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The UX Expo Event at OOW15

Erika Webb
Director UX

We have been doing a lot of events in the last 2 years, and sometimes people ask us what we do with all the great ideas that come out of them. The short answer is that we take the best ideas and work with product development teams to see how they could be incorporated into Oracle products. But there's a longer answer, which includes that we also try to showcase some of the best solutions in as many ways as we can. One of the big ones is at the Oracle Applications User Experience Expo at OpenWorld. If you read our last two posts, you know we were bringing one particular design to the Expo and a couple of sweet visualizations as well.

The OAUX Expo is a lot of fun.  If you missed it the last two years, you really need to book mark it as an event to be sure to attend at OOW16.  We had more than 200 customers, analysts and partners come through to see the latest innovations coming from the Applications User Experience team.

OAUX in full swing


OAUX in full swing


As you may remember from Evert's blog about the challenges of a developer getting ready for OOW, we were presenting our warehouse management app design that we developed from the 1st place team entry in our Guadalajara IoT hackathon.  You can see the system that Rafa and I demo'd  during the day in the picture below.  The goal of this proof of concept piece was to show that with fairly inexpensive technology, we could make a warehouse worker both faster and more accurate in fulfilling orders in a warehouse.  The demo was built with Raspberry Pis, sensors and a lot of LEDs but to get the concept of the warehouse to come through in a small space, we also built a warehouse out of Legos and an order cart from a child's shopping cart and a cooling rack for cakes.  Did I mention I love my job? 

Rafa and Erika presenting at the OAUX

Rafael Belloni and me at the OAUX Expo

We also got to see some great other projects at the Expo.  Our friends at the Apps Lab created an amazing SmartOffice Demo.  The Apps Lab is still doing demos that they talked about on their blog -- check it out if you are at OOW this year!  They also had a hilarious demo of  a system where you could control the movement of some race cars on a track using large gestures.  Here's a fun shot of Rafa and friend of the Innovation Labs DJ Ursal trying it out before everyone showed up for the event.


OAUX cars

Rafa and DJ testing the motion-controlled cars at the OAUX


DJ was also demo'ing an app that was created from a winning entry in our Beacons Hackathon at the Expo.  In his case, he was showing a new Beacons Management Console built for the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service.  DJ and our fearless leader Jeremy Ashley posed for us in front of DJ's demo station at the Expo also.

DJ and Jeremy as the beacons station

Jeremy Ashley and DJ Ursal at the Beacons Management Console station


The Applications User Experience team is always crazy busy at OOW.  In addition to presentations and the Expo, we also have a lot of usability testing in process.  If you ever wanted to be a part of the testing of new Oracle Applications, you get a great opportunity to see and try new application flows before they even end up in products.  Your feedback can shape the future of Oracle Apps.

And last but not least, our Innovation Labs team has been a part of the Oracle Usability Advisory Board for years now.  This amazing group of customers meet regularly throughout the year to discuss usability issues and give us input on the things we are developing to help us address the needs of our customers.  Every OOW, we have a luncheon with all the customers who are attending.  This year's luncheon was a great chance to catch up and learn more about what they are doing, what they saw at OOW and what directions they are interested in.

OUAB Luncheon 2015

OUAB Lunch at OOW15

OOW is always a great place to see new things and demo all of our hard work.  You can see even more of what we were doing this week on our Storify page.  If you are around OOW this year or next, you should check in with the groups I named above.  We'd love to have you come by and tell us what you think!



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