Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

Oracle + Sun Strategy Update Webcast

Oracle + Sun Strategy Update Webcast

When:  Wednesday, January 27, 2010
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. PT

Live Webcast which you can register here

According to the Oracle events page located here the following is going to be covered at the event.

Transforming the Way You Buy, Run, and Manage Your Business Systems

Only Oracle + Sun will be able to:
  • Offer a broad range of products including servers, storage, networking, and software
  • Integrate all the components–hardware, operating system, database, middleware, and applications–for unmatched performance, reliability, and security
  • Simplify IT management and reduce system deployment and integration costs
  • Continue to drive innovation in SPARC, Solaris, the Java platform, and many other technologies

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about how this powerful combination will transform the IT industry. Register today for this live Webcast. 

Wednesday Jan 06, 2010

37 Days to Go--Vancouver 2010

One of the great things to look forward to this year is the Winter Olympics which will be held in one of the worlds most beautiful cities Vancouver, Canada.  I am a huge sports fan and enjoyed the coverage via the web from China in 2008.  The internet has revolutionized the way that people watch and participate in the Olympics.  It was not that long ago that sports fans were only allowed to watch the content that was presented by the major network that had the rights to the event.  Now users can choose to watch almost any event that occurs at the Winter Olympics either live or when their schedule permits.   Sun technology sits behind the infrastructure that makes this possible.  I am proud to work for Sun Microsystems!  Here is a quick video where Ward Chapin, CIO for Vancouver Olympics Committee (VANOC) and Barry Caswell, Directory of IT Security for VANOC take you through what stands behind this incredible event.

Tuesday Aug 05, 2008

Sun goes for gold with

Three days to go until we are overtaken by the Olympic spirit.  Here is a quick video overview of what Sun is doing to provide the technical infrastructure for has a large library of different video's that it has put together to get people the information they need in the format they prefer.  You can see more of these video's here.

Here is a link to the specific video here

Wednesday Nov 14, 2007

Jonathon Schwartz gives preview of xVM at Oracle Open World

Jonathon Schwartz today delivered his keynote address at Oracle Open World and during that presentation, seen in it's entirety here .  During the keynote he previewed the xVM Ops Center product that Sun is building to help companies manage their virtual and physical assets.  The product will help companies Discover bare metal in their environments, provision operating systems to get up and running faster, monitor and manage the hardware and operating systems, and keep them up-to-date.   The benefit for customers is that they will be able to manage their physical and virtual assets in a more cost effective and efficient manner allowing resources to focus on more high-value tasks.

 Of course, Sun is committed to customer choice and is committed to supporting communities like libvirt.  You can find out more about the libvirt commmunity here .  Sun will use the open source community to help maximize innovation and customer choice.  If you want more information about our open source plans and please see here. 

This is exciting times in the data center as virtualization matures and companies like Sun help customers find tools to help them manage their entire lifecycle.  There will be more to come on this topic and a few previews in the next coming weeks.

Lastly, if you want to read more about some of the people that are influencing the direction of this strategy at Sun, please read some of the following blogs.



Friday Sep 28, 2007

Virtualization and N1SM are Ecofriendly

How can IT stop global warming?  I came across a great example this afternoon while looking over some of the great news about Sun's accomplishments this quarter.  Sun in partnership with VMware helped a large British Utility company consolidate their IT infrastructure and in the process save 229 kilowatts and 1,000 BTU per hours.  

You can read the entire write up here. 

One of the other aspects of the solution that is interesting is they are using N1 System Manager to provision and monitor the environment.  It has power management features and monitoring information about power consumption.

 You can get more information about the product here.



Thursday Aug 23, 2007


Sun announces change in stock ticker from SUNW to JAVA, Google using OpenOffice in Google Pack and Sun Connection patches Linux as well as Solaris[Read More]

Tuesday May 15, 2007


Twitter is an interesting tool that is being used by users for social networking, companies looking to engage real time users.  Where will it all go.[Read More]

Monday May 07, 2007

Blogs and connecting with our customers

Well here goes. This is my first entry into the Sun Blog world.   Michael Cote from Redmonk posted a great topic on his blog Friday morning on using blogs to help customer service.  I have been monitoring this topic for awhile now as we experiment with having better conversations with our customers at Sun in the product development and marketing organizations. 

There are a lot of examples of how Blogs are being used by product teams to get information out about specific features. We have experimented with versions of this in our own Sun Connection.  Let us know what you think.  Google is using product blogs to address snipets about different features and functions for Blogspot , Desktop , and others. 

However,  Jonathon has taken the concept of customer service to a new level by using his blog to have a conversation with our customers that is unprecedented in CEO circles.  There are very insightful comments by customers, colleagues, and alumni of Sun.  Jonathon not only responds to the comments but sometimes will even make them a topic of his blog entry like in the case of his topics on SEC and openess at Sun. 

As the ability to share grows the exciting challenge for us all is experimenting with methods and processes of listening, responding and converting those conversations into action.  The blog is poor at managing extended conversations or variant conversations.  I look forward to seeing how this communication channel will evolve for supporting our customers.

I will be up at JavaOne this week in San Francisco.  Hope to see you there.


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