Announcing the general availability of the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 App on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

July 16, 2021 | 3 minute read
K B Sumesh
Principal Product Manager
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We’re excited to announce that Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) 13.5  is now available as an app on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.  That means customers who are interested in trying the latest version of EM 13.5 without having to provision on-premises hardware have an easy path to start working with a fully-configured, updated EM instance with minimal installation effort. 


 Why is this important?

In the past, Oracle Enterprise Manager has provided application-to-disk management for the Oracle stack and especially Oracle Database environments. Over the years, customers have repeatedly asked us for simple ways to try out the latest-and-greatest EM environments without starting a large IT project on-premises. Customers have been anxiously awaiting a new version Oracle Enterprise Manager app that will provide a simple, easy-to-use "test drive" environment at their fingertips!

This latest release of the app makes it possible to quickly deploy both test-drive and production application environments of Enterprise Manger with just a few clicks.


This version of the Oracle Enterprise Manager App includes:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5
  • The Oracle Management Repository (OMR) uses Database 19c Release Update 11
    • TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) is enabled out-of-box, ensuring data safety on the Cloud
    • A new option is available which enables setup of a Standby Database for the OMR
  • WebLogic Server + April 2021 CPU
  • Enterprise Manager Diagnostics Kit June 2021
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 Update 281
  • Enterprise Manager 13.5 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) uses Oracle Linux (OL) 8.4
  • Supports both single-node (collapsed install) and multi-node configurations using an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager Stack

To get to the new App, sign in to OCI, navigate to the OCI Main Menu and then to Marketplace. Search for "Oracle Enterprise Manager" and click on Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Figure 1: The Oracle Enterprise Manager App listing in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace


Figure 2: Launching the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 stack


This version of the App supports both single-node (collapsed install) and multi-node configurations using an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager Stack.  The use of the OCI Resource Manager Stack allows deployment of both EM and its underlying infrastructure in a variety of shapes and sizes, as shown in Figure 3.  This eliminates the need for prerequisite steps.  It also means that a simple, easy-to-follow workflow, quickly deploys Enterprise Manager with Oracle Management Server (OMS) and OMR or separate nodes, as well as load balancing across multiple OMSs .  Refer to Figure 4 for a sample multi-node architecture. You can extend your multi-OMS environment to a Level 3 High Availability setup by also configuring Data Guard with your repository database.

Figure 3:  Selecting a Multi-Node Configuration during the setup process.


Figure 4:  Sample multi-node architecture: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Repository Database, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing service in Private subnet.


Get started today!

We've compiled a comprehensive installation and configuration guide -- see Setting Up Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 on Oracle Cloud InfrastructureThe total time to complete the setup is approximately 20 minutes for Single node and approximately 3 hours for a multi-Node deployment.

We hope you leverage these new options to quickly and easily deploy Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 in Oracle Cloud!

K B Sumesh

Principal Product Manager

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