Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 19 ( is now available

January 19, 2024 | 4 minute read
Daniela Hansell
Director, Observability and Management
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Oracle Enterprise Manager download available on My Oracle Support

Happy New Year, Enterprise Manager and Oracle Observability & Management enthusiasts!  

If you have been following the EM releases for a while, you are familiar with Release Updates (RUs). RUs are the agile way to roll out new EM features and bug fixes, you don't have to wait for a major release. RUs are versioned with a trailing digit indicating the RU version. Note that RUs are cumulative, which means that the most recent RU includes functionality from all previous release updates. Our general recommendation is to apply the most current RU as soon as possible.

Download the latest RU from My Oracle Support:  see the EM 13.5 list of RUs, including plug-ins, in Doc ID 2760230.2 and a complete list of multiple versions of RUs and PSUs in Doc ID 1605609.1 

Key updates in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 RU19

Highlights of Enterprise Manager 13.5 RU19 include the following:

Filter Findings and Recommendations by Category in ADDM Spotlight

You can now filter the findings and recommendations in ADDM Spotlight by clicking the categories available in the Summary chart legend. Watch how to click on the "Top SQL" legend item to show only the Top SQL Findings:

ADDM Findings Filtering
Figure 1:  ADDM Findings Filtering

Workload Analysis on the Database Home Page

You now have the option of displaying information for an Automated Analysis task on the Database home page. To do so, you can either click "Display on Home Page" when creating an Automated Analysis task or perform the following steps for an existing Automated Analysis task:
From the Database home page in Enterprise Manager, select Workload Analysis from the Performance menu. Click the Analysis Tasks tab and then the Action icon for the task whose metrics you want to view.  Select "Display on Home Page". The Workload Analysis now displays the SQL Commonality and Elapsed Time metrics for the task. You can click the tile to view the Automated Workload Analysis for the Last Run, and click the Workload Analysis Report link for more details.

Enhancements in REST API for Fleet Maintenance

The following enhancements are made to the existing REST API for Fleet Maintenance:

Support for SAN Storage to:

  • Create an Image (by importing the image bundle from SAN storage)
  • Export Image
  • Perform Operation – New field externalStageLocation is available in the deploy request payload to specify the SAN storage location for image archives

Support to Create Image Version in FPP Server:

  • From reference to Oracle Home patching
  • By deploying new reference Oracle Home patching
  • From the existing version by deploying new reference Oracle Home patching

Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2022 Certification

EM 13.5 RU19 OMS is now certified on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) 2022.

Important reminder on connecting EM to My Oracle Support and Automated Release Update

It is always good practice to update to the latest release of EM. As part of the migration from an on-premises access management system to Oracle Identity Cloud Service effort, you must use EM 13.5 RU 19 to connect to My Oracle Support (MOS) and the Automated Release Update (ARU).

So, RU19 is a must-have to connect to MOS/ARU.  If you have an existing EM installation and you have already set up your connection to MOS/ARU, you must upgrade to RU19 and perform a couple of additional steps at the end of this update.  These steps are detailed in the MOS Note 2998693.1

Complete List of EM Updates

View the full list of enhancements and bug fixes in the Release Update READMEs and the My Oracle Support note: "Enterprise Manager 13.5 Main Release Update List (Includes Plug-ins)" (Doc ID 2760230.2).

For more details on the enhancements available with all EM 13.5 Release Updates, see:

EM and OCI Integration 

If you have not yet looked at how Enterprise Manager connects with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and extends the monitoring and analysis capabilities, be sure to review all our resources on this topic and take advantage of the multitude of features available with our services:

As always, we welcome feedback on how we can improve your experience with Enterprise Manager.  Use the Oracle Help Center or Support Feedback pages. 


Be sure to also check the following locations for continuous updates:

Daniela Hansell

Director, Observability and Management

Daniela has a background in Oracle Observability and Management solutions product management, training, and curriculum development.  She currently manages the observability and management user assistance development team, focusing on optimizing the end user experience with our products and various types of technical content.

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