Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 7 ( Is Now Available!

June 3, 2022 | 6 minute read
Daniela Hansell
Director, Observability and Management
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We're excited to announce our seventh Release Update for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 7 (, RU7 for short, is now available for download from My Oracle Support > Patches & Updates.

Release Updates Details

If you are new to the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) solution you may find this information useful:  Release Updates (RUs) enable us to roll out new features and bug fixes quickly so you don't have to wait for a new major release. Release Updates are versioned using a trailing digit indicating the RU version and are cumulative, which means that the most recent RU includes functionality from all previous Release Updates.  Our general recommendation is to apply the most current Release Update as soon as possible.

Key Updates in RU7

Here is a list of new features this EM 13.5 Release Update is introducing:

Enterprise Manager Dynamic Runbooks

A Runbook is generally understood as a collection of instructions, or a recipe book, for performing common tasks and IT operations procedures. Runbooks can be created to provide step-by-step guidance to efficiently and accurately resolve an issue, based on previous experiences. Senior team members can this way share their knowledge with junior members and save detailed procedural steps for anyone to use in the future.

The Enterprise Manager Dynamic Runbooks are collections of automated steps that can be used to resolve incidents and events by leveraging the wealth of knowledge and monitoring expertise in an IT organization. Many of these steps, if not all, can be performed using Enterprise Manager.

Create and run Runbooks from Incident Manager
Figure 1:  Create and run Dynamic Runbooks from Incident Manager

Migration Workbench Multiphase Transportable Tablespace Migrations

Oracle Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench has been supporting Transportable Tablespace (TTS) migrations, a migration method of choice, especially for large databases since the downtime can be minimized.  With this release update, you now have more control over the various migration phases.  You have the option to control the number of incremental backups and initiate the final migration step during a planned maintenance window.  This final migration step is the only time when your source data would not be available. The job execution's Launchpad user interface, with its tree-like structure, makes it easy to review the various phases and incremental backups, and you can schedule and complete them as needed.

TTS Migration
Figure 2:  TTS Migration

Fleet Maintenance Automatic Operation Scheduling 

You can now automatically schedule Fleet Maintenance operations such as Migrate Listener and Update Databases to be performed at a specific time or immediately after the previous task completes.

New Configuration and Compliance Management Views 

The Compliance Framework added two new management views:  the Compliance view mgmt$rules_evaluated_per_day, which provides information on rules evaluated daily, and the Enterprise Configuration Management view mgmt$changes_per_snapshot, a diagnostic view that tracks changes performed per snapshot. 

STIG Standard Version 2 Release 3 for Oracle Database 11g Release 2, 12c, and 19c 

The latest STIG Version 2 Release 3 standards for Oracle Database 11g Release 2, 12c, and 19c are now available via the Self Update option and the traditional Configuration and Compliance standard options.

Support for Chargeback Templates

The Cloud Management Pack's Chargeback option, for the functionality that allows you to divide the cost among Oracle Cloud Infrastructure entities and charge based on usage, has been enhanced to support templates.  You can now save the input from a wizard session to a template and then apply it to future Chargeback setup sessions.  This capability saves significant time and effort, especially when working with a large number of entities/targets.

New metric group for PDBs

A new metric group, Resource Usage, is now available for Pluggable Databases (PDBs). The metrics in this metric group, such as Average Buffer Cache Usage and Average CPU Utilization, enable you to monitor the various aspects of PDB resource usage.

Export Enterprise Manager data to Exadata Warehouse

Enterprise Manager collects and stores valuable performance data from all its targets, including on-premises or Cloud Exadata Database Machine and ZDLRA targets.  This Engineered Systems data can now be exported to an Exadata Warehouse for longer retention and analysis.

Exporting Data to Exadata Warehouse
Figure 3:  Exporting Data to Exadata Warehouse 

New REST API Reference Documentation

Oracle Enterprise Manager has now released a new reference guide for REST API endpoints that allow you to manage core framework subsystems. This guide includes an initial set of APIs that are now officially released.  As new REST APIs get tested and made available, their full descriptions will be added to this guide.

Accessing the EM REST API Guide
Figure 4:  Accessing the EM REST API Guide

Reorganized Metric Reference Guides

The Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Oracle Database Plug-in Metric Reference Manual has now been split into three independent guides to provide a better user experience in searching and accessing the various metrics.  The metrics are separated by types such as Grid Infrastructure, Database, and Engineered Systems.

Related Updates

Jupyter Notebooks for Oracle Enterprise Manager Warehouse

In case you missed the last round of updates: we recently introduced the new Jupyter Notebooks that can analyze data exported data from multiple Enterprise Manager sites and stored in Oracle Cloud’s Object Storage. You can download these Jupyter Notebooks for Oracle Enterprise Manager Warehouse to perform advanced analytics and draw insights on your exported Enterprise Manager data. The Oracle-provided Jupyter Notebooks can run on either the Oracle Data Science Service or Anaconda.

For more information, see Jupyter Notebooks for Oracle Enterprise Manager Warehouse.

Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana version 3.0.0

Also worth mentioning once again: the Oracle Enterprise Manager App for Grafana allows you to integrate and display Enterprise Manager metrics data in Grafana. Enterprise Manager App for Grafana version 3.0.0 was recently introduced and included two new out-of-the-box dashboards and a new Grafana Server version certification. For more information, see EM Integrations.

Not yet an Oracle Enterprise Manager customer?

If you don’t yet have an EM 13.5 environment on-premises, check out the Enterprise Manager image available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace!


Complete List of EM 13.5 Updates

For more details on the key enhancements with all EM 13.5 Release Updates, see:

You can also see the full list of enhancements, as well as bug fixes, in the Release Update READMEs and the My Oracle Support note: "Enterprise Manager 13.5 Main Release Update List (Includes Plug-ins) (Doc ID 2760230.2). Be sure to review the note on upgrade and patching requirements.

Also, check the following locations for continuous updates:

Be sure to also check our Deep Dive Enterprise Manager Webcast Series for the latest updates on how to automate common database and IT operations using Enterprise Manager.  These are on-demand recorded sessions as well as upcoming live webinars you can register and attend in person.

Update to Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 Release Update 7 today!   

Daniela Hansell

Director, Observability and Management

Daniela has a background in Oracle Observability and Management solutions product management, training, and curriculum development.  She currently manages the observability and management user assistance development team, focusing on optimizing the end user experience with our products and various types of technical content.

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