How To Use Key Features of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Mobile Application

August 11, 2021 | 3 minute read
Timothy Mooney
Director, Product Marketing
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Guest author Bill Keicher,  Oracle Software Development Snr Manager, shares the latest features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Mobile, which are compatible with Oracle Enterprise Manager software 13.4 and later, including several marquee capabilities. In this blog, he will review how you can filter groups and incidents, execute host commands, manage federation, and compliance remotely.

Group Filtering

When you need to focus on production databases, or a specific group of databases, use the group filtering feature in EM Mobile. It enables you to quickly view target health and incidents specific to the groups you care about in Enterprise Manager.  If you’ve federated your accounts in Enterprise Manager, you can quickly view target health summary data across multiple Enterprise Manager instances by a group.

1 Use group filtering to filter from all targets to G1 targets

Incident Manager Filtering

Filter issues in Oracle Enterprise Manager using your custom views and shared views that are defined in desktop from the mobile app and apply a custom date range to find the issues you need to respond to on the go.

2 Use Incident Manager to view incidents by custom and shared views and filter by date ranges.

Execute Host Commands

You can remotely execute host commands on any host managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager for which you have valid host credentials.  The Mobile Terminal enables you to conveniently execute a script or a non-interactive command on a host when you’re on the go.

3 Mobile command-line interface

Monitor Target Compliance

Target compliance data is available in the mobile app. For those who have federated their Enterprise Manager environment, you can further view compliance data across multiple Enterprise Manager instances. This is the same target compliance data available in the Compliance Dashboard beginning with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 release update 5 and greater.  The capability allows you to:

  • Quickly view compliance standard violations and compliance scores remotely
  • Collaborate and share compliance standard incidents with your teammates from your mobile device

4 Compliance widget in Enterprise Summary page and Compliance Summary page


The Oracle Enterprise Manager mobile app is available from the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™.

Apple App Store™

Google Play™


Apple App Store QR code


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Oracle Enterprise Manager Mobile documentation:

Oracle Enterprise Manager documentation:

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