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Oracle NoSQL Database Version 20.1 is now available

A Chandak
Principal Product Manager

We are pleased to announce the release of Oracle  NoSQL Database Version 20.1. This release contains the following new features: 

  • Multi-Region Table – Oracle NoSQL Database 20.1 introduces tables that can span multiple geographic regions. This feature bi-directionally replicates a table's data and keeps it in sync across all regions. Multi-Region tables have an active-active architecture that can service users in their local regions, enable predictable low latency access, and provide disaster recovery in the face of full-region failures. Oracle NoSQL Database can automatically resolve write conflicts, which allows the application developer to focus on the application's business logic. Key benefits to the customer include read/write anywhere, disaster recovery, and always-on availability.  Read more about this feature in our docs here
  • Untyped JSON Index - JSON Indexing capabilities have been enhanced in Oracle NoSQL 20.1, providing more flexibility in the usage of schema-less JSON. Developers can create an index on one or more JSON fields without specifying the data type of the index fields.  Un-typed JSON indexes enable schema-less documents whose indexed values can contain any valid JSON atomic types (e.g., number, string, boolean).  This is extremely powerful when indexing values in your documents of different types.
  • SQL IN Operator - The IN operator is a logical operator that allows developers to test whether a specified value matches any value in a list. With this feature, SQL queries become more compact and are executed more efficiently.  E.g you can now write the following query : 

SELECT * FROM Foo WHERE a IN (1,5,4)

Instead of:

SELECT * FROM Foo WHERE a=1 or a=5 or a=4

Refer to our doc for more details to learn about the IN Operator.

Some important product updates:

Inclusion of Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition(EE) with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Deprecation of Oracle NoSQL Database Basic Edition(BE)

The Oracle Database Enterprise Edition(EE) license now includes Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition. Any customer who purchases or has purchased an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (DB EE) license is entitled to download and use Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition(EE). Support for Oracle NoSQL Database Enterprise Edition would be included as part of the DB EE support contract if support was purchased.

In addition to the above, with this release, we are also announcing the deprecation of the Oracle NoSQL Database Basic Edition(BE). 

Oracle NoSQL Database is a multi-region database, designed to provide a highly available, scalable, performant, flexible, and reliable data management solution to meet today's most demanding application workloads. you can choose the data model that best fits your data.

It can run anywhere, be it private, public, or hybrid cloud. If you want to take Oracle NoSQL Database 20.1 for a spin, the fastest and the easiest way is to launch a cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that is available in multiple regions around the world, or you can run on other clouds too. Refer to this whitepaper for details on how to quickly set up Oracle NoSQL Database Cluster on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI).

To download  Visit Here

The product changelog is located  here.

The release notes are located here.

Product documentation is located here.

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