principal Product Manager

Oracle DBA, Author, Partner, Product Marketeer, User Community Cloud SIG Leader, Product Manager. - Meeting, listening, sharing innovative solutions with customers and partners worldwide.

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