Why I Didn’t Buy Genie Backup Manager

In my ongoing quest to find a decent backup solution for Windows XP, I evaluated Genie Backup Manager Home 7.0. Although it worked better than Norton Save and Restore, it had one major problem: speed. I expected the initial backup of my 23,000 files or so to be slow, and it was (about 8 hours). But I didn’t expect the incremental backups to be so excruciatingly slow. The first incremental backup, one day after the initial backup, ran for seven hours before I gave up and aborted it. And this run was to backup only the six files that had been modified since the initial backup! On to the next option: NTI Shadow.


Easy fix - buy a Mac Book Pro - Problem solved.

Posted by Sean O'Neill on April 20, 2007 at 05:01 AM MDT #

Look at www.arconis.com

Posted by Alain on April 23, 2007 at 02:46 AM MDT #

Correction of my previous post: www.acronis.com

Posted by Alain on April 23, 2007 at 02:49 AM MDT #

To Sean O'Neill: Why would having a Mac Book Pro solve the problem? I looked online and saw some backup softwares offered by Mac, but nothing that seemed specific to the Pro.
(PS: I currently use Lacie's SilverKeeper program for my backup routine on various Macs, and I love it.)

Posted by Loraine on April 27, 2007 at 05:43 PM MDT #

Have you tried Genie Backup Manager Home V7.0 recently?! I've purchased it 1 month ago and it's backing up my data like a breeze!!

Posted by Axe on May 20, 2007 at 08:52 PM MDT #

I just purchased GBM version 8.0, its working perfectly and it contains Disaster recovery for my Vista Home Edition

Posted by John on September 09, 2007 at 06:36 PM MDT #

I just upgraded to GBM Pro8 as well. And its working like a charm! Theyve changed the compression engine and its much faster.. And I now use it for my DR solution as well

Posted by Keri Essig on September 09, 2007 at 08:20 PM MDT #

Backup4all ( http://www.backup4all.com ) is a very good alternative too.

Posted by Claud on November 06, 2007 at 06:37 PM MST #

I tried this annoying piece of backup software out. Talk about convoluted, I almost never got the program to send me a notification that the backup went ok. And I really do know how to set that up, the test went fine, but the program would never send out a real notification whether I had Outlook Up or Down. It kept forgetting my settings no matter what. Further, just finding where they bury the email notification settings and remembering that was a real pain. Eventually I did get the email verification to work, but the resulting message is full of text about registering for an account and stuff I don't want my clients or even my wife to see.

the Incremental backups are really "full backups" of changes, not replacements of files that have changed since the last time you backed up. If anyone wants to argue that some of what I am saying isn't right, then the question is, why aren't these things obvious? I use several other backup programs that don't have these issues. Really annoyed and removing this crap. Also, shut up with the dunning messages every few minutes telling me to buy the full version. I finally figured out where to turn that crap off. Jeez.
This program may have a lot of features, but several of them don't work right and are not fool proof. Backups must be fool proof to protect against us fools who are setting them up. Backing up by FTP told me over and over that things went fine, when in fact they didn't go at all. Eventually I got the right formula.

Posted by computer friend on March 25, 2008 at 06:48 AM MDT #

A few more comments. Even though I turned off the Nagging message popping up from the bottom of the screen, Genie Backup Manager has continued to annoy the heck out of me with popup messages about how many days I have left to register.
Also, when an archive is saved as a "zip" file, well it isn't a zip file at all, It has the extension of .gbp regardless of what the instructions say.
All in all, Genie Backup Manager is a DOG in my opinion and it has so many rough edges that I am thinking that all of the positive reviews out here on the Internet are just either plain simple lies and/or hype.
As a systems administrator it is my job to make sure my clients and networks run correctly and confidently. I see so many issues here . . .
I think it is unfair to the consumer to present a piece of software as being "the perfect thing" when it certainly isn't. The people who make Genie Backup Manager need to sit down with a number of people not experienced with their software and see what the issues really are.

Posted by computer friend on March 25, 2008 at 09:53 AM MDT #

I have to totally agree with your comments, computer friend.
I'm using Genie Backup Manager Pro 8.0
This program is crap.
Forget about being annoying, it just does not restore files properly.
It will change the time stamp on the files but will not replace the file itself.
I thought it was a problem with Vista but I tried it on XP Pro with the same results.
It cannot be trusted to restore the files properly. I don't know if the problem is with the backup part or the restore part.
The strange thing is that it will restore some files ok, specially if they don't exist, but not others. It will change the time stamp in all of them.
I also bought it because of the good reviews, but I'm dumpping it and looking for something else.
I have to trust a backup program to work correctly, espacially when restoring files.

