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The Future of Information in India

Erika Webb
Director UX


We got back from our round of design jams in India and while we relaxed a bit for Thanksgiving, we're back at it now!  The jams were a huge success and we had a lot of fun with them.  The topic was the Future of Information, and as always, we got some great ideas and saw some terrific teams in action.  

Our poster in the hallway in Hyderabad

First Up:  Hyderabad!

We started our trip in Hi Tec City in Hyderabad.  It's been years since I was there and it has really exploded.  It was a great opportunity to meet up with people we have worked with for years in our ATK group, but never met in person.  We really enjoyed meeting up with all the talented folks who participated.  We started out with a UX talk the day before the event which was completely packed.  It's so nice to see how enthusiastic everyone there was to learning more about trends that are shaping the User Experience at Oracle.  We even managed to work in a trip to the Shilparamam Cultural Society, which includes a rural museum with a display of a model Indian village, with huts made from baked clay and thatch. 

Shilparamam Cultural Society

On Day 2, we started our jam with a sold out crowd.  We had 10 total teams involved in the event working on all kinds of ideas.   Midway through the day, we got everyone up and moving, of course, with a few quick activities--you can see people were having fun with it!

Getting moving!

Out of this Design Jam, we had three winning teams as determined by our team of judges: Laurie Pattison, Senior Director UX; Liff Thomas, VP Applications Development; Nalin Chouhan, Senior Director, Projects Development and Subraya Yeltimar, Group Vice President, Fusion and EBS HCM Development.  

Team Synergy came in first place with a design to show contextual results for Oracle Social Network users as they collaborate. Since a lot of us are OSN users, we could see the real potential here.

Team Synergy

Our 2nd place winners, Team Jam Packed, worked on a solution to redesign setup options such that social network systems would automatically detect any upcoming issues on support and development.  That predictive model really impressed our judges as a useful solution to a problem and they detailed it out with one of the personas we shared to show a day in the life of this developer.

Team Jam Packed

Third place went to our ATK Jammers team.  They focused on the problem of talent acquisition, using APIs to collect information from various sites to help managers find the right people for their jobs.  Since finding good people quickly is always a challenge, this idea really resonated with the judges.

The ATK Jammers

Finally, our People's Choice team, Team SmartUI developed a contextual user interface that provided a strong visual reference to the transaction and user with which it is associated to help the user make faster and more informed decisions.  I think our audience could really relate to this issue, and they won the People's Choice vote!


Next Stop: Bangalore!

Our Bangalore stop also included a very well-attended UX Trends talk that Laurie presented. The Bangalore offices are brand new and really nice.  The only downside was we couldn't find a space big enough to hold our whole Jam, so we ended up moving this one offsite to a nearby hotel.


The lobby light pattern was very festive


It ended up being a really nice venue and since that whole area of town has been built really recently, the hotel was very new.  Just as our Hyderabad event was, the Jam was packed.  We were fully maxed out on participants and had a great time.  It's always amazing to me how many great and different ideas come out of these design jams.  We had another great team of judges: Laurie Pattison, Senior Director UX; and Liff Thomas, VP Applications Development were here as well.  We also had Valli Pataballa, who just happened to be in India during our jam, Sr. Director, FMW Curriculum Development; and Venkatesh Vinod Chikabelapur, Senior Director, Fusion CRM Sales Development.  

Starting in reverse order this time, our 3rd place team was GenNexT.  Their idea was a system to help an employee with the time consuming things they have to deal with every day, from commuting, to facilities to food and break options.  By creating a single app to help users make informed decisions throughout the day, this app provides a hassle free work experience in turn enhances productivity at work.

Team GenNexT

Our 2nd place team in Bangalore was ReAlyti, playing off of Retail Analytics.  They had a unique idea to create a disaster response management system for coordinating relief effort and stock management by leveraging Oracle Retail Applications.  

Team ReAlyti working on their solution

And last but not least, winning both the People's Choice and 1st place was Team Career Falcons!  They created a self driven career charting for employee combined with the social capabilities.  Their goal was to help the organization do a better job engaging employees, ensuring that the employees are more productive and easier to retain.  Their idea was great but they also had a very fun delivery which always helps engage the audience.  The most amazing thing about Career Falcons was that on the day of the event, we added a new employee to their team who had only been with Oracle a few days!  What a great way to start your days at Oracle.  Here's a shot of them working away!

Career Falcons hard at work 

We had a wonderful team of mentors for both Bangalore and Hyderabad.  We could not have pulled off two events in a single week without the help of Pranav Natekar, Bharathi Mani, Rohit Kumar Singh, Abhishek Sahu,  Alex Thomas, and Juliette Fleming.  Here are some of us in Bangalore with our Design Jam signs!

Pranav, Rohit, Laurie, Abhishek, Serguei, Bharathi, Erika and Mindi



Until next time, India, we can't wait to come back.  And next time, we'll make sure we have time for a bull cart ride!






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