Monitoring a TCPS enabled Oracle Database with Stack Monitoring

November 4, 2022 | 3 minute read
Aaron Rimel
Principal Product Manager, Observability and Management
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Building on the recent announcement of monitoring support for external Oracle multitenant Databases, Stack Monitoring now supports Oracle Databases leveraging TCP over SSL (TCPS).  Implementing security hardening strategies is critical for any IT infrastructure.  As such, network encryption is becoming ever more important.  Oracle helps to address this by providing TCP over SSL (TCPS) protocol for Oracle Database communication.  TCPS allows a client (application) to communicate with an Oracle Database securely.  This network encryption helps prevent security breaches such as a man-in-the-middle attacks.  Getting started with monitoring of a TCPS-enabled Oracle Database is easy with just a few simple steps.


Getting Started with Monitoring of a TCPS-enabled Oracle Database

First, the Oracle Database and listener must be configured to support TCPS.  The next step is importing the Keystore/Truststore into the Oracle Management Agent.  Stack Monitoring supports both the use of Java KeyStore (JKS) and Truststore (PKCS).  Once importing is complete, the next step is creating an OCI secret.  Finally, verify that Stack Monitoring has the necessary policy allowing the secret to be read.


Discovering an Oracle Database with Stack Monitoring

Stack Monitoring provides an easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank discovery process.  From the Stack Monitoring Discovery page, simply fill in the required blanks such as DNS hostname, Service Name, and Resource Name.  Then, under Protocol, select TCPS, verify the port in which the database is listening, and finally choose the password secret related to the Oracle Database being discovered and submit the Discovery job.  Once the discovery completes, Stack Monitoring will provide a link to the Oracle Database’s homepage.

Figure1: Oracle Database discovery with TCPS
Figure 1: Oracle Database discovery with TCPS


Oracle Database Homepage access to performance charts 

Database Homepages provide DevOps/ITOps engineers access to performance charts to quickly identify changes in activity or trend usage over time.  In addition to the Charts, Homepages provide access to Configuration details of Oracle Databases.  Identify if an Oracle Database utilizes TCPS and over which port, without needing to log on to the database host.

Figure 2: Stack Monitoring Homepage Configuration
Figure 2:  Stack Monitoring Homepage Configuration


Today’s IT infrastructures are under a constant barrage of security attacks.  Encrypting Oracle Database traffic is an important step in improving security posture. Stack Monitoring's support for Oracle Database TCPS encryption helps keep data private while monitoring critical business IT solutions.  Monitoring a TCPS-enabled Oracle Database and its’ application stack is just a click away.  Get started today!



Configuring Transport Layer Security Authentication

Creating New Secrets

Stack Monitoring: Oracle Database using TCPS

Stack Monitoring: TCPS Policy Creation


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Principal Product Manager, Observability and Management

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