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November 23, 2022 | 4 minute read
Daniela Hansell
Director, Observability and Management
Dennis Lee
Consulting User Assistance Developer
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Contributors:  Chris Gurley and Santiago Bravo

If you missed our last update on OCI Operations Insights (OPSI), here is a summary:  Operations Insights was introduced last year as part of the Oracle Cloud Observability and Management platform and helps gain deep insights into the infrastructure and database resources, performs data-driven capacity planning and performance management, and enables improvements to applications throughput.

We continue to enhance OPSI periodically. This blog summarizes the key new capabilities in OCI Operations Insights for this month.

Explore deeper Exadata IORM and cell performance data

Last month, OPSI featured new aggregated cell disk data objects for use in the Exadata Explorer. Now, we are introducing new data objects unlocking crucial data to effectively explore potential performance bottlenecks and the overall performance of the Exadata storage servers. The data objects being released include Exadata Cell Metric, Exadata IORM by DB on Flash Disks, Exadata IORM by PDB on Flash Disks, Exadata IORM by DB on Hard Disks, and Exadata IORM by PDB on Hard Disks. A new out-of-box dashboard 'Exadata IORM Dashboard', as seen below, has also been provided to help conveniently visualize some of the metrics previously mentioned.

Exadata IORM dashboard
Figure 1:  Exadata IORM dashboard

Create cross-regional dashboards

Users can create cross-regional dashboards! A 'region' filter has been added to the list of available dashboard filters which allows users to assign either static or dynamic region selections to individual widgets on a dashboard, see Figure 2 below.

Cross-regional dashboard
Figure 2:  Cross-regional SQL statistics dashboard

Plan Hash Support in SQL Explorer

New to the SQL Statistics Daily data object in SQL Explorer, is a daily summary of all plan hash values for every SQL ID. Refer to SQL Statistics Daily for further information.

Use tags to dynamically group resources

Tags have just become an even more powerful vehicle for analysis within Operations Insights. The ability to group the heatmaps in Capacity Planning, SQL Warehouse (Figure 3 below), and within Exadata Insights (Figure 4 below) has been added allowing for easy arbitrary target grouping. Simply add free-form or defined tags to the Operations Insights resources on the administration page and try it out!

SQL Warehouse tag grouping feature
Figure 3:  SQL Warehouse tag grouping feature
Exadata Insights Tag Grouping
Figure 4:  Exadata Insights tag grouping

Host Top Processes has been improved!

The host Top Process feature has been enhanced to better aid in investigating host resource usage. With the improvements, the trend and forecast chart is clickable so that users can identify a point of interest and see the top processes then, see Figure 5 below. 

Point in time top processes
Figure 5: Point in time top processes 

Processes of interest can then be trended to view their behavior over time, see Figure 6 below.

Trending single host process
Figure 6:  Trending single host process

New OCI cloud regions availability around the world

A region is a localized geographic area with one or more data centers located within a region. OCI has multiple cloud regions around the world to provide local access to cloud resources.  The various OCI services are made available in various regions continuously.  Operations Insights is now available in a new region, Madrid (eu-madrid-1).  To explore all available OCI data regions see, OCI Data Regions.

For more information on these new features see:

Evaluate many of the new features at no extra setup cost, with a click of a button, by using the Operations Insights demo mode.  Give it a try!

To learn more about OPSI capabilities, visit:

For more blogs on Oracle OPSI, visit the Observability and Management - Operations Insights blog space.

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Daniela Hansell

Director, Observability and Management

Daniela has a background in Oracle Observability and Management solutions product management, training, and curriculum development.  She currently manages the observability and management user assistance development team, focusing on optimizing the end user experience with our products and various types of technical content.

Dennis Lee

Consulting User Assistance Developer

Dennis is a Consulting User Assistance Developer who provides documentation and multi-media support for multiple teams across the Observability and Manageability, and Enterprise Manager product areas. 

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