How Confident Are You? - Database Configuration and Compliance Management

January 27, 2022 | 3 minute read
Steve Lemme
Senior Principal Product Manager
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To keep data secure, there are essential database lifecycle management activities DBAs and administrators should be performing. Unfortunately, the increasing demands of business, rising complexity, and volumes of data are impacting staff’s ability to perform. Often, there are databases outside of the purview of IT that are some of the most vulnerable – whether in the on-premises data center or cloud.

While there are many businesses whose IT group has regimented procedures in their data centers, some of those processes, tools, or scripts were not designed nor able to manage the challenges of database configurations in the cloud, hybrid on-premises, and cloud or multicloud.

Configuration and compliance database management activities are important, and it shouldn’t be something staff will get to later. The longer the business waits, it’s costing money.  But worse, it is increasing the risk of a database outage or a security breach.

To help you or your staff get started today, we’ve created an on-demand workshop environment on Oracle LiveLabs with hands-on lab exercises built by Oracle Database and Enterprise Manager experts. Performing these exercises on the Oracle Cloud eliminates the problem of having to find the resources and spending the time to build out your own environment. It’s a guided lab so you don’t have to read all the documentation first.  Here is a link for reference if you would like to learn all the capabilities you can perform for the challenge.

To get started, access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fundamentals workshop directly or by searching for it by name from the Oracle LiveLabs  catalog.

Enterprise Manager Fundamentals Hands-in Workshop
Figure1: Enterprise Manager Fundamentals Hands-in Workshop


Lab Environment Setup

First, just follow the steps and in approximately  20 minutes you have a configured and running environment accessible from your browser.

Automated Enterprise Manager Environment Deployment
Figure 2: Automated Enterprise Manager Environment Deployment


Configuration Management and Compliance of Oracle Databases

Changes to database configurations or their host inevitably happen no matter what you do. A little change could have a significant impact on an application, system, or worse compromise the data in your databases. First, you need to be watching for database changes. There are also Industry standards that help keep your database configured and protected against the latest bad actor database manipulation practices and show an auditor you are removing risk.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Lifecycle Management (EM DBLM) configuration management capabilities help you automate continuous monitoring and tracking of configuration drift against a reference configuration for Oracle Databases in your data center and cloud. Using the DBLM compliance management functionality, you can run automated, continuous security checks based on industry standards and best practices, like the Center for Internet Security (CIS), Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

In Lab 8, try out EM DBLM Configuration Management capabilities to monitor and locate any Oracle Databases with configuration changes. Next, check an Oracle Database configuration and compare it to an Industry Standard using DBLM Compliance Management functionality. View the video on securing Oracle Database configurations to Center for Internet Security (CIS) and other industry standards.

Automating Oracle Database Configuration and Compliance Management
Figure 3: Tasks to Automate Database Configuration Management and Compliance


For information about Enterprise Manager DBLM Configuration and Compliance capabilities

Utilize the resources below.

Steve Lemme

Senior Principal Product Manager

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