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  • March 31, 2020

Announcing Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service

Michael Brey
Director of NoSQL Development

We are pleased to announce that Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service,  the most versatile, elastic, and easy to use NoSQL Database on the market,  is now available on the Oracle Cloud as a pay-as-you-go, server-less, and fully managed service.   The new Oracle NoSQL service runs on the latest Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI Gen 2), and delivers predictable single-digit millisecond response times at massive scale.  Its ability to seamlessly handle schema-less JSON and fixed schema data in addition to pure key-value data, provides users with flexible data modelling options and the ability to rapidly develop and deploy applications without a steep learning curve. Users can also easily scale their data sizes from 10s of KB to 100s of TB, and their operation throughputs from 10s per second to 100s of thousands per second, just by changing their provisioned capacity.

The new Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service provides a wealth of features to meet the needs of today’s developers:

  • Developer-Centric: NoSQL Database Cloud Service is designed for flexibility. The database supports Document (JSON), fixed-schema, and key-value data models, all with flexible ACID transaction guarantees.  
  • Open: The service provides a SQL language interface, delivering innovative interoperability between document and fixed-schema data models. Users also have deployment options to run the same application in the cloud or on-premises, with no platform lock-in.
  • Ease and Simplicity: With an available SDK and support for popular languages including Python, Go, Node.js and Java, Oracle NoSQL Cloud offers an easy to use application development solution.  A simple graphical user interface allows an application to be developed and deployed in minutes.
  • Elastic Scalability: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service scales to meet application throughput performance requirements while maintaining low and predictable response times. As workloads change with periodic business fluctuations, applications can increase or decrease their provisioned throughput to maintain a consistent user experience.
  • Failsafe high availability of 99.995% with instant automatic failure detection and failover to protect your applications against unplanned downtime, outages and data loss.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Combine the advantages of world-class database technology and the innovations of some of the best minds at Oracle.


Setup your Oracle NoSQL Account

Explore the Oracle NoSQL Database service

Use your Database

You start by either placing an order for Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service through Universal credits or sign up for a 30 day free trial and get $300 in credits through Oracle Cloud Free Trial.  Next sign into the Oracle Cloud infrastructure console. As the creator, you will be accorded the privileges of database administrator.

Locate the service URL from the welcome email and then sign on to the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service. In the console, select NoSQL Database. Use either the root compartment or create a compartment to create your tables.

Tables in Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service can be created in two modes:

a) interactively through the console 

b) declaratively using a DDL statement.

Either way allows one to create a table, specify primary keys, set shard key, add columns to table, setup reserve capacity.



If you are interested in writing an application please refer to our getting started tutorial which walks through the steps to connect to Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service and do basic table level operations using a sample application.

Developers love us because

DevOps love us because

Faster time to value – Use native data structures that you already love and use in your programming languages.

They don’t need to do anything because Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service is a server-less, fully managed service from Oracle.

Multiple models for multiple use cases – Combine use cases like Document, Spatial, Search and Graph or serve AI models against time series data in one place



Do check Oracle Cloud Data Regions for availability of Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Services in a region near you.

Here is what a customer has to say:

“Our clients have unique ways of describing their data. Oracle’s schema-less NoSQL database let us save and retrieve data as an object. And moving each client’s data to the cloud makes deployment fast and easy.”

- Jim Geldermann, Director of Technology, BizDoc

More Information

For more information, see the Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service Documentation and FAQ.






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