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Mutual Materials modernizes their sales force user experience with Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile

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By Vikki Lira, Senior Principal Market Research Analyst

The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team has found that one of the best ways to discover if our hard work is paying off is to sit down with customers and talk to them about the user experience value and benefit they’re getting out of their investment in the Oracle Cloud. In this post, we talk with Guy DeFlorio, above, chief technology officer of Mutual Materials, about an implementation of Oracle Sales Cloud.

Mutual Materials

Mutual Materials is a manufacturing company based in the Pacific Northwest. It has manufactured and distributed masonry and hardscape products for more than 100 years.

As their business grew, Mutual Materials leaders felt it was time to evaluate and modernize their CRM system. Although they were already an Oracle customer, they wanted to understand what other vendors could offer. After reviewing their options, Mutual Materials came back to Oracle – drawn in by the Oracle Sales Cloud mobile application. For them, it was ideal because their sales force often is working with customers in the field and at building sites.

 “The mobile app was so well connected, and it was easy to transact field activities,” DeFlorio said. “It became an important factor that differentiated Oracle’s offering from the others.”

Oracle Sales Cloud is complete. Everything you would want to be able to do seems to be there, and most importantly, it’s intuitive.
–Guy DeFlorio,
chief technology officer, Mutual Materials

In evaluating other vendors, DeFlorio said his team didn’t want their sales reps to be burdened by keeping track of their sales activities. They wanted it to be simple for them to move around a lot but still stay on top of things.

Mutual Materials has a multi-generational sales force. Many of its reps have worked for the company for more than 25 years. De Florio said the company needed a solution that appealed not only to its most technology-savvy sales reps, but also to the most seasoned veterans. 

Once Oracle Sales Cloud was fully implemented, Mutual Materials was successful in getting its sales team to use the Oracle Sales Cloud Mobile app on their smartphones. As busy field reps, they are using the application every day, De Florio said. They’re able to visit their customers, record their activities and easily allow their managers to view what they’re doing – all to ensure that they’re best serving their customers.

DeFlorio said one business benefit that won over his IT team was the ability to make the product do exactly what they needed it to do very simply, without any code changes or hiring an outside consultant.

“Oracle Sales Cloud is complete. Everything you would want to be able to do seems to be there, and most importantly, it’s intuitive,” he said.

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