Thursday Jun 05, 2008

Solaris Cluster Express 6/08 available

As I announced to the OpenSolaris community yesterday, we've released a new version of Solaris Cluster Express. SCX, as we call it, is a build of Solaris Cluster for Solaris Express. This release runs on SXCE build 86. If you don't want to build the cluster source code yourself, this binary distribution is a good option for trying out Solaris Cluster / Open HA Cluster on OpenSolaris.

Friday May 30, 2008

Solaris Cluster Fully Open Source

This announcement yesterday marks the culmination of my work for the past 1 1/2 years or so. In summary, we open sourced over two million lines of code!

I've learned quite a bit about the legal and business side of open sourcing in the process of getting this code open sourced. But hopefully now I can stop spending so much time with lawyers and get back to programming :-)

Here's a roundup of the various blog entries so far mentioning this release:

Friday Feb 15, 2008

Recent Open HA Cluster Activity

There have been some exciting developments in the Open HA Cluster open-source community over the past couple months. Specifically:

Tuesday Dec 04, 2007

Sun Cluster Geographic Edition is now Open-Source

The source code for the Sun Cluster Geographic Edition product is now available in the HA Clusters community on! In addition to browsing the Open High Availability Cluster Geographic Edition source code, you can download it and build it with either the Sun Studio or the gcc compiler.

This source code release represents the second phase of the complete Sun Cluster open-sourcing roadmap. The first phase, the Sun Cluster Agents, occurred last June, and the third and final phase, the Sun Cluster core gate, will happen sometime next year.

I'm particularly pleased that, in addition to product code, this release of the Geographic Edition source includes test code, man pages, and globalization source.

Monday Oct 29, 2007

Solaris Cluster Express 10/07 available

Solaris Cluster Express 10/07 is now available for download.

As usual, Solaris Cluster Express is a complete version of the Solaris Cluster product that runs on the Solaris Express platform. This release of Solaris Cluster Express runs on Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07.

Try it out -- it's free!

Thursday Sep 20, 2007

Photos from Sun Tech Days Boston

I wrote last week that I was in Boston for the kickoff event of Sun Tech Days 2007-2008.

I thought the OpenSolaris day and Installfest went well. If you're interested, you can check out the slides (PDF file) from my talk on Open High Availability Cluster.

Here are some photos

Giving my talk

Continuing my talk

Stephen Lau, multitasking Solaris installs across four laptops at the Installfest

Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

At Sun Tech Days Boston

I'm in Boston this week for the Sun Tech Days conference. Today I will be giving a presentation on Open High Availability Cluster as part of the OpenSolaris track. Here's the complete conference agenda.

Monday Jul 30, 2007

Solaris Cluster Express 7/07 available

The first release of Solaris Cluster Express is now available for download.

Solaris Cluster Express 7/07 is a complete version of Solaris Cluster that runs on Solaris Express Community Edition build 68. You can install and run Solaris Cluster Express 7/07 on SPARC based platforms and on 32-bit or 64-bit x86 based platforms.

As the tech lead on this effort, I'm particularly pleased that we were able to release it so quickly after our first Solaris Cluster source-code release last month.

My colleague, Thorsten, wrote a great summary of the reasons that this is a particularly exciting release.

You can also browse the installation instructions.

Please check it out and give us your feedback!

Monday Jul 23, 2007

My Upcoming Open HA Cluster Talks

I'll be presenting, "Discovering Open High Availability Cluster" at two different OpenSolaris User Groups in the next few weeks.

Both meetings are open to the public. If you’re in the area, please come by!

Thursday Jul 05, 2007

Globalization Source for Sun Cluster Agents

We've open-sourced some more Solaris Cluster code under the Open High Availability Cluster umbrella. The globalization (G11N) source code for the Solaris Cluster Agents is now available.

Browse the source

Download the source

Friday Jun 29, 2007

A Few More Open HA Cluster Links

Blog posts about Open HA Cluster

News stories about Open HA Cluster

Thursday Jun 28, 2007

More Open HA Cluster Links

Some more blog posts about Open HA Cluster

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Wednesday Jun 27, 2007

Open HA Cluster Web Roundup for June 27, 2007

Recent blog posts about Open HA Cluster

Listen to Open Sourced Solaris Cluster, a podcast interview with my Director, Keith White.

News stories about Open HA Cluster

There are many other news stories, but they mostly seem to be duplicates of the above listed stories.

Open-Source Solaris Cluster

I'm excited to report that the HA Clusters community group on went live this morning!

In addition, we released over 200,000 lines of Solaris Cluster code, including most of the Sun Cluster Agents and the Data Services Automated Test Suite, under the name, Open High Availability Cluster. This code is available under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), as is most of the code on OpenSolaris. You can download the code here.

The agents and test code compiles with Sun Studio 11, which is freely available from the Sun Download Center.

We're committing to open-source the full Solaris Cluster product over the next 18 months, including the agents, core, Geographic Edition, test suites, and docs. We expect to open nearly three million lines of code! (Two million lines of product code and one million lines of test code).

I'm looking forward to working with the new HA Clusters community on future Open HA Cluster development!


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