Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 10 ( is now available

October 20, 2022 | 5 minute read
Daniela Hansell
Director, Observability and Management
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Our tenth monthly Release Update is now available to take advantage of its new features and bug fixes. 

EM download available on My Oracle Support

Release Updates Details

Release Updates (RUs) are the agile way to roll out new EM features and bug fixes quickly to customers, so they don't have to wait for a major release. RUs are versioned with a trailing digit indicating the RU version. Note that RUs are cumulative, which means that the most recent RU includes functionality from all previous release updates.  Our general recommendation is to apply the most current RU as soon as possible.

Access the download on My Oracle Support > Patches & Updates.

Key updates in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 RU10

Functionality added or enhanced in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 RU10 includes Engineered Systems support enhancements, updates to the job system and runbooks, and many more. Here are the highlights:

Exadata Warehouse Enhancements: Exadata Warehouse provides analytics that maximizes the performance and utilization of Oracle Engineered Systems. Exadata Warehouse, available within the Operation Insights Service, now also supports cloud-based Oracle Engineered Systems like Exadata Database Machine and Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (ZDLRA), in addition to on-premises targets data.  Starting with this EM release, data can be exported from cloud-based and on-premises Engineered Systems targets and stored for further analysis in the OCI's Exadata Warehouse. 

Exadata Warehouse: Repository of Data of Engineered Systems monitored by EM
Figure 1:  Exadata Warehouse - Repository of Engineered Systems Data Exported from EM


Auto-Purge Old Metric Data in Exadata Warehouse: As seen above, the Exadata Warehouse can collect large volumes of fine-grained metric data.  It is therefore important to periodically delete old data from these repositories. The auto-purge option now supports deleting old metric data on a periodic basis. To override the default retention periods and specify custom values for the retention period, use the EM Job system, and select job type called Exadata Warehouse Auto Purge Settings.

Enterprise Manager Integration with OCI:  The Enterprise Manager data export to OCI, stored in an Enterprise Manager Warehouse, just got easier in this release with the ability to monitor the health of this data using Incident Manager. Export jobs can now be monitored directly via Incident Manager, incident rules can be created to notify administrators automatically, individual data sources can be validated, and the Run Diagnostics option is now available at the target level. The content of the Diagnostics table can also be saved to a comma-separated value (CSV) file for further evaluation.

Job System Configuration: Enterprise Manager's Job System, part of the OMS, is a sophisticated and powerful system with multiple components, designed to handle hundreds of jobs at the same time.  Its Job Dispatcher dispatches jobs from the Job Step Scheduler to the Job Workers.  For advanced administrators who prefer to manually fine-tune the job system parameters, the dispatcher configuration parameters can be edited directly from the Job System Console's Dispatcher dashboard.

Editing Dispatcher Configuration Parameters
Figure 2: Editing Dispatcher Configuration Parameters


Relevant Runbooks: As seen in a prior release update, the incident management area of Enterprise Manager made the incidents response easier with the Dynamic Runbooks, a set of documented procedures that your IT staff can follow to resolve an issue. Runbooks are now associated with a Relevance Score, which is a measure of how well a Runbook matches the current incident, so you can identify the best fit. Incident Manager now allows the top three Runbook views that may be relevant to an incident based on the computed Relevance Score.

Data Masking and Subsetting for Autonomous Databases: The Enterprise Manager Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting Pack helps you downsize your data for sharing or archival and guides you through creating production-like data by replacing sensitive production data. Starting with this release, the data masking and subsetting capabilities are also available for the Autonomous Database type of targets.

Migration Workbench Transportable Tablespace Migrations: Transportable Tablespace (TTS) migrations can be performed from non-container databases (non-CDB) to non-CDB using Oracle Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench’s user interface. With this new option, Tablespace or Full Database incremental migrations using TTS can run with near-zero downtime.

Database Lifecycle Management and Private Cloud Management for Exadata Cloud@Customer: Enterprise Manager now supports Database Lifecycle Management and Private Cloud Management for Exadata Cloud@Customer. Users can leverage the rich set of Database Lifecycle Management and Cloud Management Pack features on Exadata Cloud@Customer. Customers can now perform actions like Create, Patch, Clone, Relocate and secure compliance and configurations of PDB along with Private Cloud Management.

Chargeback Support for Unused Resources: Chargeback for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now supports “Unused Resources”. Resources that are not being used can now be charged to the same entity or an associated host entity.  In addition, the fixed costs involved in operating resources such as power, real estate, and admin salary can be specified via "Fixed" item types under Recovery Rate.

Unused Resources Charge
Figure 3: Chargeback - Unused Resources Assignment and Fixed Item Types


Complete List of Updates

View the full list of enhancements and bug fixes in the Release Update READMEs and the My Oracle Support note: "Enterprise Manager 13.5 Main Release Update List (Includes Plug-ins)" (Doc ID 2760230.2).

For more details on the key enhancements available with all EM 13.5 Release Updates, see:

We hope you enjoy Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 Release Update 10!

As always, we welcome feedback on how we can improve your experience with Enterprise Manager!  Be sure to also check the following locations for continuous updates:

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Daniela Hansell

Director, Observability and Management

Daniela has a background in Oracle Observability and Management solutions product management, training, and curriculum development.  She currently manages the observability and management user assistance development team, focusing on optimizing the end user experience with our products and various types of technical content.

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