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Showing the Oracle Applications User Experience Roadmap to Oracle's Asia Partners

By Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience
After months of planning, the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team has completed a series of packed events to update Oracle ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) partners on the Applications Cloud user experience strategy in Singapore in May.  
We owe a huge thank you to our hosts: Check Yang Ang, Senior Director, Alliances & Channels, Asia Pacific; and Shy Meei Siow, Cloud and Business Analytics, Alliances & Channels, Asia Pacific. It is always a privilege to work with colleagues with such great event vision and execution.

We kicked off events with Kang Song Lim, Managing Director of Singapore Partners, setting the context about Oracle’s position in the cloud business.  He focused on: 
  • Our momentum worldwide in the cloud, including Mark Hurd’s comments on reaching $200 million in annual recurring revenue in the cloud and closing in on being the largest service provider in the cloud.  
  • Complete SaaS wins the deal, and players who have the most complete SaaS suite will win.  Oracle now has every category from HCM to ERP to CX, and according to Mark Hurd, expects to have 95% of its products in the cloud this year.  We are either a leader or competing to be a leader in the space. We are the only vendor to offer IaaS to PaaS to SaaS. 
  • Partners have an opportunity in the customization, integration, and extension space for customers, who are looking for support from trusted advisors.
He then shifted gears into a question-and-answer format with Jeremy Ashley (@jrwashley), Group Vice President, Applications User Experience, before the OAUX team opened up a series of demo stations for partners to explore.
KS: This is the first time we have seen a team this big come to the region, especially from development.  What are you hoping to accomplish?
JA: The investment in cloud user experiences is a corporate-level initiative.  We know we have to get the word out very quickly.  Oracle is going through a transition, as are our customers, so we need to get out in front very quickly.
KS: The entire approach we have taken for this user experience team and the conversation we want for you [our partners] to have with our customers is quite different now.
JA: It’s a very different perspective.   If you look at the old enterprise software side, it was about quantity, it was about the number of features you could put in front of a customer.  
Just because we have all those capabilities does not mean we have to show all those capabilities firsthand.  If you show a product and every feature is there, you are showing how much power it has, yes, but the performance will slow and the experience will be intimidating.  It’s not that we have gotten rid of features; we have a very particular philosophy to allow customers to remove and control the performance and complexity of the cloud user experience.
KS:  We have a very different setup in terms of engaging partners. What do you want the audience to take away about this afternoon?
JA: You will come away seeing the pride, time, and effort we have put into these products.  You will see the quality and care that we have put in the products.  As you go through, pick up the product, use it, and ask questions, and share your feedback. 
Ashley then talked about the Oracle Applications User Experience trends and strategy. Get the high points of that presentation from our free e-book.

 The afternoon was a whirlwind where we got to show off our Applications Cloud user experiences for:
HCM Cloud 
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
ERP Cloud
Cloud extensibility 
Platform-as-a-Service for SaaS (also known as PaaS4SaaS)
Emerging Technologies including wearables & visualizations

Day 2 brought a well-received deep-dive session, for implementation specialists of the Oracle Applications Cloud user experience sales and toolkit capabilities. Led by Ultan O’Broin (@usableapps), and Greg Nerpouni (@gnerpouni), the goal of the day was to raise awareness with partners of how they needed to begin developing in-house skills around: 
Nerpouni, described the event this way: “It was obvious that they enjoyed hearing our messaging around extensibility, but they were even more appreciative of learning the tangible ways to apply Oracle’s tools to deliver results.”  
O’Broin said that partners were immediately drawn to PaaS4SaaS UX enablement as the cloud differentiator and their competitive must-have. “Backed by a live demo of a simplified UI deployed to JCS and with wisdom of the cloud from Debra Lilley, Steve Miranda, and Mark Sunday and others still resonating in the audience, the energy, enthusiasm and eagerness I felt made me think we'd hit the mark,” he added. 

Want to find out more?

Check out the UsableApps page for Applications Cloud partners.

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