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  • January 20, 2015

Using R to plot data from NoSql tables

Oracle NoSql tables are relatively new. The communication between those tables and other BigData systems and tools is under construction. There is a package (rkvstore) allowing to get access to Nosql kv data from R but this package does not allow to use tables. This paper presents a way to access R from Java and to work with table data from Nosql using the R package Rserve and shows how to generate a plot of this data. 


You need to install into R the package Rserve which can be found here and once there Download/Files

To launch the R server just install the Rserve package:

R CMD INSTALL  <path to the Rserve.tar.gz  source package> 

Run R



R server : gets data from a Java program and returns the result

NoSql Tables

To create and load Nosql tables refer to this post.

Java Code

The main steps of the java programs are:

  • Connect to the kvstore
  • Get data from a table (via an iterator)
  • Create an R session
  • Transform data from the iterator to an R format
  • Assign data to R variables
  • Generate the R elements to make the plot
  • Display the data
  • Disconnect

You can find the java source code for this  blog entry here.


run java with the following class and arguments

nosql.r.RViewTablesBlog kvstore kvhost:kvport tablename fligthrangebegin fligthrangeend
use -1 for fligthrangebegin fligthrangeend to ignore flight range

add kvclient.jar from NoSql and REngine.jar, RServeEngine.jar from Rserve to the classpath


R returns an image similar to:

Plot result from R

Enjoy ! 

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