Host Monitoring just got easier in Stack Monitoring

December 13, 2022 | 3 minute read
Ana Maria McCollum
Senior Director of Product Management
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Last September, we introduced support for host observability with Stack Monitoring.  Stack Monitoring focuses on the discovery and monitoring of applications and application stack technologies such as Oracle Database, WebLogic Server, and E-Business Suite.  With host monitoring, operations teams get more complete visibility into the application tech stack, enabling them to correlate possible application performance degradation with status or resource utilization issues of the underlying on-premises hosts or OCI compute instances on which their applications are running.

Enable Host Monitoring in Minutes

In our latest release, enabling host monitoring just got easier. 

For OCI compute instances, simply enable the Management Agent Plugin of the Oracle Cloud Agent. For on-premises hosts, install the Management Agent.  After setting up the Management Agent, a promotion job will automatically be created to enable full monitoring of the underlying host, i.e., the on-premises host or OCI compute instance. To start the promotion job, administrators can simply go to Stack Monitoring’s Promote to full monitoring page, locate the host and select its Promote link:

Host Promotion job
Figure 1:  The host promotion job automatically appears after the agent is set up on the host.


In the slide-out panel that appears, review the resource name (i.e., hostname) and click on Promote Resource.

Host Promotion job details
Figure 2:  The host promotion job has been prefilled and is ready for review and job submission.


Within minutes, the promotion job is completed and full host monitoring is enabled. Click on the host resource name to access the home page.

Host promotion job has completed
Figure 3:  When the promotion job completes, easy access to the host homepage is available.


The host home page is then used to start monitoring the host’s status, resource usage and performance.

Monitor the host performance using the host homepage.
Figure 4:  After promotion, monitor status and performance of the host using the home page.


Get started today!

To learn more about how you can enable Stack Monitoring to monitor your hosts, Oracle databases, WebLogic Servers and applications such as E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft, refer to the Stack Monitoring documentation.

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Ana Maria McCollum

Senior Director of Product Management

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