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Inside the Design Process for the Apps UX Innovation Labs

Erika Webb
Director UX

The following blog was written by our team Visual Designer from the Mexico Development Center, Adrian Montoya! 

As you may know at this point at Oracle UX Innovation Labs, our mission is to stimulate ideas and creative thinking through our fantastic events such as Hackathons and Design Jams.  In the last 3 years, we have run more than 30 events and we have had a blast on every one of them, collecting great ideas from Oracle's talented employees.

We believe that making the world more open and connected means being open ourselves, sharing not only the event organization we do but also how we do it. As a result, we started thinking about how to share a critical part of our event process: the design process.
If you follow this blog, chances are you have seen at least one of our event posters, flyers or websites.  If you have participated in one of our events, there's even more.  For each event we usually design the whole "brand" for the event, which usually includes a variety of digital and printed materials. We create posters, flyers, email marketing, t-shirts, stickers, websites etc. But how we decide the brand part?
We love to do things easily and straight to the point.  We start with a theme for each event.  Once we have this defined, the rest of the process is the fun part.  We start with brainstorming and I start sketching some ideas based on the input, for example the Oracle Maker Faire.  The ideas come around tech doodles, maker, robotics and so on. Then based on this we make a review of the design proposals (usually Serguei, Erika, Laurie and me) always considering the brand guidelines and the corporate style.  In logo design, we like to use fun metaphors to represent the selected topic in vector shapes or fun type. In the case of the Oracle Maker Faire the robot is part of our event logo so we integrate this to deliver a creative brand.  In the poster designs and certificates, we usually create a fun or related story to the topic we want to share with all of you just to make it more visually engaging and interesting.
The design process in a diagram might look like this:
Input topic > Brainstorming / Sketching > Review of the proposals > Design election > Fun designing

A peek at our design process

We have two parts to all of our event collateral - the main logo that is used for different applications such as t-shirts or flyers, and the rest of the fun ambiance part for posters, certificates, websites and email invitations.   We also ask brand approval for some of our Aria badges (internal employee directory) and communication material to ensure the correct promotion of the corporate line (since we are a huge corporate team). When designing this, I usually take inspiration from the latest design trends in the case of the icon or vector designs or color palettes to be sharp and make a great impression on our community! 

If you have been on the 3rd floor of building 300 at HQ you probably have seen our poster gallery on the large wall in the middle hallway.  And of course, we often have our collateral in images for our blogs!

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