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With the mutual experience Oracle and its Partners are able to offer to the customers the wide range of Oracle-products and solutions in an advanced, innovative and, the most important, professional way.

GET SPECIALIZED - maintain and strengthen your Oracle knowledge and and thus secure your role in interesting and significant technology projects. Get specialized by completing the Implementation Certified Specialist Test.

When Get Specialized?

During the year you will have multiple options to complete the free of charge Implementation Certified Specialist Test. Please contact Anne Hornborg-Franck if you are interested to hear when the next test day will be held.

How Get Specialized?

Before the test you should fill up your Pearson Vue –profile and complete it with your OPN Company ID and activate your Certview Account. Please follow the steps below to be able to complete the test:

Follow these steps to be able to complete the test:

1) Explore and choose your specialization area from a wide range of Specializations from Oracle’s product portfolio.

2) Register to the tests one week prior the test day (you will get the registration link from Anne Hornborg-Franck). (Information needed: company, name, email, telephone nr, test information and time).

3) Fill up your Pearson Vue-profile and complete it with your OPN company ID. Please notice: if you do not have a valid Pearson Vue account it will take up to 2 days to have the account created. So please be prepared in good time before the test day.

4) Activate the Certview Account

Here you will find the instructions to create/update the Pearson Vue -profile and activate the Certview Account.

Prepare to the tests:

In order to succeed in Implementation Certified Specialist Exam we have collected to you info packages which you might find useful when preparing to the test:

- OPN Certified Specialist Exam Study Guides
- Guided Learning Paths per products.
- OPN Bootcamps

When completing the Implementation OPN Certified Specialist Test you will be able to use a ‘Specialized’ logo per product you have specialized in – show you are specialized!

More Information on:

With Specialized Greetings,

Oracle PartnerNetwork-team

Note: Stay up-to-date on the most current Oracle Certification Program information and visit Oracle Certification Candidate Information Interface.

Read more about Oracle’s products, education and events from our blog for Oracle Partners in Nordic:

Why Get Specialized?
When selecting a specialized Oracle Partner customers can be confident that they will be engaging with a company with the needed knowledge and experience.

Specialization requires the partner has certified employees with a certain knowledge area’s certification.

With a certified IT-professional customer will gain the in-depth and up-to-date knowledge on Oracle technology.

When certified, the IT-professional will have the possibility to develop own expertise and ensure the role in interesting and significant IT-projects

Get Your Colleague Specialized too!

Send this page link to your colleagues to ensure your team has a wide range of certifications and thus you will be acknowledged as a Certified Partner!


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