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  • March 16, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database Cluster YCSB Testing with Fusion ioMemory™ Storage

Michael Schulman
Sr. Principal Product Manager

Highly distributed systems with large data stores in the form of NoSQL databases are becoming increasingly
important to enterprises, not just to hyperscale organizations. NoSQL databases are being deployed for
capturing patient sensors data in health care, smart meter analysis in utilities, customer sentiment analysis in
retail, and various other use cases in different industries. NoSQL database systems help organizations store,
manage, and analyze huge amounts of data on distributed system architecture. The sheer volume of data and
the distributed system design needed to manage this large data at a reasonable cost necessitated a different
category of database systems, leading to NoSQL databases. Oracle NoSQL Database is part of the NoSQL
database family and is based on a distributed, key-value architecture.

This technical white paper describes a three-node Oracle NoSQL Database Cluster deployment procedure on
Fusion ioMemory™ storage. The following points are emphasized:

  • Highlights performance and scalability advantages compared to traditional spinning disks.
  • Because enterprises evaluate and assess new technologies for enterprise-wide adaptability, Yahoo Cloud
    Serving Benchmark (YCSB) is the standard benchmark tool employed for testing and is the same tool
    used in this paper to evaluate Oracle NoSQL Database for YCSB Benchmark Testing.
  • Analysis and discussion are provided for throughput and latency testing results with YCSB.

Download now at:   https://www.sandisk.com/content/dam/sandisk-main/en_us/assets/resources/enterprise/white-papers/oracle-nosql-cluster-ycsb-testing-with-fusion-iomemory.pdf

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