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Dublin Tech Summit 2017: Running into the Oracle Experience

In Dublin's Fair City

I've just been to the first Dublin Tech Summit (@DubTechSummit) where I was wowed by the awesome depth and breadth of the event, learned some new things, renewed old acquaintances, and forged new business relationships too!


Robo Thespian from Engineered Arts: "We Can't Unbite the Apple"

Dublin Tech Summit (DTS) offered a powerful schedule covering topics from Fashion and Healthcare to IoT and FinTech and a geansaí load more for an audience that ranged from storytellers to investors to coders, combined with workshops and a platform for startups and spearheaded by a top notch speaker line up. A powerful promotional campaign by the DTS organizers resulted in the Convention Centre Dublin (@TheCCD) packed with attendees from around the world, all greeted by the ever-engaging Robo Thespian in the CCD lobby.

FinTech, IoT, and More...

I was particularly impressed with the sessions on FinTech and IoT, the focus on happening technologies such as AI, VR and chatbots, and how millennials live and work in the digital age. Millennials, for example, would prefer to bank with a digital tech brand such as Amazon or Google than a more 'traditional' financial institution.


Accenture, Samsung, and others brought cutting edge AI, VR, and other happening tech to the event.

Oracle had a strong DTS presence in the exhibition area as well as great sessions on the Internet of Things (IoT) and business transformation, covering such fascinating uses for the linking of devices and cloud data such as parking management and factory monitoring in the U.S.,  e-scooters in Japan, and data analytics for performance sailing in the America’s Cup, FinTech, and more.


Oracle had a strong floor presence for SaaS, IoT and Cloud Services, a fun Anki OVERDRIVE demo, and super IoT sessions by Oracle IoT strategist Joost Volker (@joostvolker) who also joined with other industry players to share insights into BigData, IoT, and digital transformation.

That Conversation About UI

An engaging session from Comtrade Digital on chatbots, or conversational computing, offered me insights into how chatbots have brought the Turing Test to life in real business as mobile messaging chat apps surpass social networks usage. Chatbots offer a personal, fun, and free yet deeply contextual mobile user experience for the millennial generation but also delivers a text-based conversational engagement that resonates with us 'perennials' too.


There was a super-engaging FinTech session on chatbot conversational computing from Comtrade Digital titled "When millennials literally can't even ..."

Would I Go Again? Yep! 

In all, this was one super event that did the Dublin tech ecosystem proud and it was great to see Oracle there in force with some great thought leadership on show. DTS was a great platform for demonstrating your goodness sure, but also a place for hands-on doing and learning, relationship building, and opening your mind to innovative possibilities. That DTS did my hometown of Dublin proud made it all a sweeter experience!

Check out the great pictures on the DTS Photo Project. We're so hip in Dublin there was even a Spotify playlist you can listen to

Dublin Tech Summit: Where you'll 'run into' all sorts of digitally-savvy people doing great things. 


Here’s to DTS in 2018!

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(All images in this post by Ultan O'Broin)

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