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  • November 17, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database for IoT environments

Michael Schulman
Sr. Principal Product Manager

How can NoSQL be used in an IoT solution be used to manage truck parking spaces ?

A problem that exists in many domains is how to allocate and use efficiently a finite resource, when the demand exceeds the normal supply. For example, there is a finite supply of truck parking spaces at truck stops, and on any given night, there may be more demand than supply.  How does a trucker know if a space is available at the next rest stop, or should he/she drive the extra hour to the next one.  With federal rules as to the amount of time that a driver may be on the road and required rest periods, optimizing the drive/rest cycle and using the limited resource is critical to running a truck stop business.

Pain point: Need to manage thousands of truck parking spaces, (reserve,
charge, analyze, maintain, as well as collateral fuel purchases and store
purchases).  Demand is high for these spaces. There are about 1.5 million1 large
trucks in the US.  New federal regulations are requiring truck drivers to
stop and rest more frequently.  This is creating huge demand for these
parking spaces, and thus the opportunity to monetize them. The customer needs
to be able to monitor the availabily of each space, charge for their use, and
tie this information into their back office applications.   This is their business, so it is crucial to capture the data fast and efficiently.

A combination of sensor technology at the parking sites, wireless reservation systems with real time capacity information can dramatically increase revenue and increase driver safety as well, as drivers can plan more efficient drive and rest cycles.

An architecture that includes an IoT service to acquire the data, as well as NoSQL to store the data, before sending to  a longer term database, can greatly increase revenue and operating efficiency.


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