Independent Study Finds Managing Databases with Enterprise Manager Results in 60% ROI

February 3, 2020 | 2 minute read
Moe Fardoost
Senior Director of Product Management
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The new year brings great news to the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) community. Now is a great time to get serious about updating to the current EM release and adding newly updated EM Packs. Oracle is making it easier to try the latest EM release without standing up new infrastructure to do so. Let's start with the first of the good news!

New Pique Solutions ROI Study

Customer interviews and research conducted by Pique Solutions were the basis of this study that quantifies the value our users are experiencing. The study includes in-depth interviews with users who shared before and after experiences of using Enterprise Manager. Pique Solutions then created a model and applied the findings for realistic quantification of the benefits. The study finds users can expect an ROI of 60% over a 3-year period. The study breaks the benefits down in three areas; administration productivity & efficiency, agility & scale, and resource optimization as depicted in figure 1 below.


A key finding of the deep analysis is the impact of using the different Management Packs for those managing the Oracle Database. The study provides best practices and guidance based on participant experiences, including which packs are best given a specific set of business needs. The study finds Management Pack adoption follows key patterns as shown in Figure 2.


There's a lot more discussed in the report. To get your own copy, click here.    

Now, Let's talk about more great news. Oracle Enterprise Manager Release 13.4 is available and it's chock-full of new capabilities to help you better manage growing database fleets. It also provides guided migration capabilities for faster cloud adoption. Watch a short video by Wim Coekaerts, SVP of Software Development for a quick summary of what's in this release and why you should care.  

Oracle is making it easier for you to take advantage of these capabilities on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As part of the EM announcement, we are providing Oracle best-practice images of Enterprise Manager on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Now you can try Enterprise Manager with a single click. It takes under an hour to provision a fully configured instance. The best thing about it is that there is no need to procure hardware, simply click and deploy.

If you are interested in learning more about the new release, join our upcoming deep-dive webcast to see demos and participate in Q&A with our product experts.

Summary of next steps: 

  • Read the ROI study
  • Download the latest EM Cloud Control 13.4 Release 
  • Run EM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Register to attend our deep-dive webcast


Moe Fardoost

Senior Director of Product Management

Moe is a seasoned Information Technology professional who has extensive experience in every stage of software market, having had hands-on roles as a software developer, QA lead, ITOps and customer service manager, product marketer, and most recently, product management. Moe's passions are cloud observability and automation, fly fishing, and skiing.

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