Oracle Management Cloud Upgraded to Version 1.52

December 7, 2020 | 2 minute read
Daniela Hansell
Director, Observability and Management
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Release Highlights

Oracle Management Cloud Release 1.52 is now available!  As always, these updates were applied automatically to your environment, with no action required on your part.

This release includes the following key enhancements:

Log Analytics Link Option New Colors: The Link option now includes configurable colors in the Analyze chart. You can click on the Color link to select a different palette or to add additional field values.

Configure colors in the analyze chartFigure 1: Configurable Colors in the Analyze Chart


Log Analytics Link Option Ability to Detect Peaks and Valleys: Use the new functions peak(), valley() and valleyscore() of the eventstats command to analyze sequential data in Link Visualization.

Link example for using peak and peakscore functions of eventstats commandFigure 2: Detect Peaks and Valleys in Time Series


Log Analytics Link Option Unit Marking : Use the unit() function with the eval command to mark the unit of a field in the Link user interface.

Mark the unit for a field during Query TimeFigure 3: Mark a Field Unit

For more details on Log Analytics enhancements, see What's New in Oracle Log Analytics.


We shared recently that OMC REST APIs usage information has been externalized.  We continued to improve and add new information to the existing set. For more information on APIs, see Oracle Management Cloud Common REST API.

Enjoy the new features in OMC 1.52!


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Daniela Hansell

Director, Observability and Management

Daniela has a background in Oracle Observability and Management solutions product management, training, and curriculum development.  She currently manages the observability and management user assistance development team, focusing on optimizing the end user experience with our products and various types of technical content.

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