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  • June 9, 2016

Oracle NoSQL Database 4.0 Released

Michael Schulman
Sr. Principal Product Manager

Oracle NoSQL Database 4.0 is now released and available for download from the Oracle Technology Network download pages.

NoSQL Database Version 4.0 – New Features

· Full text search – Ability to perform full text
searches over the data using Elastic Search.

· Time-To-Live – efficient aging out of “expired” data –
This is a common IoT  requirement.

· SQL Query – Declarative query language for developers
more comfortable with SQL than API level access.

· Predicate Pushdown – ability to process predicates from Big
Data SQL in NoSQL Database nodes – This leads
to  improved performance and scalability.

· Import/Export – Easy to backup/restore data or move data
between different Oracle NoSQL Database stores

NoSQL Database continues to enable innovative applications that require very
fast access to data and flexible interfaces.

· Integrated
– Connect with many other Oracle products for a complete, productive

· Fast
– Utilizes parallelism at a number of levels

· Flexible
– Flexible schema, is not predefined

· Simple
to implement – Setup, Admin and Integration is straightforward.

· Reliable
– built-in data replication and HA support for
availability and business continuity.

· Scalable
– Add more servers to handle more data and throughput with zero down-time.

 Learn More About Oracle NoSQL Database:

LinkedIn Group – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/4147754

Twitter @OracelNoSQL

Community – https://community.oracle.com/community/database/high_availability/nosql_database

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