An Oracle blog about Application UX

The OAUX Blog is the place to find out the latest about the direction of Oracle’s cloud user experience strategy. We’ll also write about where emerging technology research and innovation are leading the next evolution of applications you use every day, and how Oracle is investing in the future of enterprise applications.

If you’re a partner or developer looking for help in extending or tailoring an application without breaking the user experience, we have what you need. Check under our Rapid Development Kit category for user experience design patterns and more information that will enable you to do your job more efficiently.

For customers who want to engage with Oracle and be a part of the solution, we offer a customer participation program that provides a way for you to be part of the research. Look for posts in our Customer Engagement category about where we’ll be conducting feedback sessions and other research next, so that you can attend activities at our on-site labs.

For every release, this blog will pull out the user experience highlights across product families in a way that provides a global picture of how the Oracle Cloud is evolving.