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August 9, 2022 | 3 minute read
Sriram Vrinda
Director of Product Management
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Operations Insights host capacity planning now supports OCI Compute instances. This new capability provides a holistic view of all OCI Compute instances across Oracle Cloud to help optimize Compute capacity.  Capacity planning is based on proactive planning,  capacity forecasting based on historical business trends, and infrastructure metrics.

Why capacity planning?

Providing sufficient resources is a cloud provider's responsibility. However, service owners in a cloud-scale environment,  still need to ensure that application stacks do not hit scalability limits. Managing scalability limits and efficiently using computing resources on the application level is still highly relevant, even on cloud infrastructure.

Over-provisioning all resources instead of keeping an eye on capacity is highly inefficient. Infrastructure cost is not zero and customers will find underutilized infrastructure quickly consuming the business margin and running out of capacity when application usage suddenly surges.

Operations Insights host capacity planning functionality is available to help customers analyze the behavior of OCI Compute instances that are under load. Capacity Planning functionality helps generate insights, makes recommendations based on trends, correlation, dependencies and saturation of constraints.

With the introduction of host capacity planning for OCI Compute instances, you can now analyze the resource utilization of these systems, and thereby identify the capacity requirements and perform capacity optimization using the built-in forecasting capabilities and model future capacity needs.

Enabling OCI Compute instances for capacity planning can be done from the Operations Insights administration page for hosts by choosing the telemetry type as Cloud Infrastructure. Use the compartment selector to choose the compartments where Compute instances reside.  OCI Compute instances are automatically listed to select and enable capacity planning on the hosts of your interest.

Adding hosts to OPSI
Figure 1:  Enable Host Capacity Planning for OCI Compute instances from Operations Insights


OCI Compute Instances Capacity Planning Use Cases

Forecast resource requirements

Use the Operations Insights host capacity planning functionality for OCI Compute instances to perform the following analyses:

  • Enterprise-wide analysis of resource utilization, capacity planning for OCI Compute instances
  • Improve resource utilization by identifying under and over-utilized resources
  • Identify systems projected to reach high utilization and deal with spikes in demand that are impossible to plan for ahead of time
  • Identify total lead time to expand capacity forecast (via machine learning) based on long-term historic data to project future resource growth
  • Track and avoid overspending due to excessive resource usage 


host capacity planning functionality
Figure 2:  Capacity Planning for OCI Compute Instances Fleet view    


You can drill down to individual OCI Compute instances and look at performance characteristics to analyze:

  • Top hosts by the resource type CPU and memory
  • The trend of resource utilization of your server targets, and forecast values for a specific time period.
  • Top server targets by a specific attribute. For example, you can group targets by operating system, or utilization level
  • Find low resource utilization servers
  • Top processes trend based on physical memory usage
  • Plan ahead using performance history and seasonality
  • Ensure service levels can be met over time


Host CPU OPSI screenshot
Figure 3:  Host system details with seasonality patterns 


Operations Insights integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute instances and simplifies onboarding for existing customers using automated collection of data and advanced analytics for capacity planning. Operations Insights provides 360-degree insight into the resource utilization and capacity of databases and hosts. Easily analyze CPU and memory resources, forecast capacity issues, and proactively identify and optimize Compute capacity based on historical trends of business & infrastructure metrics.

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For more information about this feature and how you can use it, see the Operations Insights documentation.

Sriram Vrinda

Director of Product Management

Sriram Vrinda is an experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong product management professional skilled in Oracle Database, Autonomous Databases, MySQL Databases, IT Service Management, Solution Architect, and Pre-sales. He has helped various customers with Oracle solutions specifically around performance, availability, and scalability aspects for about 20 years.

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