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De groeten uit Nederland!

Laurie Pattison
Senior Director

In case you don't speak perfect Dutch, this means "hello from the Netherlands".  We're in Utrecht doing some last minute prep work for our IoT hackathon @iot_hackathon with our partner eProseed.

eProseed is a Platinum Partner, and our co-organizers, Lonneke Dikmans and Luc Bors are both UX Advocates and Ace Directors.  We decided to do this IoT hackathon together as there is a lot of work going on now in Europe and in the Netherlands, in particular, in leveraging the power of IoT connectiveness to bring benefits to citizens, whether it is through improved city planning, knowing where to park your bike, or making things from your office to traffic lights smarter. 

As you know, we've been huge fans of IoT for a long time in UX as we see a lot of potential benefit for users.  That's why we run these hackathons with a decidedly strong UX point-of-view.  If there aren't distinct user benefits, IoT can just be noise.  Jeremy Ashley just wrote a Forbes OracleVoice article today on the very topic of finding the value of IoT. We know there are are a lot of solutions out there looking for a problem (my own favorite, not always G-rated, collection is http://weputachipinit.tumblr.com/)

Paul Pedrazzi, friend of UX and previous colleague from our own AppsLab folks just wrote a great LinkedIn post the other day that reminded me of those "a ha" moments that we hope to have from our hackathons; that we look for breakthrough vs. incremental innovation. It's a pretty tall order to hope for a Tesla-like experience, but harvesting the collective brainpower of hackers always brings great surprises. 

Stay tuned for our next post on the results of the hackathon. In the meantime, look for me around Utrecht.  I'll be the one on the black bicycle.




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