Posted by George Simon on July 08, 2008 at 11:54 AM MDT #

dude this info was really useful to me

acronis sucks
shadow protect is good but boot cd didn't work and shedules didn't run
shadow protect had problems with acronis if it had been istalles

try macruium reflect

Posted by guest on January 07, 2009 at 07:13 AM MST #


Posted by guest on January 07, 2009 at 07:13 AM MST #

I have been a very happy customer of GBM V8 for some time now... And have never had problems with restoring my files.. although it would be nice to have support for Imaging so I can completely restore my system..
Nonetheless, Genie-soft is currently working on a new solution; something similar to Apples Time Machine which Im very excited about and cant wait to get my hands on!
From the site, it seems to be the most promising backup tool in the Home Office Small Office in a LONG time. Time Machine is invaluable to Mac based Home offices and Genie Timeline looks great and an amazing tool for Windows based machines.
It seems to be the only real Time Machine for Windows equivalent and also provides the user with a hassle free backup experience.
You can sign up for BETA when released here:

Posted by Salam on May 25, 2009 at 05:48 PM MDT #

Genie Timeline; Windows Time Machine:

Posted by Salam on May 25, 2009 at 05:50 PM MDT #

Full Disclosure : I work at Altaro Software.

Hi - Just saw these posts.

We are a new software company (Altaro Software – www.altaro.com) and we are developing a backup / version control product called 'Oops! Backup'. Oops! Backup is a hybrid between a traditional backup product and a lightweight version control system. Oops! Backup automatically tracks changes to documents, photos and other files and allows you to backtrack to any point in time. To a certain extent it is similar to Apple Time Machine but for Windows.

You can see product screenshots at http://www.altaro.com/screenshots.php

Features at http://www.altaro.com/time_machine_for_windows.php

We will be going into BETA soon and are looking for BETA testers - anyone willing to give it a try check out http://www.altaro.com/download.php

Your opinions and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated:) (would love to hear the bad stuff ... more than the good stuff)

Sorry for the plug!!

David Vella

Posted by David Vella on August 30, 2009 at 05:59 AM MDT #

I tried Genie Timeline. It took almost 24 hours to backup 30 GB of data. I have about 400 GB of data in my HD, and frequently add about 1 GB of data daily (lots of medical images). it seems that Genie TimeLine is not good for some who has large amount of data or needs frequent backup of large data. Now I am waiting for Oops backup. I signed up for the beta version, but did not even get an acknowledgment from the company. Not a good sign. Hmmm.

Posted by Mansur on September 28, 2009 at 12:28 PM MDT #


I am sorry for not acknowledging your email. We are collecting all BETA testers but we are still working on the system of email notifications - hence why no notification - I apologize for that.

I look forward for your feedback on BETA release.

David Vella

Posted by David Vella on September 28, 2009 at 04:30 PM MDT #

Mansur what build of genie timeline did you use? genie-soft has released many new build enhancements since the release and the speed is pretty decent.. i recently installed and purchase genie timeline and i use it to backup a few gig of image and music files.. i have had no problems with speed or else and its perfect...
im very clumsy on computers and the fact that when i delete files by mistake that i can simply use a slider and go back to the time before that and quickly retrieve it is amazing! a life saver...

Posted by Candice Manning on October 11, 2009 at 11:32 PM MDT #

I had downloaded the latest version that was available at the genie timeline website. My external backup drives are USB. I am willing to spend money to get a firewire or eSATA drive if that makes it faster.

Still waiting for oops backup. I did get an email from altaro since my last post.

Posted by Mansur on November 09, 2009 at 09:06 AM MST #

We released Oops!Backup yesterday - users are loving it :) We had some of the beta testers giving us testimonials as well :) http://www.altaro.com/testimonials.php

We have a 30 day free eval as well :) http://www.altaro.com/download.php


David Vella - Altaro Software

Posted by David Vella on December 01, 2009 at 08:23 PM MST #

I already keep daily backups (genie backup 8), real-time versioning (autover), mirroring (mirrorfolder) and online backup (mozy) of my important files...

Today I installed Genie Timeline for a test because I like the easily-go-back-in-time way of thinking.

Nice user interface, great explorer integration and simpler than anything else I use.

But... I selected the folders to keep backups for and waited. An hour later it was still in 1% progress...

Then I searched for timeline alternatives and found this page. I downloaded and installed oops!backup to test drive it. After setup, I selected the exact same files that I selected with timeline and it started the backup. First backup took less time than timeline needed to go from 2% to 3%...

