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Visual Evolution ShipIt celebrates power of Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13

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By Erika Webb and Laurie Pattison, Oracle Applications User Experience

The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team has spent years on a set of projects internally referred to as “visual evolution.” We’re rolling out the next set of amazing branding tools from these projects as part of Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13

As part of this evolution of our interfaces, we have put a lot of time into creating a system that allows customers to quickly and easily take our enterprise software and customize the look and feel to represent their company brands.

We held a Visual Evolution ShipIt event in early August to explore R13’s powerful options. Heads of sales organizations from all over the world nominated a talented group of participants to attend the two-day event at Oracle HQ in Redwood City, Calif.

Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13: Home page
It's easy to customize the look of the home page in Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13. 

The goal was to make sure our sales organization became familiar with not only how to use the system to quickly update an interface for customers, but also learned skills to make good visual design decisions to reflect customer brands. 

Visual Evolution Shipit Event
The event started with an overview of good visual design, branding practices and demos from our user experience (UX) visual designers. Participants learned about R13’s branding tools and were then given a few hours to prepare new branded interfaces. 

This was an extremely competitive group, so you know we had to have a contest. Participants had been asked to bring three customer opportunities to put through a branding exercise. Our judges selected five contenders, ranging from car companies to airlines to a major religious organization – so the examples resulted in very different looks for each project. Judges chose three winning projects based which best captured customer brand identity in an Oracle interface.

See each winner with Oracle Executive Vice President Steve Miranda, below: 

First place: Krista Froess

Second place: Flavio Rodriguez

Third place: Tim Deegan

Visual Evolution ShipIt gave participants and mentors a chance to take a deep dive into Release 13’s branding tools.
The Visual Evolution ShipIt gave participants and mentors a chance to take a deep dive into Release 13’s branding tools. 

Because workshop participants came from all over the globe, we wanted to ensure good opportunities to network, to learn from the experts, and to check out some recent and future UX innovations. On day two, the group toured the OAUX Cloud Lab. If you are ever in HQ, we encourage you to sign up for this in advance. It’s an amazing opportunity to see the cool and innovative things the OAUX team has been doing.  

We dedicated the rest of the event to meeting our UX experts and sharing more best practices. Oracle's Titus Icleanu, from Bucharest, Romania, showcased some of the great work coming out of Eastern Europe. Later, experts in various UX areas (HCM, CX, ERP, visual design, etc.) held office hours so participants could ask questions about the roadmap, user research, and get tips for more specific issues. 

The AppsLab folks drew a crowd during Meet the Experts Day
The AppsLab folks drew a crowd during Meet the Experts Day.

Learn more

Want to find out more about what’s happening with Oracle’s upcoming UX investments?

The OAUX team is hosting at the OAUX Exchange during Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in San Francisco in early October. Get the details on what we’re planning to show and how you can register from our recent post, “Add the OAUX Exchange, a showcase of the future, to your OpenWorld lineup.” Or go straight to our registration page: https://tinyurl.com/OAUXExchange.





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