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  • April 13, 2017

Oracle NoSQL Database on Docker

Mayuresh Nirhali
Principal Product Manager

Docker makes it easier for developers to package, deploy and run applications by using Containers. It makes applications portable across operating systems running across Cloud platforms.

The latest release of Oracle NoSQL Database (version 4.3) is now available as Docker container on the Docker Hub. This means that if you have Docker already installed, you can get setup and running with Oracle NoSQL Database with just one command.

$ docker run -d --name=kvlite oracle/nosql

The Docker container for Oracle NoSQL Database would download the latest Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition and jump-start the kvlite instance, a single node - single shard Oracle NoSQL Database store. Developers can start playing around with Oracle NoSQL Database including some of the new and exciting features of version 4.3 in no time.

Oracle NoSQL Database provides strong security support and starting with version 4.3, the security would be enabled by default. Please note that, however, the Docker version by default bootstraps the kvlite
instance with security disabled. 

CMD ["java",
"-jar", "lib/kvstore.jar", "kvlite",
"-secure-config", "disable"]

Building your own Docker version with security enabled is very simple.

  1. Clone github.com/oracle/docker-images/nosql
  2. Update 4.3.11/Dockerfile to include following command that will bring up the secured kvlite
    instance when the container is run
CMD ["java", "-jar", "lib/kvstore.jar", "kvlite"]
  1. To connect to the secured kvlite instance, please follow the command to start the CLI as
    noted in the Oracle NoSQL Database documentation, here.

Oracle NoSQL Database Docker container will get you started and you are ready to play with storing and retrieving data in minutes, but there is a lot more you can do with this. Abhishek Gupta put together a simple Jersey (JAX-RS implementation) web application that uses Oracle NoSQL Database over REST APIs. In this example, he builds 2 Docker containers, one for Oracle NoSQL Database and another that runs the Jersey application. You can follow these simple steps and simply extend the web application to build your own Oracle NoSQL Database application.

Happy coding!

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