Sorry genie-soft but it looks like I need to wait for a month for the first backup to finish. And what about the increments? It doesn't seem to be fast enough to backup everything that changes every 30minutes... genie backup manager rocks but timeline...

Oops!backup on the other hand is fast, easy and doesn't look to need much cpu or memory. If it passes the reliability tests in the next couple of weeks I am going to happily purchase it. By the way, I would like it to give me more control about which of the files/folders to restore.

Posted by George Nikas on December 18, 2009 at 01:56 AM MST #

Genie TimeLine has the right idea... but yes... the initial FULL backup is rediculous! and that is what will kill this product unless they resolve this. The main problem seems to be the COMPRESSING of the files prior to backing up... that really hold things up. I also tried the Genie Backup manager PRO 8. Nice...but yes... also a DOG. (Backup4all seems much easier and better). I never can get a emial sent either...but the TEST worked??? go figure. I set up advance scheduling...FULL every week.... INCREMENTAL every day... would only do th FULL everytime.... there are some settings that are unlclear and may make a important difference...that needs fixed also.

TimeLine is also slow when doing the incremetnal backups aftre finally doing a final backup..i guess it's database/catloging is slow? I had about 200GB to back up.... it was taking forever. WOuld have taken a WHOLE WEEK 24 hours round the clock. I uninstalled.

It wasn't bad when there wasn't much on a machine.... but NOT good at all when the machine has already had a few years of photos, videos etc. which are what needs backed up...mere word documents and the such are fast...but people need a REAL EASY SOLUTION FOR THEIR PEROSNAL INOF LIKE PHOTOS AND HOEM MOVIES. That's where I guess Apple Time Machine and TimeCapsule would come in.... but that may be slow too? Don't know because never perosnally used it but heard about it...great idea though.

Posted by Tim on January 03, 2010 at 12:18 PM MST #

Just installed this Oops! backup!


SO FAR SO GOOD! WENT VERY FAST fore the small amount oif testing soi far... glad to see it isn't compressing EVERY file which would make it very time consuming... MY TIME is much more valuable than DRIVE STORAGE these days! Especially when so cheap!

Can't wait to see how this does even more after using for a bit.

Looks like Ooops will give TimeLine a REAL RUN FOR IT'S MONEY! Genie needs to do better quality control, which they still don't do. Something like TimeLine should NOT of had FILE COMPRESSION ON by default and not able to chnage it. If that could have been toggled,... I am sure the backups would have went much faster...but probably of not.... who knows.

If Apple Time Machine works perfectly...please keep basing everything on that also.... people need a EASY HASSLE free solution... Apple provides a lot of that with the Mac. But PC people really need help!

I love the fact that Oopsbackup just makes copies...nothing propietary! AND If future enhancemnts...such as compression... PLEASE make user selctable option ands state that it may take signigantly longer...but would save sapce as the tradeoff.

Only thing that seems funky... is the Name: Oops!Backup

Thats initially when I first see the name...kind of negative... Maybe a diiferent name like "BackInTime" backup solution....along the lines of TimeMachine, TimeLine, RewindInTime....etc.

Posted by Tim on January 03, 2010 at 02:43 PM MST #

Another point to be made about TimeLine.

Most files that need backed up the most next to personal file like Word etc are Photos and Videos.

For the life of me why in the hell would Genie-Software developers make TimeLine COMPRESS even those files????? It takes a much longer to compress those types of files...and 99% of the time those files do not even get compredded very much if not at all!!!!! Couldn't even toggle the compression etc. TimeLine really needs some work... I heard that version 2 will be coming out and heard the PRICE will be going up substantially... heard straight from their tech support!!!!!

Plain stupid.

Great price for Oops!Backup!!!!!

Posted by Tim on January 03, 2010 at 02:48 PM MST #

another thing I noticed about Oops!Backup.

Would be NICE and (really needed) to save the backupped files to a NETWORK DRIVE!!!! I.e. so I can set it up to save to a central storage computer via wireless. Also would be nice if I could have one program, but also monitors other computers on the network and storing also to the wireless storage device.

The Apple TimeCapsule is this way...can save to this WIRELESS drive device. Basically can HIDE the device in case of theft of your PC.

Posted by Tim on January 03, 2010 at 04:21 PM MST #

actually... looks like Oops!backup CAN backup WIRELESSY to a central DRIVE via a MAPPED drive!!!!!!



I think this MAY be the absolute FINAL backup solution for all (next to buying a MAC with Time Machine)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tim on January 03, 2010 at 05:11 PM MST #

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