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IoT Hackathon!

Laurie Pattison
Senior Director

We've been busy with all things IoT.  A few weeks ago, I had a whirlwind IoT week, starting with a design jam for Misha Vaughan's (@mishavaughan) Communications and Outreach Team to develop strong business use cases.


The next day, I jumped on a plane to our beautiful Mexico Development Center (MDC) office in Guadalajara, Mexico to kick off our first IoT hackathon on May 15-16.  Luckily, Erika (@erikanollwebb) had arrived earlier to not only make sure everything was in place, but to also speak at an IoT meetup that week in Guadalajara. 

Why IoT?  We've written a fair amount in our blog about IoT and why it's so important to Oracle.  There's a whole lot of work going on to enable IoT technically and securely at Oracle (take a look at the IoT Evangelist team site for collateral).  In UX, we are focusing both on the research to ensure we develop good enterprise solutions, and turning those into technical proof-of-concepts.  That's where my team comes in.

The event was a lot of work and a lot of fun.  We love to run events in our MDC office.  Since the average developer there is only a few years out of school, we often get great, and uniquely Millennial-leaning use cases.  Also, where else can you eat tacos for breakfast? 

Teams had from 10 am on Friday to 3 pm code check-in on Saturday to develop their solutions. We gave them Raspberry Pi's and GrovePi starter kits with multiple sensors to create a solution.  Additionally, our resident IoT expert and mentor Noel Portugal (@noelportugal) showed up with his portable IoT lab:


Teams came up with solutions ranging from optimizing bus routes, tracking stolen items from laptops to cars, to managing warehouse kanbans (2nd prize went to Uncle Grandpa for this entry!), and several reservation systems, both using restrooms as their use cases, but can be applied to conference rooms or parking.  For a first-hand review from one of the teams, take a look at the AppsLab blog post from Ben Bendig.

Team Blue Iguana's parking reservation and availability solution.

The winning entry was a regrouping of a previous design jam winning team, the Mariachis, who created a warehouse picking system with nice, clean code that worked flawlessly in their demo. 

There are a lot more IoT events in the works for us.  I'm wondering if we're all frustrated electricians, but we definitely have fun playing with the Raspi's and sensor kits.  Stay tuned for an IoT hackathon at Oracle HQ on July 30-31, where we'll be joined by some of the Oracle IoT Cloud development team, and our first partner hackathon with eProseed in September in our Utrecht office.  To follow the progress of that event, follow the event's Twitter account @iot_hackathon

On a closing note, just want to say that it wouldn't be an IoT hackathon without Raspberry Pi(e).

Raspis are fun and delicious, too!



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